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Do you really want to bridge the gap between indoors and outdoors? Then, nothing can be a better idea than a sunroom remodeling to bring warmth and natural light in. Moreover, you can enjoy outdoor views while taking sips from your coffee mug in the morning with interior comfort. Or you just kick yourself back with your favorite book on lazy Sundays on the sunroom couch!

But when you want to make your sunroom the perfect space for your weekend, don’t you think it needs some better decor? We are here to help you with that!

How to Decor Your Sunroom for the Leisure Weekends

You can transform your sunroom into anything from indoor gardens to cozy reading nooks like an ideal relaxing space! And with our sunroom decor ideas, you can do so, like:

Let’s create music!

Amidst the beauty of nature and light, you can feel the music more, especially when you love it. And if you are looking for a perfect place to spend your lazy Sundays with music at home, utilizing the sunroom is not a bad idea, though! Go for a graphic black and white checkerboard pattern floor to highlight your piano more than ever. Contrary, the gray and green walls can make the space pop with the floral-skirted table. 

Create a sunroom more than just sitting!

Of course, a sunroom is not just about sitting or lying down on the couch and reading books or relaxing. You can create something beyond it here! In fact, we, MDM Custom Remodeling Inc., recommend bringing a small dining table in and designing it as a perfect breakfast nook. Or you can think of making the sunroom an entertainment zone to play cards with your friends or families. Just paint the walls and ceiling in different shades to make the room feel more lustrous!

Bring the natural material in!

If you don’t have a sunroom yet, we can make an addition here and give it a contemporary look if you want. The fresh coat of neutral colors and use of natural materials can bring perfection in this space to spend leisure time comfortably. Also, interesting staples can add a rich layer but an easy-going feel!

So, which one would you like to incorporate into your sunroom decor? Let us know! And if you want an entire sunroom remodeling from us, check our previous projects on Yelp and decide on the design. Stay in touch!

Do you own a beautiful home? Not to mention, it’s a blessing to have a roof over the head. And the best part is you can fix and decorate the space in the way you love to have. In fact, when you have a growing family, thinking of adding a new room to increase the square footage a little makes sense. Of course, you can find too many room addition ideas, but the challenge you face when unable to decide which one to choose.

Room addition ideas to look over for your home

Sometimes, you get caught up thinking of second-floor room addition while a sunroom, on another moment. Even when you have sufficient space to add a new room to your premises, the biggest challenge is to decide what to make of that, right? Our following ideas for a room addition may guide you here:

Family room addition

Honestly, having a big family means you are blessed! You can share your problems or the entire day’s story with them while settling down together. But it requires sufficient space for that, like a family room. You can have a nice cozy setup here with a small fireplace and lined couches around it to spend quality time with your family. Our room remodeling general contractors can turn your plans into reality exactly how you want!

Play area or bedrooms

Are you expecting a new member in your home? Then, adding a new bedroom may be the best decision for your kids. Now, if you already have a separate bedroom for your kids, think of embracing a playroom for them. Reading tables, indoor games, couches, shelves full of storybooks- You can get the entire setup with a smart room addition. In fact, at MDM Custom Remodeling Inc, our general contractors suggest this room extension to be a great alternative even for your family needs, whether it’s mental relaxation or physical.


Are you looking for something to strengthen your family bonding and keep you more intimate during the breaks? Then, having a sunroom may be the perfect solution for you. You can create a lounge-style sunroom with ceilings and glass walls to experience nature’s beauty amid sunset or starry nights. Even A proper wood infrastructure is a great option for this room remodeling!

Have you liked it? Let us know with your valuable comments on Yelp! Also, if you need to add a room, our room addition general contractor can help you throughout the project, from start to finish! Stay connected!