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Do you want to make your home interior utterly stunning and inviting? Then, nothing could give you a better option than Spanish-style remodel ideas! It comes with a luxurious layout, decorative tiles, traditional walls, wooden work, and so on! If you need some amazing ideas regarding this, our today’s blog may be perfect to go through!

Spanish style remodel designs you can try

From the living space to the bathroom- you may not prefer leaving any corner when it comes to making your space welcoming, warm, and stylish. Isn’t it? And the following renovation ideas may help you a little bit here:

Home remodeling

Here are the changes you can bring to your home to make the room feel more attractive and appealing. Such as:

Touch of the Spanish style in living room

While trendy, this interior design can add sophistication and comfort to your living space. In fact, the Spanish-style home remodeling ideas can introduce a rustic view in the room. You can go for:

  • White stucco walls
  • The use of natural wood beams in interior design
  • Tiled fireplace

Go with the nude shades!

While embracing Spanish-style renovation ideas for your bedroom and interior, it’s better to decide on the whites for your walls. Also, you can add patterned and bold-colored rugs to make the room vibrant!

Wood beams

As mentioned, you can use natural wood beams to design your interior in Spanish style. We, MDM Custom Remodeling Inc, suggest going for the large and exposed ones! It can give your home an aged touch that indicates the Spanish-inspired design.

Bathroom remodeling

Just like your living space and bedrooms, you can style your restroom in Spanish interior design ideas. For instance:

Floor to ceiling tiles

Tiles are the most common element of Spanish-style traditional interior designs. And to get a hold of that charm in your bathroom remodeling, embrace decorated and edgier or geometric patterned tiles to create a cohesive look! Also, you can go for some bold colors for the tiles here!

Eye-catchy lighting fixtures

For the Spanish bathroom decor, adding bigger lights can be apt! It’s better to decide on wall lamps that come in some vintage designs. Make sure to focus those on the vanity and mirror hanging over it!  Do you want to have more ideas for Spanish-style home renovations? Follow us on Facebook! We hope our sample of works may guide you to pick the perfect match for your space. Stay in touch!

Maybe you don’t know, but many homeowners often take their steps back from this idea thinking, that this design may not make much sense. But honestly speaking, a contemporary kitchen and great room together is the open kitchen design concept that is on-trend these days! The design makes your room quite space-friendly while cost-efficient, like $35,000 around! Still, if you want to ensure about it, our today’s blog may help you!

Why consider Contemporary Kitchen & Great Room together?

Well, do you want to bring your family in close proximity? Then, this open kitchen design concept is the sure way to do so! Here’s HOW:

Natural light access

A contemporary cooking space with a living room is the best option for a small and single-family home. It saves not only some square footage but allows to have great natural luminosity by eliminating the walls. Hence, the light can flow smoothly from the living room to your cooking space. 

You can find your small rooms looking brighter and bigger than usual. Also, it gets easy to use and share the same lighting fixtures between two rooms that cut the energy bill costs. In fact, you can include your custom kitchen remodeling ideas here as well!

Easy to pay attention to kids

As mentioned, the open kitchen design concept can take the family close to each other! It means that you can keep an eye on your children from every corner when they are playing and join them too if you wish to! 

Having bigger space

Needless to say, adjoining spaces are always better for free flow of air, light, and bigger room. If you have a small home and lack space, we, MDM Custom Remodeling Inc, suggest embracing this open kitchen design layout for your place. With the wall elimination, your cooking space will no longer be so clumsy like before!

Ease of communication

Do you often have guests at home? Then, you may be wonder home you can give them time or interact during their stay while busy in the kitchen. Isn’t it? Anyway, with open kitchen space, you can do so! You will be free to talk to them anytime while preparing delicious cuisines all along! For the designs, you can look into our kitchen gallery too!

Are you interested? Then, let us know! Also, for more ideas on contemporary kitchen and great room designs, follow us on Facebook! Stay connected!

Bathroom flooring and tiling are no less important than choosing the right layout for your home. After all, appearance is not the only thing to take into account here! Instead, you need to make a choice for floor and wall tiles installation that is functional apart from looking stunning and trendy! And our today’s blog may be helpful here!

Facts to keep in mind for bathroom floor and wall tiles installation

Maybe you don’t know, but the bathroom floor designs and wall tiles can make your restroom differently stand out from others. In fact, your guests notice these two first, even before stylish faucets and shower enclosures! 

Hence, you can’t miss the following facts while choosing the wall and floor tiles for installation. Such as:

Consider the safety

It’s undeniable that the bathroom is a space that experiences the most use of water. That’s why we, MDM Custom Remodeling Inc, suggest looking for water-resistant tiles for walls. Or else it will leave the water stains that can make the walls look dirty and grimy! On the other hand, go for a little bit of rough and slip-resistant floor that is easy to maintain while preventing accidents.

Styles and colors for floor and wall tiles

It’s better to decide on neutral-colored and light tiles. It can make even the small room look elegant and bigger. On the other hand, light colors like creamy tiles can turn the space airy! But if you have a larger space in the bathroom, dark-colored tiles like chocolate brown or burnt ones can be apt!

What’s about the finishes?

No doubt, glossy tiles look amazing in any room! Even on Yelp, you can find many of our clients saying that they have embraced such floor tiles. But our experts always recommend matte or wood finishes in the bathroom. It not only brings a warm tone to your space but makes the floor slip-resistant. Contrarily, glossy tiles are perfect for the bathroom walls to make the room open and bright.

Size and shape

Admit it or not: it can leave a huge impact on appearance. Generally, for small bathrooms, larger tiles look quite attractive and reverse for the bigger space. If you are in two minds, sit with our bathroom remodeling contractors for a consultation! We hope you have found our guidance quite helpful regarding bathroom floor and wall tiles installation. In fact, for more design ideas, you can look into our bathroom remodeling photo gallery. Stay connected!

Owning the dream home is the best feeling ever for anyone! Don’t you think so? Yet, if you have a plan for custom home remodeling for your space, deciding on the right style and design makes quite a sense! After all, you are going for a lifetime investment! No doubt, you can find yourself amid the sea while starting to look for home designs.

Do you need any help? In today’s blog, you may get so! 

Pick the right design for custom home remodeling

As mentioned, you will start feeling overwhelmed while looking into our gallery for custom home renovation ideas. In fact, you may like more than one design to renovate your current space. 

Don’t worry! Our tips may ease your decision-making regarding this. Such as:

Take a close look at the current home structure!

It’s undeniable that several items and themes are there in your old premises that you want to have in your new one! It could be any furniture, wall color, decor style, or artwork. Make sure to consider those while choosing the custom home design.

Go for your inspiration!

Maybe you never noticed, but the design and style for your custom home are all around you! You just need to give a little bit of effort here! For example:

  • Go through your favorite home makeover magazines
  • Even you can include some hotel design features in your custom home plan
  • Search and read the home improvement online blogs and websites
  • Look over different custom home designs on Yelp and other social media platforms

Once you have done the research, note down which design you like and which you don’t! Put them together and show the pieces to our designers. They may suggest the most suitable one for your current home.

Let’s change the mind!

Well, you need not unnecessarily stick to a custom home design that exceeds your budget! Or just because you can afford a layout, getting fixed on it doesn’t make sense when it’s impractical! Instead, be open to every possibility and embrace the style that seems practical while not breaking your bank! Also, don’t forget to mention to your designer what you can afford to get a better suggestion!

Have you got these? Like this, a lot of considerations and ideas are required for custom home remodeling. But if you are in two minds, let us know! We, MDM Custom Remodeling Inc, can guide you to find the perfect one. Stay in touch! 

Does your home often get guests at its doorstep? Then, it’s a great idea to have an ADU in your backyard. But is that enough? After all, your guests should feel like complete home for the days they are about to stay on your premises. It may not be convenient for them to knock on your door for a midnight snack! Don’t worry! For such needs of homeowners, we come with ADU and home remodeling in West Los Angeles CA!

From the front porch to enjoy the morning cup of coffee to the late-night shower and food- all you can arrange for your guests in the ADU!

What can you include in ADU and Home Remodeling?

Yes, you can make even the accessories dwelling unit a lovable living space just by deciding on the right  ADU designs. To give your guests the ultimate pleasure, luxury, and convenience, you can consider the following room additions. Such as:

Bathroom remodeling

Does your guest have a bigger family? Well, only one bathroom can be challenging to manage! Don’t worry! Even in your ADU, we can add space for a bathroom and give you a luxurious restroom. It will leave your guests spellbound while offering convenience as well! From cabinet installation to flooring, plumbing, and wiring improvement- we can get you all covered!

Room addition

Six members and two bedrooms- not fair! Isn’t it? We, MDM Custom Remodeling Inc, suggest adding one more room to allow your guests to have proper accommodation! In fact, when you have no space, you can go for second-floor addition here on the ADU!

Kitchen remodeling

As mentioned, preparing midnight snacks for guests is, no doubt, frustrating! Why don’t you let them do so? Just arrange a small or medium-sized cooking space in your ADU and have a peaceful tight sleep! From cabinet installation to granite countertops and flooring- our crew will leave no corner!

Home remodeling

Picture this: Your guests are enjoying a movie with popcorn in the living space. Or they feel the sun’s warmth on the porch in winter with a cup of coffee! From bedroom to cooking space, restroom, and living room- your guests can have all in ADU with the entire home renovation. 

Have you made up your mind? Let us know! We can provide you with the best solution for home remodeling. Also, you can ask our experts to customize your floor plan as per your needs!

Adding a new master suite to your bedroom will be great especially when your family is expanding, you are switching to a better lifestyle, or you just want to increase the value and aesthetic appeal of your property. A master bedroom suite can meet all that needs and beyond. Even though including it in your existing home will be challenging, it will pay off in the end. Are you thinking about a new addition of a master suite on the main floor or the upper floor? That will be great!

There are many reasons why a master suite addition is worth your time and investment. And we will be decoding them in the upcoming passages. 

Before we proceed, let us get one thing straight. Before adding the suite, you must consult a trusted and highly experienced suite addition contractor. They will walk you through the entire process, consider the key factors and offer you a tailored solution.

Does A New Addition of Master Suite Add Value? 

Adding master suites are among the most desired room addition options for homeowners. It not only adds extra square footage but also enhances the functionality and comfort level of your property. Thus, it significantly boosts the curb appeal and value of your home.

In other words, whether you want to sell that property or you want a better lifestyle, room addition projects like this are worth every penny.

Why Invest in a Master Suite Addition?

The top 4 advantages to consider are here: 

1. No Need to Change Your Place

Many people tend to change their place because that existing home doesn’t give them enough privacy, or that doesn’t seem to be suitable for them any longer. But moving to another area can be stressful to both body and mind. At this point, a new addition of a master suite can solve the problem.

2. Expanding Family 

A growing family means you need extra space. And adding a master suite will surely increase the square footage of your home making your existing home a convenient place for the expanding family.

3. Extra Bathroom 

When you have no extra toilet, especially in the morning, you and other family members often need to queue up for the bathroom. Getting ready for work or school becomes a hassle. Adding a bathroom to your master suite can fix this problem.

If you are in the search of professional room addition contractors for an expert consultation, look no further than MDM Custom Remodeling Inc.

4. Walk-in closet 

If you are looking for a permanent solution for the clutters of clothes in the bedroom, opt for a walk-in closet in your master bedroom. It will be a private dressing room cum an organized closet.  Want to talk to an expert in this regard? We would be happy to help. If you want to learn more about our accomplished and on-hand projects, visit our Gallery page. Also, to check out more images and what our clients have to say, don’t forget to visit Yelp. You too can leave your opinion there! To get more updates, stay in touch!

Are you one of those homeowners watching home makeover programs? Then, you may believe everything about complete home remodeling showing on it. For example, from the paint color to the latest flooring ideas- Isn’t it? But you shouldn’t do that blindly because several facts are there that your reality TV series never tell!

Complete home remodeling facts that reality programs never tell

Here are the things that your home makeover shows don’t reveal to the audience. Such as:

Never rush into a decision!

Suppose the first episode of the home makeover program shows that the owner decides to renovate his home. Then, the renovation has started in the second one! But in reality, you can’t be in so rush to make such decisions. Research your options for remodeling, look into our gallery, set the budget, and then sit for a discussion! It takes more time than you think!

You can miss sure things!

In the shows, you may have seen the homeowner getting estimate, meet the contracting company, and your home renovation gets done in a week. Well, that’s not a too easy nut to break! The programs never tell about the unexpected costs or the bidding up of the market price that you may face!

Your home doesn’t fit that!

Maybe your favorite house makeover reality program shows the amazing transformation of the old home design. But the hosts do not reveal that every design doesn’t go with your home structure. You need to pick a style that fits in here while within budget. And we, MDM Custom Remodeling Inc, are here to help you with that! Have you got that why blind trust on your home makeover programs doesn’t make sense? We hope that you will stay aware of it from now! And if you want to ensure our service quality, look over the reviews on Yelp! Stay in touch!

Renovating your restroom isn’t something that you can take lightly. Especially when it comes to shower enclosure planning, you better take time than making a rush! However, finding the perfect match for your space may be challenging unless you have the proper guidance. And we are here for that!

Keep these things in mind for shower enclosure planning

On Yelp, you may find many of our satisfied clients thanking us for our guidance regarding this from start to finish! Yet, you can rely on our ideas mentioned below for shower enclosure planning. Such as:

Measuring the space

For medium to large bathroom space, trendy glass shower enclosures are perfect. Anyway, make sure to look over the accommodation and angle before picking any design randomly! 

Types of shower enclosure

You can go for any shower enclosure design that fits your space while looking trendy and elegant. Like:

  • Quadrant enclosures could be a great choice for small to medium spaces. 
  • Bi-fold shower doors come in a space-saving design with an inward opening.
  • Walk-in showers are perfect for giving your restroom an ultra-modern look.
  • Pivot shower doors also open into the bathroom space.


At MDM Custom Remodeling Inc, our bathroom remodelers advise considering the easy-to-clean materials when planning bathroom enclosure. After all, it doesn’t look great having water stains on the glasses while you run out of time, even on the weekend, to spend hours on its cleaning.

Size for shower enclosures

When you have the least room to move, we suggest going for quadrant enclosures (curved design fits any corner) or bi-fold shower doors. But with no space issues, the walk-in shower may be the most luxurious choice. 

Now, if you want to look for more trendy layouts for planning shower enclosures, look into our bathroom remodeling gallery. It may help you ideate the right one for your space. Stay in touch!

You may have the old saying, “Where no plan is laid, chaos will soon reign!” No doubt, it perfectly fits with the custom home layout concerns! That’s why while ready to embrace our single-family home design services in Los Angeles, have a proper plan! And our today’s blog may help you in that to bring perfection in your decision making for your dream home.

Keep these things in mind for single-family home designs

It’s the planning stage that tells whether you will experience your dream home finally! Yet, look over the tips to ensure perfection while designing any of these 8 unique architectural house plans you have sorted. Such as:

Consider the future plans!

Do you have planning for kids or to bring your elderly parents in the upcoming years? Then, it’s a MUST to think about the accommodation, depending on the family headcounts. For instance:

  • Taking care of parents
  • Grandchildren
  • Your extended family
  • Guests and house parties on vacations 
  • Home office and more

Go for your small dreams!

Custom homes allow you to achieve your dream home. Yet, you can embrace the designs like the box window for gardening and growing herbs or a gallery wall of bold shades! It looks unique while trendy too!

Think something simple!

Yes, at MDM Custom Remodeling Inc, we offer 3D design for custom single-family home design services. But that doesn’t mean that you need to look for some layout out of the box! Don’t go for a complex one! Instead, try to choose a simple home plan that would be not only elegant but easy to understand for our designers.

How to plan the rooms

Have you already checked where your new custom home will be? Then, it’s time to decide on which room will face towards which feature! For example, suppose you have a running stream along with your home. Yet, it’s better to plan your bedroom near it while talking about enjoying nature’s beauty every morning. Or you can think of facing the windows to the best views or a steep slope!

Prioritize to be functional!

When you have a tight budgetary boundary, put a break on your luxurious fancies. Or else you would end up breaking your bank soon! Instead, consider having an open floor plan between the living room dining space and kitchen. It can make your home more functional while luxurious as well. 

If you have any doubt about our single-family home design services in Los Angeles, check on Yelp what our previous clients say about us! We hope it will help you make your mind!

So, you have just done getting a new room addition on your premises? That’s a great option you have picked for your growing family and making your space always inviting. Color, lighting fixtures, and glasses- all are set except the faucets in the bathroom! Yet, it’s better to be sooner than later to have full plumbing solutions in your new room!

You may have started already looking over the latest faucet designs for your new luxurious bathroom. But have you paid attention to the finishes? Maybe not! Don’t worry! Here, we can help you!

Look over the timeless faucet finishes while getting Full Plumbing Solutions

While talking about timeless, you should know that vintage style is the only answer here! And the right choice of faucet finishes can make your bathroom flow with style with time. Such as:

The golden elegance!

Gone are the days of steel finishes in your bathroom! It’s time to turn your head towards something new! And gold faucet finishes can give your space that high-end look you want to have for years! 

This gold finish brings an upgraded and lavish look to your restroom. In fact, we, MDM Custom Remodeling Inc, suggest opting for some brushed gold fixtures against your white walls and royal blue furnishings!

Uniqueness with nickel finish!

No doubt, classic designs are coming back on trends! And classic nickel is the coolest one when it’s about fixtures! Nickel finishes come with versatile and plenty of options that could be a perfect match for both light and dark-colored spaces. Also, if you want to have a clean and simple look in your bathroom, go for it!

Stunning rose gold finishes!

Well, this one doesn’t limit only to your smartphone shades! Even for your bathroom faucet, rose gold is a stunning and elegant neutral hue that could be a bold and unique addition to your space. You can look into Yelp to look over the reviews of our previous clients embracing this faucet style for their premises!

Matter black finish!

Do you love having minimalistic but stylish approaches in your restroom? Nothing could match better than matte black faucets in your bathroom to create a sophisticated, classy, and edgy look in this space! The best part is that this finish comes with spot and stain-resistant features. 

Was it helpful? Now, if you need to check some samples of our work, look into our room addition gallery! Stay in touch!