Month: February 2022

A balanced meal every day means you are healthy, and the place where you prepare this requires the same healthy lighting access to do so more efficiently. We are talking about your stunning kitchen here! Of course, you may not be that expert on making the right choice for your cooking space. That’s why we have shown up with a kitchen remodeling guide regarding this. It may help you ideate the must-have kitchen lights here. 

Kitchen Remodeling Guide for the Best Lights for Your Cooking Space

We are here to tell you about the lighting fixtures, like pendant, task, and track ones that can take your cooking and dining experience one level up. But before that, a few things!

  • Make sure you identify the areas in your kitchen that need proper lighting. 
  • Tell us if you are looking for different types of lighting for your cooking and dining space, especially if you have an open-floor kitchen. 

Accent lighting

While opting for some decorative lighting additions for your kitchen, we, MDM Custom Remodeling Inc., suggest going for this one. Accent lights, like wall sconces and pendant lights, are perfect for giving a soft-focus in your cooking space and sitting area around the kitchen island.

  • Pendant lights come in different shapes and sizes to add a modern touch to your cooking space or gathering spots, such as the breakfast counter or kitchen island. We personally recommend you the bubble lighting fixtures and be sure you hang those low to illume the space. 
  • If you have space on the wall next to the kitchen island or breakfast counter, you can mount this for style to light up the wall, or if required.

Task lighting

Before installation, you need to think about spots where you carry out everyday tasks in the kitchen. It will help you decide the location for the task lighting fixtures, like:

  • Track lights are best over the kitchen island or breakfast counter in a linear pattern on the ceiling. These will create excellent focus if you choose the correct angle avoiding casting shadows. Also, we suggest warm light bulbs here.
  • The space under the cabinet often remains in the darkness that creates problems while working on the countertop. You can choose LED stripes for the under-the-wall cabinets to lighten up the dull and dark corners while eliminating the shadows cast over the worktop. 

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While renovating your tiny shower room, you may have started looking into magazines and Pinterest for different designs that can make the space seem bigger. Well, we can tell you endless options of small bathroom remodel, from adding a skylight to replacing the bathtub with a walk-in shower to adding a fresh coat of light-shaded paint. All these can trick the eye, and your guests will find your bathroom larger than it is.

Do You Actually Need Storage Under the Sink During a Bathroom Remodel?

While following our trick to make your shower room feel and look bigger, make sure you don’t eliminate the essentials. Many homeowners make the mistake of removing the sink. But instead, we, MDM Custom Remodeling Inc, say avoiding the storage underneath the sink to make the room seem larger. After all, the sink comes in various styles and sizes. So you have a chance to choose the one that can save space in your small bathroom.

Do you wonder if removing the under-sink storage can really be an option or not? Well, most bathrooms don’t need that because people often store the items in the restroom that don’t make sense to be there. For example, too many towels, beauty products, medications, and pills that you can keep even somewhere else out of the bathroom. Besides:

The classic pedestal sink:

When you are blessed with a small bathroom, this one may be the best space-saving alternative. Yes, the floating sink is an option there. But if that doesn’t go with your style, the classic pedestal sink won’t disappoint you. This timeless design comes with a narrow base that saves space on the floor and gives the room a larger feel. For storage, have shelves or a cabinet on its nearby wall.

Also, the exposed-pipe sink looks better than storage underneath the sink in a small bathroom. What do you think? Let us know on Yelp! Stay in touch!

Do you feel it quite challenging to prepare meals in a tiny space? Well, sometimes, we keep going with the thing we have got. But while talking about cooking space, it should be comfortable enough to explore new recipes. And if you have the same hidden desire, look over some of our favorite small kitchen remodeling ideas mentioned in today’s blog! It will help you find a beautiful kitchen design that you will love for many years to come!

Some of Stunning Small Kitchen Remodeling Designs to Try Out

Every homeowner loves the room they use every day, like their kitchen. But maybe you have never thought how much possible style and trendiness a small kitchen can have, no matter what\’s the size! With our tips, you can ideate that today. Have a look:

Top to bottom kitchen cabinets

At MDM Custom Remodeling Inc, we find most of our clients desire maximum storage space in their cooking space. Small kitchen limited storage doesn’t allow them to keep everything they love or need while cooking.

Not anymore! You can get over the limited storage problem with this remodeling idea. Top-to-bottom cabinet design comes with extra storage space without a major renovation! New cabinet installations above the countertops are a matter of a few days.

Let’s play with colors!

We can tell you endless ways to make your small kitchen look a lot bigger. That’s even easy to have with no hassle! All you need is a fresh coat of bright paint on your kitchen walls. Lighter shades can make a tiny room feel inviting and joyful. For example, white reflects most and allows you immense natural light access as much as possible! Make sure you don’t go for much contrast.

Upgrade the tiles!

Do you know that colorful tiles are a cure for a small kitchen? Colorful tiles make the overall look of your kitchen visually appealing! We suggest going for different colors and unique patterns while pairing with modern white top-to-bottom cabinets. This remodeling idea will turn your dull kitchen into the one you have always dreamt of!

So, if you are struggling with the efficiency and size of your tiny cooking space, small kitchen remodeling may be the best alternative to embrace! Whether you want to open up your kitchen or make it enjoyable, count on us. To ideate the layouts, you can look over our many projects on Yelp! Stay connected!

Admit it or not, bathroom remodel can bring a huge difference in the overall curb appeal of your home. So, if you are tired of your dull and old-looking bathroom or require extra space, a bathroom addition is not a bad idea, though! From the faucets to the floor tiles and shower door- you can give a touch of fresh look everywhere. 

Making a choice between a frameless shower door and framed one is quite overwhelming. While on the same page, today’s blog may guide you better!

Framed or Frameless Shower Door: Which Is Better?

Framed shower doors have been on the edge of demand for years that you can find in most traditional bathrooms. But the popularity of frameless shower doors is not behind! Its simple design gives a modern touch to your bathroom layout. On the other hand, framed shower doors still have many advantages. 

Frameless shower door

We, MDM Custom Remodeling Inc, have been done endless bathroom remodeling projects for years. And in recent works, we find most homeowners demanding frameless shower doors for their restroom despite its higher expenses. And the reasons really make sense:

Easy to clean:

Cleaning the shower door with a clunky frame is, no doubt, time-consuming and challenging. But with a frameless door, the whole process becomes a breeze!

Great seamless look:

While looking for modern decor in your bathroom, nothing can beat a frameless shower for its simplicity of design with a sleek look and polished edges. And the best part is you can get a variety of choices in layouts that allow you to customize your shower door as you desire. 

Perfect for a small bathroom:

Don’t you like your small bathroom but no space for bathroom addition? Frameless shower doors can provide you with the ultimate solution! As you can see through the glasses, it may make the tiny room look bigger while showing off the tiles. 

Framed shower door

This traditional glass shower door comes with sliding layouts and swing designs of open and shut. We have found some homeowners complaining about this! Still, it has amazing benefits that don’t let it go out of trend, like:

  • Unique and countless glass door options with elaborate and elegant designs
  • Framed shower doors are comparatively more affordable than frameless ones.
  • These shower doors are more watertight than frameless doors.

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Finally, you have turned your head towards taking the leap and renovating your old and dull-looking cooking space. Kitchen remodeling turns your drab space into something you have always dreamed of preparing meals. And with the right contractor, you can ensure to make it happen! 

Of course, we don’t recommend you do it yourself, especially while amateur at renovation and construction. Instead, spend time on research! It\’s best to look for the perfect kitchen remodeling contractor that meets your expectations, budget, and needs.

Why Does a Great Contractor for Kitchen Remodeling Matters?

You may wonder why we focus so much on hiring the best kitchen remodeling contractor for your project. Well, here are the reasons why it matters:

Get the electrical and plumbing work done:

We, MDM Custom Remodeling Inc, consider this one as one of the prime reasons to look for a great contractor for kitchen renovation or any home improvement work. The electrical work and plumbing need to remain up to code while building a new kitchen, remodeling, or extending it. 

Suppose you want to move the appliances around the position, like the dishwasher and the cabinet lighting. In that case, an experienced contractor ensures bringing certified plumbers and electricians to get your plans done while your home keeps running safely. 

All your plan fits and works in order: 

Having a good contractor by your side means no worry about the schedule! The expert gets the things in the first time, like what you desire or how you want your cooking space designed, and makes sure that everything comes together smoothly. 

But when you try to take the project io yourself or choose any amateur contractor to get your job done, you may end up making mistakes. Such as:

  • Select wrong cabinet size
  • Pick wrong tile materials or patterns
  • Incorrect hook something up

Have a plan always:

On Yelp, you may find many of our previous clients thanking us for guiding them throughout the project. With the right contractor, you can have the same assistance! Even if you don’t, the experts always have plans for your project. They can help you select the right appliances, kitchen faucets, set schedules, and more while seeing throughout the job no matter what!

We hope you understand the importance of having the right contractor for kitchen remodeling or any other home improvement projects. And if you are looking for one, you can contact us! Stay in touch!

Hey, have you ever counted how many bathrooms you have in your home, and are those larger enough for your family? To be honest, most homeowners include bathrooms in their house plan but never estimate if those are sufficient! For instance, when you added one and a half restrooms in your new home, maybe there were only you two- you and your spouse. But now, with a growing family, you should think of bathroom expansion and transforming the current space to experience a spa-like oasis! 

In short, you and your family can have the exact aesthetic you have dreamt of with additional room.

Everything About Bathroom Expansion and Its Basics

Bathroom expansion is nothing but renovating your shower room but a step ahead! The process involves not only the refurbishment of your current restroom but the addition of extra square footage. You can increase the all-around size while turning a half-bath into a full one.

But do you know where to get the space? We, MDM Custom Remodeling Inc, are here to suggest!

How to find space for bathroom expansion

If done right, a perfect bathroom expansion can give you the best possible liveable space and boost the real estate value during the sale. And for that, choosing the right space is essential! Well, you have two options here to expand the bathroom, like:

  • Go for a complete bump-out! It can help you get additional space by knocking down the exterior wall and extending the outward, around 12 to 15 feet.
  • Utilize the excess space within your home that can be the hallway, two compartments of a larger walk-in closet adjacent to your bathroom, spare room, or bedroom.

Cost of bathroom expansion

We can’t answer you here any fixed budget because it can vary, depending on your preferences and choices, such as:

  • Expansion size
  • Charges of building permits
  • Electrical and plumbing installation
  • Material choice and labor costs
  • Drywall installation and more

However, we have estimated our previous projects and found out that the average outlay for bathroom expansion can be around $60,000. And it is double of standard bathroom renovations!

Bathroom expansion considerations

While extending your bathroom space, you need to consider a few factors a little. Here are some of:

  • Do I need to install a double vanity or a modern bathroom sink?
  • Move or add electrical and plumbing stuff?
  • Which flooring option to pick!
  • Walk-in shower or bathtub?

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To be honest, no other home improvements are so complicated and expensive than a full room addition! After all, building a new room involves the changes of the previous or original floor plan, from digging to foundation installation to finishing and framing.

In fact, recent research shows that a room addition costs around $93,000, depending on the purpose of the living space and size. Also, it can beat the actual price of the home.

Simple Ways to Build an Excellent Room Addition

Well, adding a new room to your current home is not your cup of tea unless you are an expert! And if you want professional general contractors to handle the project, we, MDM Custom Remodeling Inc, are here to help you out.

Still, you need to understand every step of your project schedule. Also, get involved in the process for correct decision-making. And here’s how you should start room addition building:

Set a budget and the scope:

Adding a new room is no different from building a home for designing, building permits, budgeting, hiring contractors, so on. Yet, while looking forward to a successful room addition project, start with in-depth research on project scale and size to ideate and determine the realistic budget.

For example, some of our clients have found the expense around $51,000 and more for a full-scale room addition. Again, a few find it going to the low six figures for adding multi-room in the home.

Select a general contractor:

Maybe you don’t know, but a successful room addition project depends on choosing a good general contractor. So, take recommendations from your friend or neighbors who have recently added room on their premises. They can help you ideate not only the best general contracting company also the overall expenses a bit. 

Ask your contractor to obtain permits:

With our contractors, you can get help with obtaining building permits, from application to approval. Make sure you ask for it and prepare the site to ensure smooth construction step-by-step. For example:

  • Building the foundation
  • Structure framing
  • Choosing the roofing design and installation
  • Adding door, windows, drywall, and insulation
  • Plumbing, electrical, and HVAC
  • Finish the interior and landscaping
  • Meet your to-do punch list

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You are here means you are looking for the best way to get your kitchen chimney installed. Of course, it’s best to do it during kitchen remodeling to avoid extra costs later. Kitchen chimney installation is not just about leaving on the experts! But you need to understand its placement and process a little.

Everything About Kitchen Chimney Installation to Know

We, MDM Custom Remodeling Inc, have shared some details here that you need to know before installing a chimney in your cooking space. Let’s get into it:

The right size of the chimney:

Even while having little space in the kitchen, a big chimney can suck up the smoke from the hob. But if you choose a chimney, having a similar size to the hob, it’s a MUST to place it directly above it, like end to end. For a small chimney, you need to match the center of the hob and chimney. 

The distance between cooktop and chimney

It should be around 26 to 30 inches but not beyond the maximum range. Or else you may not find the chimney to draw the smoke, odor, and heat effectively no matter how reputable brand you prefer. And if you go below 26 inches, it may be a challenge to see the vessels or pans while cooking.

The right place for chimney installation

Well, it depends on the overall layout of your cooking space. For instance, consider a mounted chimney if your gas is against the wall. On the other hand, an island chimney is also an option for placing on the ceiling and comes with lots of pipes and ducts to eliminate fumes and smoke.

Do you have any further questions about kitchen chimney installation? Feel free to ask us! Also, look over Yelp to find our customer’s feedback and ideate more details. Stay connected!