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Are you looking to add a little square footage to your existing home? Then, we would love to recommend you view Yelp and look over our previous projects on building a single story for a single-family home extension. It’s not about just increasing the extra space on your premises but improving the overall layout. But when undertaking the project, you better be careful while creating a budget and discussing with our contractors while designing and planning. Or else you may not have the best possible addition.

How to Add a Single Story for a Single Family Home

Of course, a single-story addition is one of the most popular home improvement projects, and the reasons are not difficult to see! In fact, the best part of a master suite addition for a single-family home is the most cost-effective alternative to moving to a new home. Now, if you want to nail the design of your single-story addition, we are to guide you, from start to finish, like:

How much do you have to spend on a single story extension?

Before the project kicks off and you sit with our designers to plan your single story extension, make sure you set the budget. We have broken down the overall building costs here that may help you ideate the overall expenses. Such as:

  • For a basic quality, 4m x 5m extension will cost around $39350, while you can expect to pay for a good quality single-story addition of more or less $50,000. And if you are looking forward to a high spec extension, count upwards of $57,000. 
  • The fit-out charges can cost you between $6,600 and $39,500 for the kitchen. For a bathroom design, the expenses can be around $5,900 to $14,500. 

Apart from this, you can’t miss the additional charges of the party wall agreement, fees, and interior fit-out costs.

Do you need planning permission for a single-story extension?

Well, it depends on your design and layout! If you meet the following conditions, yes, you require a planning permit for the addition:

  • You have extended it towards the road.
  • It covers more than half of the land surrounding your home
  • The extension is taller than 4m and more than half-width of the existing house
  • A raised balcony

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So, you are building your dream home for the first time. No doubt, you are ready to spend thousands of dollars on it! Then, why leaves it unprotected? Most homeowners these days embrace the ideas of custom facade designs in Los Angeles to keep their house safe from external influences.

How to choose the best Custom Facade Designs

And the best part is that you have the best possibilities in the style that you can find on our Facebook profile! For example, you can go for a simple one or any unobtrusive facade, depending on how you want your home to stand out uniquely from others. 

And we are here to help you out to ideate HOW!

Determine the functional facts

You can’t deny that the extreme weather phenomena have scaled up in recent years. Hence, while building your dream home, you need to be ready to protect the walls from any weather conditions. For example, if you live in an area with intense heat in the summertime, consider a facade with thermal insulation!

On the other hand, when you want insulation against external noise, discuss that with our designers and home builders. They can ensure the right solution to your requirements! 

Consider the aesthetics

Not only the functional but the appearance of your home is equally essential! That’s why we, MDM Custom Remodeling Inc, suggest going for Facade designs that come with customized options for the home. It allows the owner to be creative and decide on colors, shapes, materials. 

Ideate the materials

Custom facade styles can create a perfect visual statement for any building layout if you pick the right materials. For instance, timber cladding components can give your home facade a modern look:

  • Siberian Larch (light and dark brown)
  • Canadian Western Red Cedar
  • European Redwood

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You may have the old saying, “Where no plan is laid, chaos will soon reign!” No doubt, it perfectly fits with the custom home layout concerns! That’s why while ready to embrace our single-family home design services in Los Angeles, have a proper plan! And our today’s blog may help you in that to bring perfection in your decision making for your dream home.

Keep these things in mind for single-family home designs

It’s the planning stage that tells whether you will experience your dream home finally! Yet, look over the tips to ensure perfection while designing any of these 8 unique architectural house plans you have sorted. Such as:

Consider the future plans!

Do you have planning for kids or to bring your elderly parents in the upcoming years? Then, it’s a MUST to think about the accommodation, depending on the family headcounts. For instance:

  • Taking care of parents
  • Grandchildren
  • Your extended family
  • Guests and house parties on vacations 
  • Home office and more

Go for your small dreams!

Custom homes allow you to achieve your dream home. Yet, you can embrace the designs like the box window for gardening and growing herbs or a gallery wall of bold shades! It looks unique while trendy too!

Think something simple!

Yes, at MDM Custom Remodeling Inc, we offer 3D design for custom single-family home design services. But that doesn’t mean that you need to look for some layout out of the box! Don’t go for a complex one! Instead, try to choose a simple home plan that would be not only elegant but easy to understand for our designers.

How to plan the rooms

Have you already checked where your new custom home will be? Then, it’s time to decide on which room will face towards which feature! For example, suppose you have a running stream along with your home. Yet, it’s better to plan your bedroom near it while talking about enjoying nature’s beauty every morning. Or you can think of facing the windows to the best views or a steep slope!

Prioritize to be functional!

When you have a tight budgetary boundary, put a break on your luxurious fancies. Or else you would end up breaking your bank soon! Instead, consider having an open floor plan between the living room dining space and kitchen. It can make your home more functional while luxurious as well. 

If you have any doubt about our single-family home design services in Los Angeles, check on Yelp what our previous clients say about us! We hope it will help you make your mind!