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Hey, it’s International Women’s Day and the best chance you have to present something special to your lady love! For example, a kitchen makeover can be the best gift for her, especially if it\’s a galley one. Though you may have created the galley kitchen to have an efficient and space-saving cooking space, it’s a little cramped. Renovating it may allow her to move and prepare meals more comfortably than ever. After all, she deserves to get everything best!

Smart Ways to Embrace for a Galley Kitchen Makeover

As stated, the galley kitchen comes with a log space but is narrow, as well. You will find the cabinets here lined in a hallway with the appliances and countertops. In most LA old homes, we have found this kitchen design that saves space.

But the modern homeowners look for a little bigger, and if your lady love wishes the same, Women’s Day is the perfect excuse to present here that! With a little makeover, you can make the galley kitchen feel more open and bigger, like:

Add windows to let it bright!

It’s the first thing that we, MDM Custom Remodeling Inc, recommend is adding the windows to the galley kitchen. You don’t have to convert it into an open kitchen. Regardless of the layout, you can install windows if your cooking doesn’t have that yet. Make sure you add the depth to have additional natural light access to the space that changes the entire feel.

Have sleek cabinetry:

In a narrow space, conventional cabinets may make the room more cramped! Instead, look for cabinetry designs with clean lines and sleekness with depth, like pull bars or glass-front cabinets. Don’t go for many ornate ones! In fact, if your wife loves something bolder style, covert the cabinets into open shelves. But make sure she keeps it tidy!

Add a fresh coat of paint!

A bright shade can be a perfect alternative to the galley kitchen makeover to make your cooking space feel brighter and bigger. You can go for some neutral colors for the walls to bring a spacious feel to the kitchen instantly. We suggest light gray for a modern look than beige or white!

Lastly, if you don’t think that a galley kitchen is for you, go for a complete makeover and turn it into an open kitchen. On Yelp, you can see our previous project open kitchens. Stay connected!