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Are you on a plan to renovate your home shortly? Then, think of flooring first, especially when you are not that happy with its current condition and style. Flooring plays a major role in improving the interior design but only when you make the right choice.

Best flooring option for your home renovation

We have provided a guide here on a comparison of different floor choices that may help you pick the perfect match for your home. Such as:

Vinyl flooring

The best part of this floor option is its flexibility which means you have countless choices here. Vinyl floors are available in planks, tiles, and sheets, the high-end versions of this flooring style. Besides, it comes with soft underfoot, a variety of patterns, colors, and minimal maintenance, but affordable too. But if you maintain it poorly, the vinyl floors may age badly.

Solid Hardwood

Do you want to have Spanish-style wooden flooring in your home? Then, solid hardwood may be the best option you can have! It lasts for a lifetime but remains attractive even for years. Hardwood floors are around ¾ inch thick that come in a raw or pre-finished look, while available in different colors and styles, depending on the type of wood. Yet, you can hold the classic and timeless style with beauty and warmth.


If you are looking for a more reasonable flooring option, we, MDM Custom Remodeling Inc, suggest this flooring option. You can find it available in the market in most varieties, like imitate stone, tiles, and wood that are easy to maintain and come with durability up to three decades. But you may feel hard underfoot and slippery sometimes. Was it helpful? Let us know! Also, you can look over our previous clients\’ comments on Yelp to ensure our quality of craftsmanship. Stay in touch!