Creating Top-Notch Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) in Los Angeles

Building an Accessory Dwelling Unit is perhaps an idea you’ve toyed with for a while but didn’t know how to pursue. At MDM Custom Remodeling INC., we understand the nuances of ADU planning and building. Our customers rely on our team to deliver housing solutions that work and effortlessly at that.

We’re a family-owned, insured, and licensed custom home remodeling company that turns homeowners' visions into reality. Our team has overseen small and large ADU projects in Greater Los Angeles for over a decade. We work with committed and brilliant architects and designers, passionate about creating quality, comfortable living spaces.

Our team values grassroots housing and effortlessly converts blueprint plans into bespoke liveable homes.

What is an ADU?

An ADU is a single-family lot that accommodates a separate residential space distinct from a larger primary dwelling. It has a kitchenette or kitchen, sleeping area, and bathroom. It is either attached to, a part of, or separate from the main dwelling.

Newcomers and residents of the Golden State often have to deal with limited and unaffordable housing options. ADUs give existing homeowners and those wishing to buy large properties an opportunity to invest in smaller residences.

Homeowners can repurpose additional space in a home or a backyard for an extended living space. It becomes an innovative, income-generating residence for family, friends, or tenants.

ADUs go by several names

Backyard Bungalow | Coach House | In-Law Suite | Secondary Dwelling Unit | English Basement | Accessory Apartment | Garage Apartment | Granny Flat | Laneway House | Ohana Unit | Basement Apartment | Guest House / Cottage

The Good News on ADU Development in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is favored for its sunny weather and beautiful vistas of beaches and mountains. But creating a homestead in California can be challenging given the eye-watering real estate rates and high living standards.

For the longest time, seizing an ADU permit was difficult for cities and towns with local ordinances that posed roadblocks. In 2016, SB 1069 was passed by the state government, simplifying the rules and easing the application process for those wanting to build ADUs.

Now, residents of Los Angeles can comfortably construct ADUs, draw up elaborate plans, and utilize their backyard as they see fit in coordination with local and government ordinances.

MDM Custom Remodeling INC. has fulfilled hundreds of renovation requests for residents in Los Angeles who are now happy owners of ADUs.

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    Types of ADUs Built by MDM Custom Remodeling INC.

    We’ve brainstormed ideas, brought plans to fruition, and completed big and small projects for different ADUs in Los Angeles.

    Here’s a look at the types of residential accommodations we’ve helped put together from inception to completion:

    Figure 1

    Detached, standalone ADU

    The ADU is built on the same lot as the main dwelling.

    Figure 2

    Basement ADU

    An existing basement (that meets height and safety standards) is repurposed into an ADU.

    Figure 3

    Converted garage ADU

    A garage is converted into a single unit for accommodation purposes or a divided unit for both parking & accommodation.

    Figure 4

    Over-The-Garage ADU Internal ADU

    The ADU is built over the garage as an extension of the primary dwelling.

    Figure 5

    Internal ADU

    An underused space within a dwelling like an oversized living room or overhead storage room is converted into an ADU.

    Figure 6

    Bump-Out ADU

    An ADU is incorporated into the foundation of a dwelling beyond the existing floor space, sharing at least one wall.

    Who ADUs Are For

    ADUs have the potential to be used in myriad creative ways and serve different people who benefit from such a residence.

    Families with young children

    An ADU is perfect for a family who needs a nanny or au pair to live in a private or detached yet on-premise residence - Close at hand yet out of the way.

    Empty Nesters

    Homeowners can move into an ADU and treat the main dwelling as a rental. It’s a great way to make passive income as a retired person or to support other financial needs such as a mortgage or maintenance fees. It’s also a great way for homeowners to plant roots and remain close to a community.


    Homeowners can assist their grandparents and have them live closer to home. Compared to an assisted living facility, an ADU lets you care for your grandparents or in-laws under the supervision of live-in help.

    Financially Unstable

    Children who find it challenging to find affordable housing while attending college or working can live in an ADU close to home. ADUs also serve as the perfect space for temporary accommodation during house renovations.

    Work From Home Individuals

    Individuals can create a dedicated office space or rent out an ADU to a tenant interested in working away from home.

    Benefits of Having an ADU

    An ADU serves a unique purpose that benefits you as a homeowner and those who can live in this convenient residence.

    Enables homeowners to live closer to family members with a caregiver on the premises.

    Offers a private space for families who need or wish to live closer to one another

    Perfect for tenants looking for affordable housing in a market saturated with exorbitant rental prices

    A green housing option that utilizes fewer resources and minimally impacts a neighborhood’s visual layout

    An ideal space for older couples wanting to downsize

    Ideal for older couples who want to continue living in familiar surroundings and not have to worry about moving to an age-restricted area

    A flexible housing solution for those wanting to retire but continue living in the same neighborhood and earn extra income from renting out an ADU

    Great for homeowners who need a private guest room for out-of-town friends or family

    A great financial solution that can up the real estate value of a dwelling An affordable investment alternative to buying a second property

    An affordable investment alternative to buying a second property

    MDM Custom Remodeling INC. actively assists homeowners with local and government provisions. We also take over an ADU project’s design and architectural aspects while keeping you in the loop at every step.

    Our Latest ADU Remodeling Projects

    ADU FAQs

    The cost of an ADU project depends on several factors such as site evaluation, permit fees, architectural aspects, implementation of safety protocols, and project completion. On average, you can expect to spend $100,000 to $250,000 on an attached ADU, $110,000 to $300,000 on a detached ADU, $60,000 to $350,000 on an above-the-garage ADU, $100,000 to $350,000 on a garage ADU, and $9,000 to $400,000 on a basement ADU.

    Project costs are subject to change, depending on location, the scale of the project, and the type of materials used. We’ll be happy to give you a clear estimate of what to expect once you get in touch.

    Spending on an ADU will seem pricey but worth it when you look at the larger picture. You may end up spending between $200,000 and $300,000 on an ADU project, but your property’s value could go up to as much as $400,000 or higher. Homeowners who invest in an ADU look at the project’s long-term benefits since the ADU or primary dwelling can be put on lease as a source of passive income.

    As per California law, you can’t sell an ADU independently. The entire property needs to be on sale. It’s a smart move to invest in an ADU when it can serve a purpose such as accommodating friends, family, or tenants. ADUs also make great homes to move into if you wish to accumulate funds by leasing your primary dwelling.

    You don’t need to apply for a home loan if you’re on a tight budget. The California Health and Safety Code promotes the construction and occupancy of ADUs for communities in need of affordable housing. Organizations such as the CalHome Program issue grants and financial incentives to moderate- to low-income households in California. Contact us today so we can discuss the finer details.

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