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Are you on a plan to renovate your cooking space, especially replacing the counters? No wonder you will find it overwhelming to pick the right countertop material for your cooking space. When it’s about kitchen remodeling, options are countless, indeed. From counter materials to colors and styles- you can’t leave any corner while decision-making becomes a bit tricky! That’s why we have figured out a comprehensive comparison here to help you in the process.

Best Counter Materials for Kitchen Remodeling

As stated, you can find plenty of choices for the countertops in natural materials. Here are some we suggest that can stand out in your cooking space uniquely. Such as:


This one is the most popular natural countertop material that you can find in almost every home. Over the years, its demand has been at the peak for its durability and timeless beauty. Each slab or piece of granite looks unique and is available in different colors and patterns. That means you have the chance to pick the perfect color for your kitchen counters

The best of this natural stone is its resistance against heat, scratch, and stain, while easy to clean. Contrarily, granite can break during installation if not handled carefully and come costly, depending on the size, thickness, and patterns.


Just like granite, this natural countertop material doesn’t leave behind in the race of popularity. In fact, our kitchen remodeling contractors of MDM Custom Remodeling Inc suggest this one for those having a budgetary boundary. Quartz comes a bit affordable than granite if compared per square foot. But yes, it may not look that unique as granite, still on the craze for its shine, durability, and low maintenance with water and scratch resistance.


While looking for premium kitchen countertop options, you can’t miss this one! For kitchen counters, wood remained the best choice for ages for its countless styles and colors. The use of yellow cedar, white oak, cherry, and teak can give your cooking space a traditional touch with a modern look. Wood countertops are easy to maintain and come with a unique appearance, durability, and heat resistance. But keep it dry while these are not scratch-resistant.

Also, you can turn your head toward soapstone to have bold-colored countertops in your kitchen, like blue, green, or grey.

Bottom line

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So, finally, we are on the doorstep of 2022 and just three days away. You have already done decorating every room, except for the cooking space. But when the guests drop in, they will visit your kitchen at least once. Yet, you shouldn’t give them a chance to comment on your dull outdated cooking space. Well, with us, you can have the ultimate solution for kitchen remodeling in Manhattan Beach to concert your ordinary cooking space into a modular one. And if you want to get so within your budget and in a short time, we ensure that our following ideas will fit your preferences.

Best Kitchen Remodeling Ideas to Convert the Old Kitchen Into Modular One

Most apartments and homes come with conventional, like the 80s kitchen layouts. For example, the granite or marble sinks and countertops may take hours to shine and still don’t look that classy! In that case, we, MDM Custom Remodeling Inc, suggest going for a modular kitchen. With a few cost-effective and quick addition, you can do so!

Modular additions of cabinets

Our kitchen remodeling company in Hollywood has recently introduced smart accessories that can transform your ordinary cooking space into a modular one at a glance. Whether having a tiny kitchen or a bigger one, you can create a smart storage space with wire drawers, pullout cabinets, flexible shelves, and bin holders. Moreover, you can go for tall units to create the pantry in your modular kitchen to have the cooking supplies within your reach in seconds.

Modular shelves

While after quick access to your kitchen accessories and giving a trendy look to the space, installing modular shelves is apt. You can store the spices and ingredients you require daily at cooking time. Also, you can look for fixing wall accessories to hang the coffee mugs and cutleries. To add some elegance, you can place potted plants on the shelves.

Think of color scheme

Our general contractor in Los Angeles recommends interesting and vibrant shades to the homeowners to stand out from their ordinary kitchen and transform it into a modular cooking space. For instance, you can embrace the brown-white cabinets, multi-colored laminates, attractive backsplash tiles, and more.

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Kitchen cabinets can transform the entire style of your cooking space in an instant! The overall look and feel of the kitchen will turn into something that you may have never experienced before. And wall cabinets can be the perfect addition for New Year to make the room more inviting and warm! In fact, the choices are countless, and it brings us here to discuss and ease your task to pick the right one for your kitchen.

What are the trendiest wall cabinet styles to embrace?

From the cabinet handles to the colors and finishes- every single factor can change the entire look of your cooking space. Hence, while considering wall cabinets to bring a distinct appearance to your kitchen, diving into the latest styles for wall cabinets is essential. Have a look:

Frameless glass cabinets

During kitchen remodeling, most homeowners prefer their kitchen as unique as possible! If you are on the same page, the frameless glass wall cabinets may look great. It works just as the door shutter while coming with a perfect design- frameless glass, absence of handles, and decorative hinges. In fact, you can find the magnetic latch features here that you need to push to open and close the windows.

Awning-style cabinets

Well, this one is a timeless one that may never go out of trend! The Awning-style cabinets contain cabinet doors featuring lift-up movement that looks quite classy and simple to use! And the best part is there’s no risk to get hit on your head while opening in a rush that generally happened with the hinged ones!

Louvred wall cabinets

Many customers on Yelp ask us to provide some solution to keep their food and stuff safe from moisture inside the cabinets. For them, Louvred cabinets are an ideal option! These wall cabinets are designed for especially moisture-laden areas to prevent the dampness inside them.

But it doesn’t mean that you have to compromise the style here! The cabinet panels are entirely fabricated with the repetition of horizontal wood slats. What better gift you can give your kitchen this New Year!

Raised-panel wall cabinets

This one is apt for a traditional and timeless look in your kitchen! You can have the options of customized designs here for the decorative cabinet door frames and panels. A detailed look can make even your small cooking space quite attractive!

Last but not least, you can contact MDM Custom Remodeling Inc for such kitchen renovations on New Year! Our experts will be at your place on your schedule. Stay connected!

Renovating your kitchen is a great idea to give your cooking space an elegant look that can stand the test of time! And deciding on the best kitchen cabinet ideas is one of the most challenging tasks for a homeowner! After all, options are countless there!

Still, you have to do so! Don’t worry! Read today’s blog, where we have shared some of the trendiest cabinet designs for the kitchen that you should try out!

Trendiest kitchen cabinet ideas to get in your cooking space

Needless to say, cooking is the best way to one’s heart! Contrarily, having the right storage can make your job easy during the food preparations! That’s why we, MDM Custom Remodeling Inc, suggest you pick any of the following kitchen cabinet ideas for your cooking space. Such as:

Glossy kitchen cabinets

If you are after adding a WOW factor to your cooking space, gloss up your storage! Having glossy kitchen cabinets is a great way to drag the focus of your guests! Especially when you have a small kitchen, this one would be smart to make the space look bigger. The light bounces back and turns the room brighter!

Floating cabinets for the kitchen!

We recommend you going for floating kitchen cabinet ideas for small spaces. It saves room while making your cooking space stylish and elevated!

Many of our previous clients have said goodbye to old cramped kitchen space and embrace this one! You can check their feedback on Yelp for this!

Go for something neutral!

Do you want to hold an elegant view and enough storage in your kitchen? You can look for drawer kitchen cabinet designs and paint them in neutral shades! The mild hue of pink, brown, and green can make it look fresh!

Handless wooden cabinets

This one is the best way to give your cooking space a minimalistic and modern look! On the other hand, it holds the timeless and classic charm with the wooden shades as well. Handless wooden cabinets are perfect for small kitchens to make the space look less cramped!

Corner cabinet designs!

People often wonder how to make a small kitchen creative and unique! If you are struggling to create storage space in the kitchen, go for corner cabinets! It will allow you to have additional storage needs and keep the cooking space look clean!

So, which one do you love to try out in your kitchen? Anyway, it doesn’t matter! But make sure to follow our kitchen remodeling preparation tips before the project kicks off!

Admit or not- the style and stunning look of your kitchen come from your cabinets! That’s why it’s a MUST to look for not only the designs but popular kitchen cabinet color ideas for renovation! After all, you may not prefer spending on a kitchen remodeling plan that fades away after a couple of years.

And in today’s blog, we have come with some color ideas for your kitchen cabinets that will leave those timeless!

Popular kitchen cabinet color ideas to try out this year

Of course, you may have white cabinets already in your kitchen. And honestly, there’s nothing like white! Still, turn your head once for other hues too that are quite popular these days among homeowners.

In fact, you can check on Yelp! Many of our previous clients have embraced these stunning colors for their kitchen cabinets. It’s your turn to do so:

Matte black:

Do you have white walls in the kitchen? Then, nothing can be better than this matte black shade for your cabinets to make the space looking brighter! Yes, it’s a little bit edgy but allows a classic view against the white walls and backsplashes. Especially when you want to add some drama in your kitchen space, it’s apt!

How’s about Wooden finish!

Yes, gone are the days when wooden cabinets are in use! But what if you can get back the finishes again! We, MDM Custom Remodeling Inc, suggest choosing a brownish wooden finish hue for cabinets that you can pair with the granite countertops. It drastically transforms the look of your kitchen and seems like having oak cabinets. Do you love the texture?

Wood tones but mixed!

As mentioned, wooden finishes have made a comeback in the world of popular kitchen cabinet color ideas. And you can get the same feeling with this mixed wooden tone. Generally, it comes in a contemporary gray shade but with a wooden finish! It will add texture, depth, and warmth to your cabinet designs.

Mute shades!

If you want to go for the neutral while love uniqueness in your kitchen, try the nude shades for your cabinets! Especially the light or dark grey can create a gravitating look in your space.

Have you decided to from white and try these popular kitchen cabinet color ideas? If you want some samples, check our kitchen remodeling photo gallery! For more home improvement ideas, keep on reading our blogs!