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If we are not wrong in counting, 2022 is just three days away from now! You may have already started decorating the indoors utilizing your happy holidays and didn’t leave any corner, whether it’s the kitchen or the living room. And what plans have you for the entrance? Nothing? It’s essential to make your entrance impressive to turn your guests’ heads. And for that, you can think of embracing our help for small front yard renovation in Venice LA. This one may be the best way to give your home a perfect look for New Year’s Eve before your guests drop in!

Front Yard Renovation Ideas for New Year

Maybe you have no idea how much it’s fun to design the front yard! Even after having limited square footage, you can renovate the space according to your preferences and personal style. In fact, our ideas will help you be creative while revamping the yard that may draw all the attention of your guests when they would step in!

Fencing the garden

Have you ever thought of this? Maybe NO! But wall fences with wooden finishes around your front yard can give your entrance a rustic look. If you would like to get one, we can assist you. In fact, you can check our other home remodeling ideas regarding this if required!

Paving the front yard

Picture this: A small garden is just in the mid of the entrance and paved driveways on both sides. How does it look? Amazing, right? You can plan the same for your front yard. Bright and colorful flowers can enhance the beauty of the driveway, while paved surfaces on either side hold a unique look! We ensure the exact style you want. 

Flowerpot hook installation

When it comes to decorating your front yard for New Year’s Eve, nothing could be a better alternative than small clay plant pots. However, we, MDM Custom Remodeling Inc, suggest hanging the potted plants on the hook boards in your front yard. Wooden boards may look perfect against any home layout!

Create an arch at the entrance:

The exact place where your garden ends and living space starts, you can install an arch to make the entrance more impressive. You can create an excellent view and brighten the doorway with vibrant-colored flowers. Can you visualize that?

We hope you love our ideas for font yard renovations. And if yes, let us know by giving your valuable feedback on Yelp. Enjoy your happy holidays, and keep reading our blogs on home improvement ideas more!