Room Addition For Your Home In Los Angeles & Suburbs
Expand Your Livable Space With Ease

Adding a room is the best way to add more space to your current home, especially if you’re not too keen on remodeling, selling, or buying a bigger home. The value of your home is determined by its size in square feet, and adding a new room will definitely increase the square footage of your home.

Whether adding a bedroom for your growing family or expanding your space to accommodate a home office, MDM will help you design and build that extra room. Our team of certified and expert engineers, architects, interior designers, construction workers, material suppliers, and builders will create an additional space that meets your utility and style needs.

MDM is a home remodeling company based in Los Angeles and trusted by a long list of clientele in the area. Our extensive portfolio of projects testifies to our scientific approach to design-and-build works that combines style, fineness, and smart functionality. We are professionals who take our job seriously and are passionate about what we do — transforming home spaces.

An added room in your home might serve its purpose, but it should also add aesthetic value. We believe a home is not simply a structure but a sanctuary worthy of thoughtful details and inspiring ambiance. Being entrusted with one’s personal, private space is a privilege, and we treat each project with utmost care and competence.

Second Story Addition in Los Angeles: What You Need to Know

The MDM family has been in the design-build business for over 20 years, and our team has been responsible for highly-rated jobs in many homes in the greater Los Angeles area - from the big city to the surrounding suburbs. We leave no stone (or wood or steel) unturned to come up with the best design and construction solutions that fit your needs, budget, lifestyle, and aspirations.

We are your one-stop source when it comes to giving your home a full or part upgrade that looks expensive but executed cost-efficiently. MDM provides you end-to-end services while adding a new room that meets your spatial satisfaction to the fullest.

For room addition projects, we create a 3D design, architectural and engineering design and blueprints, application for city permits, and other ground-up and technical works such as footing, foundation, retaining walls, framing, HVAC systems, full plumbing solutions, drainage piping, electrical, panelings, fixtures, systems, drywall, painting, and more.

You also have the option to choose specific services, whether it's building walls, installing tiles and fixtures, or interior design.

Aside from room addition, we also undertake

The Room Addition Contractor For You

We make room addition a smooth experience by addressing and easing possible complications and bumps before we begin. We provide key details to the whole process, from the contract to execution to turnover, so our clients are not blindsided in terms of costs and expectations.

Our processes are streamlined, meticulous, and customer-centric. We believe clear communication is crucial for the smooth running of any project. Add to that excellent customer service, and you have the cornerstones that help make every project we take up a success.

We bring to the table highly experienced minds, skilled hands, premium materials, and modern systems to make your vision a reality.

Professional Room Addition Contractor LA

Your home renovation’s success directly impacts your quality of home life so let certified professionals handle it. Our highly skilled engineers, architects, interior designers, suppliers, installers, and builders work together on the project with a sense of ownership, giving every square inch of space careful attention and treatment.

Combining style and structural integrity, we aim to create an elevated sense of stylish, efficient living in your home space.

Room Addition Company Near Me

Adding a room to your LA home is a breeze with MDM

From the initial consultation to the completion of the project, we will keep you apprised at all stages of the process. We’ll also take care of the paperwork and material sourcing on your behalf, including getting the necessary permits and licenses and drafting detailed contracts.

You get access to our supplier network for the best materials and price and have proficient design and build professionals from our team working on your project. And with MDM on top of the project and managing every detail, you can be assured of consistent quality at every step.

Our Room Addition Services

Experience the MDM effect. We collaborate with you to create first-rate, feel-good spaces in your home.

Architectural Design

Our licensed architects combine their experience, knowledge, creativity, and resourcefulness to provide high-quality architectural and engineering design solutions.

3D Design

We offer professional 3D design rendering that gives you an accurate picture of the would-be look of your new room.

Installation of Room Equipment

We can provide modern systems for your added room using the best brands and solutions like room automation systems using gestural technology, color and sound therapy, WIFI-controlled lights, air purifying windows, and other features.

Partial Room Works

You can choose which part of your added room needs extra professional treatment, and we will do it for you, from installing tiles and iron works to creating space-saving furniture.

Luxury Room Design

Our team of architects and interior designers can create a luxurious motif for your added room using premium materials and the latest design trends and systems.

Handicap Accessibility Room

You may need to have an ADA-friendly and child-safe room for your family. We are experts when it comes to adapting designs to suit the special needs of our clients.

Our Room Addition Process

The Room Addition Contractor For You

1. Conceptualization and 3D Design

With our scaled renders, you can visualize the space from concept to creation much before the actual work begins. This helps prevent costly mid-stream changes.

2. Permit Processing and Materials Procurement

We comply with California construction requirements, so you don’t have to worry about the legalities. We also source and curate material options, so you don’t have to spend time shopping around for the best find and fit.

3. Construction and Finishing

Our engineers, overseers, and specialized skill workers start and finish the job per schedule, specifications, and budget, from demolition to the finishing touches. We only pack our bags when your space is done and dusted, and you’re completely satisfied.

FAQs On Room Addition

Our pricing depends on the room’s size, scope, and materials used. Other factors affecting pricing include your home’s location, existing issues, and limitations on site. Room addition cost usually starts at $200 per square foot and could go up depending on the project’s specifications and complexity.

The construction period will depend on the room size and the amount of work to be done. MDM usually takes 2 to 4 months after the paperwork is done. It may take longer depending on the weather condition and other unforeseen causes of delays.

You may do so, but it is unnecessary because we have an in-house team of skilled designers who can help create the added room you envision. They also know about the latest trends and techniques in room addition design and construction.

Yes. MDM Custom Remodeling holds a valid California Contractor State Licensing Board license as required by California law. We have served LA residents and completed hundreds of home remodels from Ventura to San Fernandino to Orange to the complete satisfaction of our clients.

Absolutely! Some photos of our featured projects are here. If you need more, just let us know, and we’ll send them to you. Some of our satisfied clients are open to showing the room addition projects we’ve done for them.

Of course! We’ll send you the contact details of our previous clients and current suppliers. You may also check our video testimonials here.

Increase Your Home’s Living Space and Overall Value By Adding A Room

Whether you add a family room, guest room, sunroom, home office, mud room, or recreation room, an extra amount of livable space in your home gives you an average of 50% return on investment.

An extra room will increase not only your area but also your property’s value if you’re planning on reselling your home or using it as loan collateral.

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