Month: March 2022

Are you looking for trellis ideas for your home? It’s the simplest way to enhance the curb appeal of your home. Of course, you may have noticed those even in your neighbors to support climbing plants. But its usage is beyond that! You can have a custom trellis in front of the house as a sturdy structure to use between the zones or divide the backyard. It’s better than imposing a solid wall for having better airflow and light. And the best part is you can get endless choices to choose from modern slatted styles to intricate designs to pergola structures.

How to Use Custom Trellis in Front of the House to Transform the Space

The last thing you wish is that your home exterior looks dull and outdated! And by installing a custom trellis in front of the house, you can hold the timeless beauty in the curb apparel of your premises. 

So, while embracing custom home remodeling, why not custom trellis? You can use the trellis in different inspiring ways to enhance the overall look of your home, like:

Trellis as a pergola to create a stylish shelter!

Of course, you may have discovered different pergola structures for the backyard or garden. But while on the edge of budget, a custom trellis can be a great alternative addition to bring the same pergola structure in. You can use it as a shelter and create an ideal spot in your garden or in front of the porch for small outdoor dinner parties or just relaxing. Even to let in the sense of harmony, you can paint it if required!

Create a focal point!

Along the side of your home, you can think of creating a focal point to make the space look unique. And using a custom trellis can make it look out of the box! You can look for a simple trellis design with a bold frame and use it as a dramatic climber, like showing off a living artwork or a giant picture frame. 

Best to hide your ugly walls!

While having small kids at home, ugly walls are nothing new! But unattractive walls in front of the house don\’t leave much of a great impression on guests. Look for free-standing custom trellis designs to support the vines to cover the problem wall.

Was it helpful? Let us know! In fact, you can look over our home remodeling photo gallery to have more design ideas about custom trellis in front of the house. Stay connected!

We have done many kitchen remodeling projects so far and found that families enjoy and meet more in their kitchens. But with a traditional living space, you can’t have fun at the same time while cooking. That’s why the day is not far when the old living rooms are going to be replaced with ‘Great room kitchen concept!’

If you would like to get one, we suggest taking a few minutes to dive deep into the concept a little. Here, we have shared some information with you!

Everything About the Great room kitchen Concept

In the last decade, most homeowners wanted their kitchens to be away from living quarters as much as possible. In fact, the cooking space in larger homes remained separate from the main home. But the time has changed! And now, the kitchen has become the heart of any modern home, especially the perfect place where families meet and share their experiences throughout the day.

A recent study shows that a family of five spends around six times more time in the kitchen than in their living room. And if you find your lifestyle quite similar to it, unlike them, you should bring your daily family living into your cooking space by embracing the concept of ‘Great room kitchens.’

In fact, there’s a more reason that makes a great room kitchen worth creating, like:

Perfect for enjoying the daily family affair:

A simple kitchen remodeling can give you a well-designed great room kitchen. And the best part of it is you can enjoy the fireplace and TV while cooking and even helping your kids with their homework.

Now, while speaking of preparing meals, a great room kitchen can create a perfect family affair because the room becomes beyond just an eat-in cooking space! The great room brings a comfortable living space and a functional kitchen together.

How to Design Your Great Room Kitchen

Embracing a great room kitchen means having an organized multipurpose space that serves you for:

  • Food preparation and cooking
  • Informal dining
  • Dishwashing after meal
  • Storage
  • Media entertainment and relaxing
  • Family activities and studying

With the perfect flooring, cabinets, and light fixture additions, you can enjoy a cohesive look in your great room kitchens. For instance, the open shelves in your cooking space and hardwood flooring can blend into the living room beyond the kitchen area.

If you need more ideas to make your great room kitchen livable, look over our kitchen remodeling photo gallery! Stay connected!

So, you are ready to start your dream home project, finally! Owning a house is something that everyone dreams of. All want to give it the best look ever. You may not be an exception here! But the conventional two-dimensional layouts won’t help you here ideate how your home will look like at the end. Better, you turn to 3D designs here! You can look for our new house 3D designs on Yelp to choose the right layout for your dream home.

How Does Our New House 3D Design Give Your Dream Home Perfection?

The best part about using 3D designs to build a new home is we find it a breeze to understand our clients’ demands. The two-dimensional home designs come with several consultations to ideate the broad requirements and changes that sometimes exceed the budget. In fact, you need to choose from a few limited design alternatives, like sketches.

But when 3D design kicks in, you can visualize your dream home alive in front of your eyes. From the start, we design your home in the way you have always longed for. You can have the perfect canvas of the finished home that shows you how your final home will look.

How Does Our New House 3D Design Work?

Using 3D designs for a new house build is all about providing you with a holistic view and technical clarity while saving you time and expenses by offering easy visualization. This software delivers a realistic representation of your future home beyond the two-dimensional sketches.

We produce new house 3D designs for single-family homes using the app and based on structural, civil, mechanical, electrical, and architectural drawings. It helps us figure out the hidden problems before converting a space or building a home.

For example, 3D designs pinpoint the dimensional issues or roofing problems in 2D architectural sketches while identifying the loads and presence of bearing walls. Foreseeing the problems saves you from the hit of spending more dollars on redoing the design down the road. And this improves the communication with our clients during the consultation.

How Much Can You Cost for New House 3D Designs? 

3D designs are available at different price points that can vary from one house plan to another. You can expect around $500 for exterior, more or $300 for floor plan, and nearly $250 for interior designs.

So, what have you decided on for your new home? If you want to embrace three-dimensional layouts, look over our 3D design photo gallery to have a little more idea. Stay in touch!

Having a small walk-in closet really works best if your design plans are thoughtful enough to put those into play. You can reach any of your favorite outfits in seconds without messing up the entire wardrobe looking for it! But sometimes, you don’t find it sufficient for storage- Right? In that case, we recommend embracing our custom-designed closet ideas to transform the current storage space and look of your small walk-in wardrobe. Let’s get started!

How to Transform a Small Walk-in Wardrobe With Custom Designed Closet Ideas

Of course, you may have done a little research to keep your closet neatly organized, but that’s not enough! Eliminating the items can’t solve your storage problem every time. You need to go for customization for your walk-in closet, sometimes. Such as:

Go for variant closet storage style:

While lacking storage in your small walk-in wardrobe for your new outfits or accessories, turn to different storage solutions. Even though you have usual hanging rods in the closet, add a basket, open cubbies, and different cabinet storage units. It will help you avoid a cluttered look in the bedroom!

Reconsider the small closet layout:

At MDM Custom Remodeling Inc, we say to focus on the wardrobe layout to transform the space. And with our custom-designed closet ideas, you can amplify the usable room within the wardrobe. For instance, a narrow dresser in the center with a number of drawers can be apt to hold your folded clothing and accessories. For dresses and long shirts, hanging rods are perfect, while it’s best to leave the floor so that you can step into your walk-in closet. 

Try open storage for simple access:

Even in a small walk-in closet, it’s essential for you to place every single item in an order. If you want to keep your clothing and accessories neatly and within view, you can customize your closet with double rods, hanging drawers, and a shoe rack-like floor-set. The customization will help you pull out the things with ease while putting the things quickly.

Divide the closet into zones:

For extra storage and utility, adding partitions in the small walk-in wardrobe designs does make sense! We suggest the dividers create a separate dressing space and have a bench seat with the lift-up top for putting and taking off shoes with storage. 

Let us know how much you like our custom-designed closet ideas! Was it enough to maximize your space? Also, view Yelp for more custom small walk-in closet styles if required. Stay connected!

We know it feels like a challenge when it comes to adding some extra square footage! You have endless questions in mind that may have outnumbered answers. So, while thinking of a 2nd-floor new addition on top of a single-story single-family home, we can help you with the considerations essential to take into account! We have shared some helpful information in today’s blog regarding a new addition to the home.

What to Know for a 2nd Floor New Addition Onto Your Home

The queries that trigger your mind when it’s about adding a new space into your house may be something like these:

  • Should I work with any professional remodeling contractors for the second-floor addition or do it myself?
  • Can the new addition affect the resale value of my home?

We hope you may get all the answers from the following details! Have a look:

Do I need a new addition to my home?

No matter if you are making a small bump-out addition or a complete one, it’s an investment. While not planning to move somewhere else, adding a second floor onto the current home makes sense. After all, you can enjoy it for many years to come. 

Contrarily, even if you are selling your home in some years, the resale value may be your concern. And with this tasteful floor addition, you can have a high return on investment. 

Should I hire a contractor or DIY?

When you decide to do the additions yourself, make sure you are confident enough about your skill and how to do the job correctly. For example, It shouldn’t be like you spend $6,000 on material, but they are no use! So, before the project kicks off, learn your limitations and ideate whether you need expert help for the second-floor addition. However, we, MDM Custom Remodeling Inc, recommend hiring professional general contractors and letting them handle it.

How much does the second-floor addition cost?

Your preferences and the variables of your home decide the overall additional expenses. The bigger project you plan, the more dollars you have to spend. If you have decided to work with any general contracting companies, you can see several estimates. 

So, what you say! Are you ready to add a new space to your home? And if you need some more design ideas, let’s view Yelp for a 2nd-floor new addition on top of a single-story single-family home! Stay in touch!

Nothing can be a better way to create an impressive style than blending your interior design into Spanish structure. You can check Yelp for our Spanish-style home remodeling projects and more and see how just a few additions of elements can make your home interior decor stand out with a Spanish look! And starting with the living room is the best way to do so. Let’s get started!

Spanish Style Home Remodeling Ideas for a Stunning Living Room Makeover

Spanish-style interior designs can leave your living space inviting and utterly timeless like never before! From the ceilings to the walls- A Spanish remodel for your living room can inspire you for your next home renovation. 

Here are the ideas that can spruce up your living room:

Start with the Spanish-style interior:

We, MDM Custom Remodeling Inc., recommend interior renovation first to bring a fresh Spanish look to your living space! You will find the room not only sophisticated and traditional but experience comfort and warmth. Go for a tiled fireplace, white stucco walls, and exposed natural wood beams to bring the rustic Spanish style!

Play with ceiling styles!

Exposed natural wood beams are the most defining feature of Spanish-style interior decor. In your living space, you can bring the traits of domed ceilings and vaulted ceilings with exposed beams. 

Vaulted ceiling style comes with a classic Spanish look with exposed wood beams and rustic curved archways with a chandelier. Contrarily, if you have a small space in the living room, consider a domed ceiling that can make the space feel airy and open, pairing with neutral finishes.

Talavera tiles

This one is the perfect alternative to embrace and add the Spanish-style vibe to your living room design. Imagine how much it will look when you add Talavera tiles to the step-down stairs into your living space! The colorful patterned lines can make your stairs pop and highlight the entrance. 

Have you thought of adding a bookshelf to your living space?

Of course, you may have, especially when you love reading! If you already have a rustic built-in, adding a well-curated bookshelf can give your living room storage for books while the Spanish decor you opt for. Also, you can use the bookshelf to show off your family heirlooms. But make sure you focus on meaningful objects for the decor! 

Do you need more home remodeling ideas for your living room makeover? Let us know and stay connected!

It doesn’t matter at all whether you are on the edge of budget or have enough to splash out, modernizing your small bathroom is possible without hitting your wallet! You can have a relaxed space by making some simple improvements in your bathroom and giving it a refreshed look that enhances the home’s value, too. And with our custom bathroom remodeling ideas, you don’t have to Google much to find the design!

Custom Bathroom Remodeling Ideas for Your Next Renovation

Having a clean and tidy shower room is something that every homeowner dreams of! On the other hand, you expect the design to be stunning and durable when you spend dollars on it. Need some trendy ideas that stand the test of time? We are here to guide you!

Tiling from floor to ceiling:

Forget about the old paint shades! It’s time to upgrade and bring the floor-to-ceiling tiling to bring a world of difference in your small bathroom. And it’s best to go for the larger tiles for this regardless of colors- lighter, dark, or bold ones. But if you just want to tile the wet area, consider a stand-alone bath or a wall-to-wall shower!

Change the light fixtures:

The best part of custom remodeling is that you can design the space as you have always desired. The choices remain endless, just like in the case of bathroom light fixtures! We, MDM Custom Remodeling Inc, recommend natural light access for a small shower room as much as possible. If windows aren’t an option for you, go for a skylight! Or you can choose modern light fixtures with a perfect color scheme, especially the warm tones, to hold the comfort and ambiance.

Floating vanities:

Do you want a cosmetic refresh in your bathroom but with added storage? Nothing can beat the idea of a floating vanity for the next small bathroom makeover! If the flooring runs in your bathroom to the wall, you can have additional space underneath it for more storage while it looks elegant and impressive. 

Make sure you go for the light wood shades, black, or white for vanities to hold the minimalistic look, and style it with a contrast against the geometric tiling if you have one. Also, the mirror style above the vanity should be of asymmetrical shapes or round to soften the space!

Do you want to see more custom bathroom remodeling designs? You can check out our previous bathroom remodeling projects on Yelp and read customer feedback to ideate better! Stay in touch!

The last thing you wish is that your neighbors comment on your dull living room walls- Right? And while thinking of home remodeling, we recommend starting the renovation from the living space. Don’t worry if you are on the edge of budget! Just a fresh coat of paint can bring a stunning look to your drab space.

Need some guidance with the color choice? Let us help you!

Living Room Color Ideas to Kick-start Your Home Remodeling 

Repainting your living room is the best way to make your dull space brighter like never before! Of course, you will have a ton of choices in shades, from neutral grays to intense hues. For example:

Classic blue:

If you want to create a calm and relaxing ambiance in your living space, lighter shades always work, and classic blue is the one you better opt for. But if you prefer darker shades, like deep shades of blue, consider applying one or two walls and choose any light color such as white for the rest of the walls.

Light peach

Do you want to bring a cherry and warm feel to your living space? We, MDM Custom Remodeling Inc., recommend this one. Light peach on the living room walls may be perfect to get so! It seems to be a happy shade that suits all over the year while looking quite trendy every time yet timeless!

Have you tried gray?

This one is apt to give your living room walls an edgy and modern feel with an appearance that stands the test of time! Gray is suitable for almost every setting and mood, while a stunning backdrop for your furniture and artwork. 

Have you decided which color you will choose for your living room? Let us know! Besides, if you want to follow our previous home remodeling projects, check on Yelp! Also, you can view our gallery page.

Do you really want to bridge the gap between indoors and outdoors? Then, nothing can be a better idea than a sunroom remodeling to bring warmth and natural light in. Moreover, you can enjoy outdoor views while taking sips from your coffee mug in the morning with interior comfort. Or you just kick yourself back with your favorite book on lazy Sundays on the sunroom couch!

But when you want to make your sunroom the perfect space for your weekend, don’t you think it needs some better decor? We are here to help you with that!

How to Decor Your Sunroom for the Leisure Weekends

You can transform your sunroom into anything from indoor gardens to cozy reading nooks like an ideal relaxing space! And with our sunroom decor ideas, you can do so, like:

Let’s create music!

Amidst the beauty of nature and light, you can feel the music more, especially when you love it. And if you are looking for a perfect place to spend your lazy Sundays with music at home, utilizing the sunroom is not a bad idea, though! Go for a graphic black and white checkerboard pattern floor to highlight your piano more than ever. Contrary, the gray and green walls can make the space pop with the floral-skirted table. 

Create a sunroom more than just sitting!

Of course, a sunroom is not just about sitting or lying down on the couch and reading books or relaxing. You can create something beyond it here! In fact, we, MDM Custom Remodeling Inc., recommend bringing a small dining table in and designing it as a perfect breakfast nook. Or you can think of making the sunroom an entertainment zone to play cards with your friends or families. Just paint the walls and ceiling in different shades to make the room feel more lustrous!

Bring the natural material in!

If you don’t have a sunroom yet, we can make an addition here and give it a contemporary look if you want. The fresh coat of neutral colors and use of natural materials can bring perfection in this space to spend leisure time comfortably. Also, interesting staples can add a rich layer but an easy-going feel!

So, which one would you like to incorporate into your sunroom decor? Let us know! And if you want an entire sunroom remodeling from us, check our previous projects on Yelp and decide on the design. Stay in touch!

So, you have recently moved to a new home but a smaller one than your previous house. Of course, you have to compromise a little to adjust the space, especially in the laundry room. But with our smart laundry room ideas, you can make even the small room functional and workable. And a simple renovation for your tiny laundry room will help you do so!

Small Laundry Room Ideas to Make Your Tiny Space Workable

Be honest and say, you may have never been so interested in having a functional laundry room until you have kids- Right? But even while having a small space for a laundry room, you can show some creativity with our smart ideas and transform them into exactly how you require. Have a look:

Utilize the full height of the room:

When you have a tiny space for a laundry room, it’s best to take advantage of its height. For example, you can go for a stackable washer and dryer to build and fit a workable laundry even in a tight place. This idea is space-saving while creating extra storage and taking your laundry room design to the next level. 

Have accessible storage under the appliances:

Creating extra storage above the floor level and underneath the appliances is perfect for a small laundry room, and we, MDM Custom Remodeling Inc, recommend this for two reasons:

  • First, you don’t need to bend down much to reach or put your clothes into the washer and dryer.
  • Second, you will have enough accessible storage to store cleaning detergent or keep your laundry basket. 

Custom-built open shelves:

Do you have a top-loading washer? You can utilize the space above the top loader by building custom open shelves to keep all the stuff required in the laundry room. Also, it’s smart to create a small cabinet in the middle of the wall where you are adding the shelves for extra storage space.

Add a pipe for hanging!

If you find ironing boring and a daunting task, this one is apt for you. Adding an industrial pipe in the laundry room can help you fold and hang the clothes properly while making you avoid ironing. Isn’t that great?

Have you found our ideas quite relatable to transform your space? If yes, let us know! Also, if you want to take a glance at more laundry room designs, check on Yelp. We hope you will get some more great ideas to renovate your tiny laundry space. Stay in touch!