Month: November 2021

Christmas is just around the door, and even not a month left now! You may have already prepared the guest list, selected the cake to be cut, and checked on Google for the interior decor ideas for your living room on Christmas eve! But what’s about the rest of the home? Well, most focus on the living space, whether it’s lighting or X-mas tree! But this year, turn your head to the Christmas kitchen remodeling trends and decor your cooking space as well.

Do you need some help? We are here to guide you from start to finish!

Christmas Kitchen Remodeling Trends to follow

While planning a Christmas party at home, you may prepare the inner for the eve in your cooking space that is the heart of the house! So, how can you just leave it behind while decorating the living space, hallways, and entrance? 

Well, with us, you can save bucks while remodeling your home during the Christmas holidays, just following a few trends this year. Have a look:

Winter wreaths

This one is the easiest way to design your premises for Christmas eve that you may have used so far for the front door! But this year, we, MDM Custom Remodeling Inc, suggest hanging the plain winter wreaths by adding berries and red ribbons on your kitchen cabinets to add a festive burst of colors even in a tiny space.

However, make sure not to turn the place cramped! Try to keep it simple and sophisticated!

Add a fresh coat of paint!

You can apply fresh paint to give your kitchen a vibrant and colorful look for the festive season! But it\’s not only for the walls, the cabinets too! Be sure to choose contrast tones, like royal blue cabinet doors against white walls. And when you are not sure about it, sit with our kitchen remodeling contractors for a free consultation!

Decorate your chairs!

Do you have an open kitchen? Then, the dining space may be attached to the kitchen island, Right? In that case, can decor the stools and chairs with some simple makeover ideas like miniature wreaths with foliage and ribbons. It can add a festive decor and stylish look to the seats!

Do you want to look more for Christmas kitchen remodeling trends? Check our profile on Yelp for that! Also, you can get some ideas from our previous customers’ comments there. Stay connected!

Hey, can you believe that this year is about to end, and we are just three weeks away from Christmas eve? It seemed like yesterday when we were celebrating New Year! And just like last year, while your guests are ready to drop in your home on X-mas, a dull-looking home will not look great to welcome them! We have come here with some simple yet chic home renovation ideas for Christmas that you may have never thought of!

Great home renovation ideas for Christmas

When you have to welcome your guests on Christmas, you may not prefer spending too much on home remodeling and saving as much as possible. Considering that, we, MDM Custom Remodeling Inc, suggest the ideas below! Have a look:

Make your bathroom perfect!

Do you know that just with a coat of fresh paint and stylish faucet installation, you can make your restroom luxurious and attractive? That’s right! All you need is to choose the right shade for the space, and your bathroom will be ready to welcome guests.

If tiny room, go for bright and vibrant colors while a little bit of darker shades for larger bathroom space! Also, you can add in-built storage into walls to save space while adding additional storage solutions if you require! 

Renovate your cooking space!

Admit it or not, but guests visit the kitchen at least once! Hence, you can make little but eye-catchy changes here to give a new look to your cooking space this Christmas! For instance, you can replace the handles of the cabinets and drawers to bring instant refreshment in the kitchen. A countless options you can have for handles and knobs, whether it’s materials or finishes!

What’s about the entrance?

Well, we find many of our clients commenting on Yelp that they don’t get any ideas to give a warm welcome to the guests. In that case, we recommend beginning from the outside and ending in the hallway of your living room! 

For example, you can create a statement on the entrance with simple garden lights and small wall lamps or ceiling lights in the hallways. But make sure to balance the perfect ambiance with a fresh coat of paint to freshen things up! Do you want to take a glance at more home renovation ideas for Christmas, take an insight into our gallery! Stay in touch and keep on reading more blogs!

Without a doubt, bathtubs are relaxing and luxurious. Still, this can’t be as practical and in the budget as a bathroom shower custom-built! It does not only add elegance to your restroom but makes you feel more refreshing. However, while designing a custom shower, the decision-making should be precise to achieve your dream shower room. From the showerhead to the tiles and storage option- you can’t leave any corner here!

Considerations for Custom-built Bathroom Shower

Of course, custom designs allow you to be creative in the best possible way. But for a shower room design, you need to limit your creativeness and keep a check on the minute details while the overall layout during bathroom remodeling. Such as:

What’s about the showerheads?

Not to mention, when you are in the market to design a custom shower, countless options will be around you for showerheads! Now, the choice is up to your preferences and budget. For instance, while looking for a spa-like experience, shower jets may give you the best relaxation while a massage-like feel as well. It could be the best choice to melt away your tiredness all day long! 

On the other hand, you can go for a rainwater shower to have a great feeling, like being in the rain. But whatever you choose, don’t miss taking a glance at your wallet!

Storage solutions

Whether living alone, with family, or guests dropped in suddenly, you must have the space in your shower room to keep the products used daily while taking a shower! From the hair cleanser to the body wash- your storage fits everything but without compromising the style. 

On our Facebook profile, we find many of our clients complaining to have minimal space for storage options because of having a tiny restroom. Here, we, MDM Custom Remodeling Inc, suggest going for built-in storage into the walls with two shelves. It not only offers a great storage solution but looks chic with a rustic shower style!

Shower room tiles

You may find it quite overwhelming to choose while having thousands of options for bathroom tiles. Now, if you are after saving your wallet but not compromising the style, go for a classic one! It stands the test of time and comes with easy maintenance. For example, wood grain tiles are incredibly perfect for a rustic log-style home!

Last but not least, if you need more ideas for a custom-built bathroom shower, look into our bathroom gallery page! Stay in touch for more blogs!

Are you fond of Spanish-style homes and interior decor? Then, looking for a wooden floor may be the best choice you can make for your entire home. But while embracing Spanish-style wooden flooring, what do you think about the rest of the interior decor? After all, the rest layout and should match the overall texture! And we are here to guide you on how you can decorate the interior against the wooden floor!

How to design the interior decor with Spanish-style Wooden Flooring

From the wall colors to the furniture and accessories- you can’t leave any corner when to coordinate with the Spanish-style wooden flooring! Or else, your decor ideas may clash and not be able to achieve that cohesive look you desire to have in your home! Here are some simple ideas to match the wood flooring and enhance its timeless look:

What’s about the color palette?

Yes, you can pick any random shades or your favorite one for your walls unless you have selected Spanish-style wooden flooring already! In this case, you have to keep a check on the right color scheme. For that, start with noticing the wood floor’s undertone that generally features orange, gray, brown, red, or yellow within its finish! 

Now, select a color that complements your wooden floor, like blue shades go great with orange or yellow undertone! On the other hand, green looks splendid with a brown wooden hue!

Material choice for furniture

Make sure to keep the balance here in the choice of materials for your furniture and accessories. We, MDM Custom Remodeling Inc, suggest pairing the wooden floor with wall decor, upholstered seating, and accent furniture with texture, like leather, painted surface, woven fabrics, and metal.

Wooden floor throughout the room

On Facebook, many of our clients comment that even after installing wooden flooring, their home doesn’t look that elegant! The reason may be the lack of consistency in the flooring! Yet, while styling your home in Spanish culture, be sure to go for the open flooring concept and remain constant in your flooring choice between the rooms. 

On the other hand, try to avoid including the awkward dividers not to interrupt the natural flow of wooden flooring from one room to another! The consistency makes your home look more aesthetic and clean.

Last but not least, if you want to look over amazing Spanish-style wooden flooring designs for your home, dive into our home remodeling gallery page! Stay in touch!

Maybe you won’t admit it, but nothing could flutter you more than having an elegant and trendy master bathroom walk-in closet or built-in wardrobe. Isn’t it? But do you know what the difference is between these two amazing options for your outfits and accessories? Not to mention, both are tempting! Still, identifying the variance can help you pick the right one for your home!

Master bathroom walk-in closet or built-in wardrobe

Sometimes, it seems really overwhelming to decide on anyone between the walk-in closet and built-in dresser while looking for storage options for your master bathroom. So, ideate the differences first to avoid changing your mind in the middle of the project! 

Master bathroom walk-in closet

While talking about adding storage in the master bathroom, it’s the king! During bathroom remodeling, many people utilize the additional space attached to the restroom as a walk-in closet. The best part of it is that you need not worry about the upper limit. Hence, you can have the walk-in closet even bigger than your master bedroom and bathroom and customize it with your personal touch. Besides:

  • Having a walk-in closet, you can double up your dressing room.
  • You can add the iron board in there to ease and have a convenient arrangement for your outfits!
  • It’s the best way to keep your master bathroom clutter-free while having the privacy to get ready from the every morning chaos!  
  • You can get relief from keeping your bathroom clean with an attached walk-in closet.

However, we suggest the walk-in closet only for those having enough space to move and roam in the room. If you have, go for it without a second thought!

Master bathroom built-in closet

Do you have left with the minimal space adjacent to your master bathroom? And if you don’t want to waste any corner, at MDM Custom Remodeling Inc, we recommend you design a built-in closet. Well, you may not walk into it, but for a tiny room, it proves to be quite efficient and functional. 

In fact, when you don’t have much time to maintain your wardrobe, a built-in wardrobe is a better choice than a walk-in closet! Apart from this:

  • More purge and minimalistic
  • Easy to install, upgrade, and maintain
  • Fit in a lower budget and tiny place
  • Mirror option behind the closet door

Now, you can visit our bathroom remodeling gallery page if you want to have more design ideas for the master bathroom walk-in closet and built-in wardrobes. Stay connected!

No matter how much you are imaginative, it’s merely possible for you to say how a space will look without seeing the design practically! And the same problem the homeowners face when they try to plan and remodel their cooking space just looking at the 2D structural drawings. That’s why we come with modern kitchen 3D designs to ease your visualization capability! With this advanced technology, you can actually see and walk through the design before the project kicks off!

Why plan a modern kitchen with 3D designs?

Gone are the days when people stare at the 2D paper drawings for a while, close their eyes, and try to imagine how their cooking space will look like after the completion! You are standing in the era of 3D designs when you can see your vision right in front of you and decide whether you love the layout or not! For instance:

Bring the plans in real!

At MDM Custom Remodeling Inc, we use 3D designs everywhere, whether you need to remodel the kitchen or knock down walls! Using 3D designs for modern kitchen plans can help you see your imagination turning into life. Hence, you can have the chance to keep a check on every minute detail included in your cooking space and decide if it looks great or not. For example:

  • Countertops or kitchen islands?
  • Which cabinet finish looks better- Matte or glossy?
  • Choose the hardware and fixtures in the kitchen and more!

Easy to find the best match!

In the 2D designs, you can’t imagine the shapes and size of your cabinets while not deciding the exact place for the appliances. In fact, many pick the wrong choice and end up making changes and reinstallations that cost space, time, and dollars again! Using 3D designs to plan your modern kitchen can ideate which elements can perfectly fit the space while making the room aesthetically appealing and functional.

Easy to alternate!

Let’s say you want to make changes in designs sometimes in the mid of the renovation projects. With 2D designs, it was never possible in past days. It used to require more time and effort to make changes in plans. But 3D designs have made the alterations quick and simple than ever! You just need to sit with our designers about what major and minor changes you want.

In fact, you can avoid major changes while using 3D designs for modern kitchen plans by seeing the design before the project starts. For more layouts, visit our 3D design gallery now!

Christmas eve is just around the corner, and you may have already started planning how to jazz up your home with lights and new additions. Of course, you can’t leave any corner, especially the restroom! And adding a new shaker vanity for bathroom remodeling is apt to give the space a stunning look. This one is the most timeless design for restroom vanities since the day it comes in the trend!

“But is it a perfect choice for bathroom vanities?”- This question may trigger in your mind! Don’t worry! We are here to clear your confusion!

Is it great to add a new shaker vanity for bathroom remodeling?

The bathroom remodels for Christmas are, no doubt, a great idea to spruce up the entire look of your interior. Still, you may find the decision of bathroom remodeling quite surrounded by so many questions regarding style, budget, and trendy look for vanity choice! 

And shaker vanity fits perfectly in your every need like this:

Trendy but with a nod of traditional touch!

Do you want your bathroom to have both a classy and modern look? Then, adding a new shaker vanity can be a perfect match here! You can get an unmatchable elegance to your dream restroom that can make the space stand out as unique and second to none! The vanity panels offer a hallmark of unparallel fine craftsmanship. 

Perfect fit to budget!

While having a budget problem but urgent storage needs in the bathroom, a shaker vanity can be a great solution. It not only comes with a great storage option but savings for your wallet! Shaker-style vanity is simple to install that doesn’t cost much like other ornamental vanities. 

Moreover, as it stands the test of time, you need not replace it before the decade that saves you more! That’s why at MDM Custom Remodeling Inc, we suggest our clients embrace shaker vanities if they are after saving their wallets from stretching out! 

Wide options in color

Just like the shaker vanities come with an ageless look, you can find countless choices here in colors and styles. For example, bright colors, like royal blue or red, look great with the flat panel and raised borders. Contrarily, the wood grain patterns and wood stains make the shaker vanities a stunning match against any space and wall paint. 

Do you want to see some trendy designs before you install a new shaker vanity for bathroom remodeling? Visit our bathroom remodeling gallery page and get ideas for timeless styles!

Are you a fan of Spanish colonial home designs? Then, it’s not surprising that you want to add the same touch to your current building while renovating it! Spanish-style house remodels ideas can give your space a classic and distinct look that may make it stand out uniquely from your neighbors’. But before you start, we want you to know which architectural element additions can help you get that Spanish-style appearance!

Architectural elements for Spanish-style house remodel

Here are some of the exterior architectural designs that we suggest the homeowners include in their building structure to bring the feel of a Spanish-style home. Such as:

White stucco walls and exterior

The best part of that Spanish-style home renovation is to add the touch of classic and old-aged view to the premises. And you can start with textured stucco walls with fresh white paint! Here, the hand-applied mix makes the exterior look, no doubt, unique and timeless!

Terracotta roof tiles

On our Facebook profile, we often find our clients asking to renovate their roof in Spanish-style. Here, we recommend Terracotta roof tiles! These red clay roofs can give your home a rustic and warm look that really stands the test of time. In fact, this roofline style better suits the asymmetrical and multi-level house!

Ornamental entrance

If your want your guests to impress by seeing your house at first glance, don’t miss the entrance here! The wooden doors and ornamental iron gates hold the ultimate definition of a Spanish-style home. You can include the crafted window grilles, stair railings, and gates to give the premise a typical Spanish revival look! 

And to multiply the vintage appearance, adding lanterns on the sidewalls of wooden doors and gates is not a bad idea, though! 

Arches and curves

As said, home entrance is the first step to impress the visitors. That’s why it would be great to add the curve steps to the front door just like a vintage Spanish-style home has! Also, you can include an archway leading to the front door of your living space for better attention to detail look.

Outside patios

It’s the best addition to creating a Spanish-style home! Have an outdoor living space to enjoy the fresh air and mild climate anytime you wish to. Also, having a fireplace can double your fun with friends and families staying outside late at night!

If you are ready for Spanish-style house remodels, let us know! At MDM Custom Remodeling Inc, our experts are ready to make your dream true!

Do you have a garage that has been left unused for years? The first thing you can do is to renovate it or leave it as it is. Being a home remodeler myself, I would suggest the first option. And, kitchen in ADU garage conversion is the best choice if you want to start a business of your own or simply want to hold parties or dinner night outs. 

Again, it’s not as simple as it might appear. You may have to ponder on some of the basic things. Don’t worry! I will lead you through everything, step by step.

Is The Kitchen In ADU Garage Conversion Legal?

If you are the owner of a single-family home anywhere in California with a residential zone, then it’s legal to build a garage conversion ADU. 

However, each city and county might have different rules for garage conversion into a rental. 

Thanks to laws passed by the State of California in 2017. Every California homeowner can convert the detached or attached garage into a kitchen, livable, or rental dwelling unit. Are you ready to get started for the garage conversion? 

You can schedule a free consultation and chat with our experts. If it helps, you can also visit our gallery or other social media pages like Facebook.

Should I Convert My Garage Into A Kitchen?

Even after years of experience, I can’t answer it that simply. It is because most of it depends on your preferences. Every homeowner has the unique motivation for an ultimate garage conversion.

Especially when you are going for a kitchen in ADU garage conversion, you must thoughtfully weigh the pros and cons to understand which ADU type is suitable for you, your lifestyle, and your property.

Is The Kitchen In ADU Garage Conversion A Good Investment?

Yes, it is! In terms of Return on Investment (ROI), a garage to ADU conversion is the best possible way to increase your property value. But, the advantages are not only financial. The relief of having a new cooking space or starting over a new business is really exciting. If you want some ideas, you can visit the pages of Yelp as well.

Summing Up! 

Are you new to the kitchen in ADU garage conversion? Then you can take help from our MDM Custom Remodeling INC s expert. We will help you plan the expenses and design a kitchen layout. Don’t wait. Contact us now!

Are you on a plan to jazz up your home interior? Then, you can leave any corner, not even the bathroom! After all, it’s the place where one can find relaxation and peace at the end of the day. But before you start thinking of your restroom upgrade, don’t miss the shower enclosure addition. In fact, to determine the overall look of your bathroom, it’s essential to consider different factors to pick the right enclosure design for your space!

Considerable facts for proper shower enclosure additions

From the size and shape to the door choice of the shower enclosure- every minute detail is vital to keep a check on while embracing a new addition to your bathroom space. In fact, you can sit with our designs of MDM Custom Remodeling Inc over a coffee for a free consultation on it! Such as:

Right location

Generally, most homeowners prefer installing their shower room at the corner while having a tiny space or bigger one! And the best part is that this choice one stands the test of time. But here, you can’t skip the door size, types, and shower enclosure designs. And all these require more attention to make the right choice, depending on space!

Perfect shape for shower enclosure

On our Facebook profile, we often find many asking about the right shape and size for the shower enclosures for their bathroom space. Honestly, it’s a challenge to find the best match providing comfort and style while fitting in space! We can give you some hints here:


If you have limited bathrooms, you can use the corner walls for your shower enclosures. Its L-shaped or curved design comes with a wide range of options while saving enough space in the rest bathroom. 


We recommend not embracing this one for the bathrooms not having enough space! T-shape shower enclosures are the best choice for larger restrooms. In fact, it’s easy to maintain. 


Does your bathroom have narrow walls? Then, U-shape shower enclosures can work here better than anything else! It’s trendy while bringing a touch of modernity even in the small space!

Door style

Yes, countless options are there for shower enclosure doors, including framed and frameless. But whether you go for sliding doors or the hinged one, it depends on how much space you have to open and close the door! Now, if you are unsure about it, read the reviews on Yelp and find which shower enclosure designs are trending these days! Stay in touch!