MDM Custom Remodeling Inc. is one of the largest and most trusted names among bathroom remodeling contractors in Los Angeles. We are a family-owned custom remodeling company with over a decade of experience.

Our reputation is built on our team of top-notch designers and builders delivering expert bath remodeling services through a licensed and insured business enterprise.

Hundreds of homeowners and residents of the Greater Los Angeles area have benefited from our unrivaled engineering and architectural design, unparalleled professional building services, and unmatched competitive rates.

Combining Beauty and Function in Custom Bathroom Remodels

Why choose one when you can have both?

The MDM Custom Remodeling team provides complete and customized services specific to your needs and preferences. That includes the color motif, sizes, and shapes of tiles, lighting and switches, shower and faucet fixtures, and storage spaces like cabinets and shelves. We incorporate your ideas with the practical aspects of your lifestyle to bring your vision to life in the best way possible. What you get is a spacious bathroom where comfort, luxury, and functionality go hand in hand. From concept, through creation, right up to completion, you are guaranteed quality, consistency, and excellence with MDM.

Full Service Bathroom Remodeling and Renovation

No need to hire one group to work on aesthetics and another for the technical aspects

All it takes is one reliable team to achieve a utilitarian space that’s also pleasing to the eye. When you commission MDM, you get:

  • Solid wooden bathroom cabinet installation
  • Bathroom cabinetry refacing
  • Bathtub and shower enclosure
  • Floor, wall, and backsplash tiles installation
  • Light fixtures, granite countertop, decorative mirrors, and customized vanity
  • Ceiling and wall renovation
  • Storage, sinks, countertops, and faucets
  • Lights, glass doors, and jets
  • Plumbing and electrical wiring improvement
  • Bathroom addition or transforming a closed space into one
  • Exhaust fan
  • Luxury features, e.g., heated floors, towel warmers
  • Handicap accessibility
  • Converting a tub to a walk-in shower
  • Adding a shower to the tub
  • Moving a wall for expansion
  • And everything else your heart desires!

Our Bathroom Remodeling Process

At MDM Custom Remodeling Inc., we do the job competently and with full transparency. We make sure our customers for Los Angeles bath renovation services are aware of our start-to-finish workflow before we ask them to sign on the dotted line.

Step 1

Conceptualization & 3D Design

Our 3D design and rendering services allow our clients to visualize the result of their concept before the actual construction begins. We will visit your home to measure your bathroom and take photos as the basis for the design. You can customize the layout and make changes until it is finalized. This is the most important step in your project because it prevents costly midstream changes. For reference, you can view our featured 3D design projects here.

Step 2

Permits & Material Procurement

California law requires homeowners to secure construction permits, even if it is just for remodeling or renovating one room in a house. We take care of the legalities for you and other related matters concerning your project. You also don’t have to worry about shopping for tiles, fixtures, and other materials. Our designers will curate and present options so you can make your selections from the comfort of your home. We ensure that we always adhere to your budget.

Step 3

Construction & Finishing

The MDM team of builders starts by demolishing the existing structure. Until we put the finishing touches, our highly competent project manager oversees the work and ensures it finishes as per schedule. Our job also includes plumbing and electricity prior to laying down the flooring. And for your peace of mind, we will keep you updated and involved at each step of the process, from concept to completion and everything in between.

Bathroom Remodeling Photo Gallery

Below are photos of our featured bathroom projects which we recently finished.

We Strive To Build Lasting Relationships With Clients

Aftercare and customer service are two of our flagship values. You can be assured of our assistance long after project completion.

MDM Custom Remodeling Inc. isn’t just about remodeling bathrooms. We are general contractors experienced in home renovation, room addition, kitchen remodeling, garage conversion ADU, and architectural design. This is one of the reasons our Los Angeles customers keep coming back for all their custom renovation and remodeling requirements. Over and above these competencies, our company boasts a team of experienced workers equipped with the appropriate tools and equipment for each type of project. Also, the efficient and cost-effective processes we implement save you time and money. Our claim to fame is the 100% satisfaction of all our clients.

100% 5-Star Ratings From Our Clients

Hundreds of Greater Los Angeles homeowners have spoken.

We’re piggybacking on all their positive feedback to continue providing only the best bathroom remodeling services.

Top Rated General Contractor Bathroom Remodeling Los Angeles


Upgrade Your Home’s Value With Bathroom Remodeling

Whether for resale, loan collateral, or as a form of investment, a bathroom remodel adds 10%-40% to the real estate value of your property.

That’s an average ROI of 55%-60%. Most real estate agents confirm that a bathroom remodel adds the most value compared to upgrading any other room in a home. Buyers know that a remodeled bathroom helps prevent costly repairs due to leaking and molding fixtures, which can accumulate to a hefty amount in the long run.

This is why you should hire contractors who can deliver quality work that lasts for a long, long time. Mediocre jobs will only result in additional fixes in the future.

FAQ's On Bathroom Remodeling

Our pricing depends on the size and complexity of your project. We consider many factors, including your home’s location, existing constraints on the site, and the construction’s scale, scope, and method. Most importantly, we base our quote on your budget and financial position.
Just like the cost, the timeline for a bathroom remodel in Los Angeles depends on the extent of the job. Simple upgrades — like adding or removing a bathtub — can be done in one week, while major ones can take up to three weeks. Please note as well that these estimates cover only the construction phase. Before our work commences, we discuss the plans, present design options, and procure materials.
Our team provides complete bathroom remodeling services, from planning and design to painting and installing of fixtures. We take care of plumbing, electric wiring, carpentry work, and the construction and remodel permits required in your area.
You may choose to employ other Los Angeles bathroom designers if you wish. However, it is not necessary. Our in-house team of designers are certified and experienced in all types of bathroom remodels. They are adept at maximizing space, updated in the latest trends, and well-versed with the functions of every bathroom fixture.
Yes. MDM Custom Remodeling holds a valid California Contractor State Licensing Board license as required by California law. We have completed hundreds of bathroom remodels from Ventura to San Fernandino to Orange to the complete satisfaction of our clients.

Absolutely! Some photos of our featured projects are here. If you need more, just let us know, and we’ll send them to you. A few of our satisfied clients are willing to show the remodeled bathrooms we’ve done for them

Of course! We’ll send you the contact details of previous clients and current suppliers. You may also check our video testimonials here.
Call, email, or drop us a note on our website! Our reliable and customer-friendly representatives will be delighted to address your concerns.

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