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Having a small walk-in closet really works best if your design plans are thoughtful enough to put those into play. You can reach any of your favorite outfits in seconds without messing up the entire wardrobe looking for it! But sometimes, you don’t find it sufficient for storage- Right? In that case, we recommend embracing our custom-designed closet ideas to transform the current storage space and look of your small walk-in wardrobe. Let’s get started!

How to Transform a Small Walk-in Wardrobe With Custom Designed Closet Ideas

Of course, you may have done a little research to keep your closet neatly organized, but that’s not enough! Eliminating the items can’t solve your storage problem every time. You need to go for customization for your walk-in closet, sometimes. Such as:

Go for variant closet storage style:

While lacking storage in your small walk-in wardrobe for your new outfits or accessories, turn to different storage solutions. Even though you have usual hanging rods in the closet, add a basket, open cubbies, and different cabinet storage units. It will help you avoid a cluttered look in the bedroom!

Reconsider the small closet layout:

At MDM Custom Remodeling Inc, we say to focus on the wardrobe layout to transform the space. And with our custom-designed closet ideas, you can amplify the usable room within the wardrobe. For instance, a narrow dresser in the center with a number of drawers can be apt to hold your folded clothing and accessories. For dresses and long shirts, hanging rods are perfect, while it’s best to leave the floor so that you can step into your walk-in closet. 

Try open storage for simple access:

Even in a small walk-in closet, it’s essential for you to place every single item in an order. If you want to keep your clothing and accessories neatly and within view, you can customize your closet with double rods, hanging drawers, and a shoe rack-like floor-set. The customization will help you pull out the things with ease while putting the things quickly.

Divide the closet into zones:

For extra storage and utility, adding partitions in the small walk-in wardrobe designs does make sense! We suggest the dividers create a separate dressing space and have a bench seat with the lift-up top for putting and taking off shoes with storage. 

Let us know how much you like our custom-designed closet ideas! Was it enough to maximize your space? Also, view Yelp for more custom small walk-in closet styles if required. Stay connected!