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Enthusiastic about giving your dated kitchen a fresh look? We spend much of our time inside the kitchen preparing food, eating with family, or even having a cup of coffee with a friend. It is one of the loveliest places inside our home.

Hence remodeling a kitchen can be an exciting project but also a daunting prospect. Unless you are doing a simple upgrade, like repainting existing cabinets or changing a countertop, you will likely need one permit or more to make sure what you do is legal and safe. 

In this blog, MDM Custom Remodeling will walk you through the kitchen activities that typically require permits and those that don’t, how to get a kitchen remodel permit, as well as the risks of not getting a permit when you should.

Kitchen remodel work that typically requires a permit

  • Plumbing: Adding a new sink or removing an old one, changing sink location, adaptations to sewer lines, installing new outdoor faucets, sometimes even replacing a water heater. That is because this type of work requires changes to the water supply and drain pipes.
  • Structural: If you want to alter, demolish, or add new walls, exterior doors, or skylights, you’ll have to obtain a building permit. Sometimes non-load-bearing wall removal also requires a permit. 

Also, if the wall you plan to alter conceals electrical conduits, air ducts, and pipes, you’ll require an additional electric, mechanical, or plumbing permit for the ensuing change to this infrastructure. 

  • Electrical: Any time you remove, alter, or install an electrical circuit, you’ll need to get an electrical permit.

For example, you will need a permit if you are moving your electric range to a new place because it requires a dedicated 240V circuit.

Also, you cannot move your fridge or microwave to a new location where they will be sharing the current with other appliances and overload the power circuit.

  • Ductwork changes: It includes new air conditioning, rerouting existing ventilation systems, installing a new range hood or moving the existing one to a new location. That is because range hoods rely on ducts to drive out the fume produced while cooking.

Kitchen remodel activities that may not need a permit

Simple kitchen remodeling activities that you can do yourself are usually possible without a permit if they don’t require any new plumbing, wiring, or ventilation.

  • Apply new wall coverings — You can paint walls or apply wallpaper, without notifying the building authorities. 
  • Repaint or change cabinets — You can sand and restrain or repaint existing cabinets without any problem. You can also take them down and install new cabinets if they are in the same location.
  • Replace countertops — You won’t have to get a permit to replace an existing countertop. 
  • Replace existing light fittings — You can replace an existing light fixture if the circuitry is already in place.
  • Change a sink — You can install a new sink and remove the old one as long as you don’t alter the existing plumbing.
  • Replace an existing faucet
  • Refloor your kitchen
  • Install new appliances if there is no need for additional electrical work. Otherwise, you will need an electrical permit.

How do you get a permit to remodel your kitchen?

You can apply to your local authorities for any necessary permits yourself, but MDM Custom Remodeling recommends you seek the aid of professionals in this arduous process. It may be a more expensive route, but it takes the stress out of the process.

A reputable kitchen remodeling company should be familiar with how the local building authorities process applications. It will take care of the entire permit process, including creating plans, submitting paperwork, collecting fees and attending inspections.

What happens if you don’t have a permit?

You can face multiple challenges if the building department finds out that your kitchen remodel required a permit, but you failed to apply for one. Any failure to acquire a building permit is a violation of California’s Building Code.

Any breach of Business and Professions (B&P) Code sections 7110 and 7090 subjects the violator to punitive action by CSLB, comprising civil penalty charges of up to $5,000 per violation.

Not applying for permits when you should create problems for yourself with the sale or refinancing of your home. You could also face extra fees and fines and experience delays when you apply for any permits in the future. Additionally, the authorities may ask you to rework your kitchen to comply with the local building codes.

Not applying for permits when you should create problems for yourself with the sale or refinancing of your home. You could also face extra fees and fines and experience delays when you apply for any permits in the future. Additionally, the authorities may ask you to rework your kitchen to comply with the local building codes.

Be prepared before you start the work for inspection and possible delays

Plumbing and electrical permits are sometimes issued shortly after you apply for them. While building permits for structural changes typically take around one month to 6 weeks.

You may also experience delays if there is a need for inspections. They are part of the permit approval process. The authorities visit the work site to ensure that the completed work meets all building codes.

If the inspection fails, they ask you to make more changes that will require a further visit for approval. The authorities may then visit you once the work has been completed or even during the progress of the project which may cause further delays.

What is a building permit?

A building permit has an extensive list of action items. They can be:

  • Demolition Drawings
  • Fundamental Drawings and Computations
  • Structure Elevations
  • Mechanical Drawings
  • Electrical Drawings
  • Site plan and/or Grading Plan
  • Plumbing Line Drawings
  • Technical Requirements
  • Architectural Floor Plans

Work through the permit process with help from the professionals

Take the stress out of your kitchen remodel project. Consult with a professional contractor or home renovation company that saves you time and money and avoids your frustrations by ensuring that you have all the proper building permits. 

Step every day into a place that you love, into a spectacular kitchen where you can share special moments with your family and friends.

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So, you want to modernize your contemporary kitchen! This home improvement project can truly boost the value of your property. But make sure you opt for the ideas that suit your kitchen. In Los Angeles, you will find many reliable contractors who have the expertise to make a contemporary kitchen more functional and look stunning. The ideas they suggest for kitchen remodeling can change the overall look of this space. Want to explore these? Continue reading!

A Few Smart Kitchen Remodeling Ideas to Go for

Listed below are a few of our contemporary kitchen design ideas to keep everything in your kitchen up to date.

Have a Bright Contemporary Kitchen

Add a long marble island to your airy kitchen design. And get your kitchen painted with bright colors to illuminate this space. The clear-back chairs, marble backsplash, and pendant lights can complement the shining style of this space. Besides, an accent wall with blue cabinets can increase the beauty of this space.

Warm Toned Accents

A warm-toned accent in a contemporary kitchen can be balanced by a grey marble island countertop. Opt for teak cabinetry that features a decorative line finish and can complement the use of wood throughout the space. You can also add skylight beams to accentuate the geometrical look of this space.

A Dramatic Backsplash

An elegant backsplash can enhance the aesthetic appeal of a kitchen. Now imagine how captivating the space can be if you add a stunning blue backsplash to your kitchen. And if it combines with a dark wood kitchen island, your contemporary kitchen looks marvelous. Most general contractors in Los Angeles suggest this idea to their clients.

Opt for the Gold

The golden accents of a contemporary kitchen bring a welcome warmth and glow to this space. And it looks best with a touch of black cabinets. The combination of gold and black can truly give your cooking space a visually appealing decor.

Let the Outside in

An airy kitchen blends seamlessly with an outdoor entertainment space. And to achieve this goal, install walls of windows to separate your indoor and outdoor space. And this feature will allow plenty of natural lights to reflect inside your kitchen.

Hope, these ideas will help you get your dream kitchen. But whatever the ideas you choose, think about the outcome. And read our other blogs to explore more ideas to modernize your contemporary kitchen.

Have you started planning to remodel your kitchen? There are numerous ideas lurking in your mind to make this space look stunning and functional, right? But what about the oven and cooktop arrangements? These are one of the most vital parts of a kitchen. Don’t worry! Before investing in kitchen remodeling, take a look at a few effective ideas we have highlighted in this blog.

Oven and Cooktop Arrangements for Your Kitchen Remodeling Project

Listed below are a few ideas you can consider for your oven and cooktop.

  1. Introduce a Kitchen Island

A kitchen island can be a great cooktop and storage space. It’s one of the most appealing features of a kitchen. If you are frustrated by a lack of kitchen seating, a kitchen island can provide your family with a great space to sit. Visit our kitchen gallery to view more ideas for customizing this space.

  1. Double Oven

Oven separated from a cooktop gives homeowners more flexibility with a kitchen layout. Many people even also prefer raised ovens. If your kitchen has enough space for this setup and you find a spot for a microwave, it can be a great solution. A microwave drawer hidden on the back of the kitchen island is also a good option.

  1. Stacked Double Oven

It’s one of the most familiar setups of a kitchen. And in terms of this appliance, standard tall oven cabinets work best. These double oven units come with one or two drawers. And the appliance is usually about 10 to 16 inches, including the toe-kick space.

  1. Raised Side by Side Single Oven

This is the arrangement that you usually see in a modern kitchen. A raised single oven can be arranged side by side on the wall, which can double your cooking potential while opening up space for storage. This oven arrangement can be a boon for the cook who wants to place their cooktop on an island. 

  1. Under Bench Oven

Want to maximize your bench space? Then placing your ovens under the bench can be a safe bet. This oven arrangement can open up your kitchen space. It’s truly a great option for the safety of your children. But before you invest in this oven configuration, it’s best to visit Yelp beforehand to know more in this regard.

Well, whatever the arrangement you choose, make sure you associate with a reliable kitchen remodeling contractor to get it done. And read more blogs to stay updated on kitchen remodeling.

So, you want to update your outdated kitchen to make it look stunning and functional. But you are on a tight budget! In Los Angeles, you will find many reliable contractors who have the expertise to handle kitchen remodeling projects within your budget. The ideas they suggest can change the overall look of your kitchen without putting a dent in your pocket. Want to explore some of these? Read the entire blog!

A Few Low-Cost Ideas for Kitchen Remodeling

Are you on a limited budget? But you wish to have a modern kitchen! Listed below are some clever ideas for affordable updates.

Stick to Existing Kitchen Layout

Changing the current kitchen layout can consume a considerable amount of your kitchen remodeling budget. Moving plumbing, walls, cupboards, electrics, and so on may take this home improvement project into big money. And doing this task involves a lot of hassles. The timeline of this project may increase. Hence, if you are satisfied with your kitchen layout, it’s better to stick to it.

Add a Backsplash

Adding a backsplash can do wonders to amp up the personality of a kitchen. You can go for a simple backsplash, such as white subway tiles with oak cabinets. If you have a small kitchen, patterned ceramic tiles can also make a big impact. These are inexpensive but beautiful. Visit Yelp to know more in this regard.

Upgrade Lighting

Update the lighting can refresh the look of your kitchen and make it easier for you to work in your cooking space. So, look for modern but inexpensive light fixtures. You can add pendants over the kitchen island. Also, opt for tiny white lights underneath the cabinet, which will illuminate the counter. 

Open Up the Space

Removing some of the upper cabinetry can transform the look of a kitchen. Most importantly, it can make your kitchen more functional. Open shelving is an excellent way to display the kitchen essentials you use along with some items, such as cookbooks, herbs, etc. Visit our kitchen gallery page to witness how it looks.

Paint Your Kitchen

A simple way for a budget-friendly kitchen remodel is to paint. You can lighten up a tired and gloomy space by applying a fresh coat of paint with bright colors. This idea works best to make your kitchen feel spacious.

We hope, these guidelines will point you in the right direction. But you can explore more kitchen remodeling ideas by reading our other blogs. Stay connected!

Of course, you should always be ready to take steps to make your home comfortable and more enjoyable. And you can start that with kitchen remodeling! But are you not sure if it’s the best time to renovate your cooking space and have more room here? Let us help you decide that!

Is It the Right Time for Kitchen Remodeling for a Bigger Space?

A kitchen can be the best place to create memories, just like delicious food! And if you want to have all these, yes, it’s time to remodel your kitchen. And while thinking of it, you can look over our kitchen remodeling gallery to ideate the trending kitchen designs.

Now, once you have decided on the kitchen layout, we have a few options to add space to your kitchen, like:

Kitchen bump-out

A bump-out kitchen addition may work best for you while intending to add a dining space to your cooking space. It gives the entire room a unique feel and looks. If you don’t want much hassle during remodeling, go for a small bump-out! It will offer you a small bit of extra square footage.

Kitchen addition

If you are not running on the edge of budget, a kitchen addition is the best renovation option to maximize the space. Though this option is a little expensive, the additional square footage will help you get more out of it!

Borrowed space for kitchen

Is your living space quite large? You can take the space from it if the room is adjacent to your kitchen. In fact, you can knock down the wall and transform your cooking space into a great room kitchen. Yet, you can hang out with your family and friends while preparing meals.

Need more ideas to maximize your kitchen? Keep reading our blogs and view our other projects on Yelp! Stay connected!

Simply put, renovating your cooking space means increasing the extra square footage to prepare and cook meals better while creating a perfect space to spend more time with family and friends. Of course, you may have planned a contemporary kitchen, including upgrading the hardware and all over the cabinets. This kitchen remodeling idea or design will make it easier for you to reach the cutleries, bowls, and utensils while storing them!

But have you ever thought of adding a little bit cooler? Yes, we are talking about the fridge! It will offer you and your family beyond your imagination.

Kitchen Remodeling Upgrade With a New Fridge Addition

From the walls to the cabinets to flooring- You enlist everything when it comes to kitchen renovation. But you miss this coolest secret to bringing in, and that’s a modern refrigerator! You and your family won’t get just a fridge but more. Let us tell you:

The refrigerators these days are not like in the 90s! This one is one of the reasons that can make you fall for a contemporary kitchen. It comes with a variety of stylish designs, advanced controls, freeze combinations, and more. And while shopping for a new modern fridge, we suggest looking over these features mentioned below:

Smart refrigerator for Kitchen Remodeling:

It’s just not about the cooling system! You can get here more, like:

  • In some modern drudge, you can have the feature of tracking energy usage.
  • Some refrigerators come with cameras to scan the items and labels to identify the expiration dates.
  • Many models have a digital screen outside to make you access recipes on YouTube. It makes it simple to take notes for shopping items.

Don’t you think it’s WOW?

More space:

Most homeowners look for extra space in their fridge these days to store more food at a time and spend more time with friends than cooking. If you are the one, look for bottom freezers or french doors to meet your space needs.


During kitchen remodeling, you focus more on efficiency. Then, why not for the refrigerator? Look for a modern fridge that comes with advanced compressor manufacturing. 

Digital thermostats:

For food safety, it’s essential to control the temperature accordingly. With digital control, it’s easy to set accurately!


A modern fridge will allow you zoning control, while a five-door option to separate the zones.

So, what do you say? Don’t you think a modern fridge addition can spruce up your cooking space? If you need ideas for refrigerator designs, check our kitchen gallery for that! Stay in touch!

Hey, are you planning to remodel your cooking space in royal oak? Then, why don’t you think of turning to a contemporary kitchen style? It’s the perfect way to enhance the aesthetics of your kitchen and the overall home design. In fact, you may find this layout to be minimalistic that comes with better functionality and simplicity in the features and visual appeal. We recommend this contemporary kitchen design for modern homes with tight or narrow spaces.

What Makes a Contemporary Kitchen the Perfect Choice for a Modern Home?

The best thing about contemporary kitchens is that they offer great flexibility with a unique design. Yet, you can switch it to any other kitchen style whenever you want! On the other hand, there’s no hassle to combine two different contemporary styles for having a striking layout. 

Simply put, contemporary kitchen remodeling is easy to get, and you can bring the entire look into your existing cooking space. So, you can save a lot of dollars here!

Apart from this, a few more facts about a contemporary kitchen can make you fall for it. Such as:

Contemporary kitchens stand the test of time:

In short, this kitchen style offers any cooking space a timeless look. The flexibility is the biggest feature in a contemporary kitchen that makes most homeowners turn to it. You can even remodel your dull and outdated kitchen to bring a neat minimal appeal.

With this trademark of a contemporary kitchen, you can add wooden panels and mid-century furniture designs to create a little dramatic look! If you want to give a bit of an industrial style to your contemporary kitchen, go for some pop of vibrant bar stools or a flower vase.

Highly customizable options!

Not to mention, kitchen cabinets always remain the center of attraction in kitchen remodeling projects. And in the contemporary kitchen style, the following features make it the show stealers:

  • Ceiling-high or floor-to-ceiling dark wood cabinets that bring the traditional vibe to your cooking space
  • A perfect matt finish
  • Neutral shades to set a timeless and classic look in the kitchen

Contemporary kitchen styles create a practical space in the kitchen by making it more energy-efficient, less use modern appliances, and least faulty modern light fixtures.

So, what do you say? Would you like to have a contemporary kitchen at your place? Let us know! Even for design ideas, you can take a view at our kitchen remodeling photo gallery. Stay in touch!

The kitchen chimney is an inseparable part of your cooking space, especially preparing meals a lot at home. But not every chimney design is perfect for your room layout. Yet, it may be a little overwhelming for you to choose the right one and ideate how to use it. Don’t worry! With a simple consultation with us regarding kitchen remodeling, you can have the solution you seek and make an informed decision.

Kitchen Remodeling Ideas to Set Up a Perfect Chimney

While planning a modular kitchen, a kitchen chimney can be the best addition you can make. It leaves the indoor air of your cooking space breathable and fresh! But the design you choose for your chimney should match the overall layout and the size of your kitchen.

We have broken down a few kitchen chimney design ideas here to guide you with the choice. Such as:

Wall-mounted chimneys

Are you blessed with a tiny cooking space? Then, it may be a concern for you to decide on a chimney that can make your kitchen functional while saving space, too. In that case, you can go for a wall-mounted chimney design to take up less usable space for installation. You can affix it to the wall near the stove. In fact, its hood comes in different shapes that allow you to choose the one that fits your space.

Island chimneys

It’s particularly for the kitchens having stoves embedded in the island and false ceiling overhead. If you have a similar layout in your cooking space, we, MDM Custom Remodeling Inc, suggest island chimneys that will come in the center of the room. And the false ceiling allows you to hide the ducts and electrical wiring parts.

Built-in chimneys

When your kitchen is a little bit tight, this chimney design is here to the rescue! Unlike the wall-mounted chimney, you can fix it on the wall, but it doesn’t adhere to the surface. Instead, the chimney goes into the paneling! The built-in chimney is not only space-saving but makes your cooking space look modern.

Corner chimneys

This one is a smart choice for a smaller cooking space to avoid corner space wasted! You can set up the corner chimney just above the stove countertop and move it out of the way.

So, what do you think- which kitchen chimney is perfect for your cooking space? Let us know! Also, you can look over Yelp for an insight into our previous kitchen remodeling projects.

Hey, it’s International Women’s Day and the best chance you have to present something special to your lady love! For example, a kitchen makeover can be the best gift for her, especially if it\’s a galley one. Though you may have created the galley kitchen to have an efficient and space-saving cooking space, it’s a little cramped. Renovating it may allow her to move and prepare meals more comfortably than ever. After all, she deserves to get everything best!

Smart Ways to Embrace for a Galley Kitchen Makeover

As stated, the galley kitchen comes with a log space but is narrow, as well. You will find the cabinets here lined in a hallway with the appliances and countertops. In most LA old homes, we have found this kitchen design that saves space.

But the modern homeowners look for a little bigger, and if your lady love wishes the same, Women’s Day is the perfect excuse to present here that! With a little makeover, you can make the galley kitchen feel more open and bigger, like:

Add windows to let it bright!

It’s the first thing that we, MDM Custom Remodeling Inc, recommend is adding the windows to the galley kitchen. You don’t have to convert it into an open kitchen. Regardless of the layout, you can install windows if your cooking doesn’t have that yet. Make sure you add the depth to have additional natural light access to the space that changes the entire feel.

Have sleek cabinetry:

In a narrow space, conventional cabinets may make the room more cramped! Instead, look for cabinetry designs with clean lines and sleekness with depth, like pull bars or glass-front cabinets. Don’t go for many ornate ones! In fact, if your wife loves something bolder style, covert the cabinets into open shelves. But make sure she keeps it tidy!

Add a fresh coat of paint!

A bright shade can be a perfect alternative to the galley kitchen makeover to make your cooking space feel brighter and bigger. You can go for some neutral colors for the walls to bring a spacious feel to the kitchen instantly. We suggest light gray for a modern look than beige or white!

Lastly, if you don’t think that a galley kitchen is for you, go for a complete makeover and turn it into an open kitchen. On Yelp, you can see our previous project open kitchens. Stay connected!

So, you have suddenly discovered extra storage needs in your cooking space. Well, even though you have pull-out cabinets, the requirements and lifestyle keep changing. And that may enhance your necessity for additional storage. Have you ever looked over or thought of using the room over the kitchen cabinets? With our kitchen remodeling ideas, you can utilize the area as a storage space or something new decor.

How to Use the Space Above Cabinets With Kitchen Remodeling

To be honest, we have done so many kitchen renovations in Los Angeles for years. But in most cases, we have found homeowners to avoid or overlook the space above the kitchen cabinets while looking for extra space for storage. We, MDM Custom Remodeling Inc, have come here with a few pieces of advice to utilize the additional upper cabinet space. Let’s get into it:

Smart storage:

Let’s rethink your kitchen storage entirely! You can use the upper cabinet space without compromising the layout or style of your cooking area. Don’t stash the loose pantry items above the space of your kitchen cabinets! Instead, bring matching bins or baskets to store those stuff. Or you can fill it with small wine racks to have a better collection only if you have an air conditioner. Otherwise, we don’t recommend the latter because it can waste a good wine!

A small remodel:

Admit it or not, for many, that upper cabinet space is an annoyance! And if that bothers you every time you take a glance at it, it’s time to bring some changes, like a small renovation. For example, you can extend your current wall cabinets to the ceiling. It will allow you to double the storage space you have now! Besides, you can have more room below the cabinets as well.

Go for some artwork!

Maybe you haven’t ever thought of kitchen decor with artwork- Right? But while having the space above the cabinet, you should this time! For example, you can line up different adhesive wall art, small paintings, or stencils to fill the space with style. Also, keeping decorative vases or mugs with smiley faces that you don’t use is not a bad idea, though.

Do you like our ideas? Leave your feedback on Yelp, and let us know if you want to pick any of our kitchen remodeling ideas to use the upper cabinet space. Stay connected for more blogs!