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Maybe you won’t accept, but you keep renovating the entire premise except for the shower room! You may haven’t paid attention to its walls and floor much after daily use. But if you stand and take an insight, you can find how many changes require in your dull and outdated bathroom. And one of those is shower enclosure addition that you shouldn’t think twice about getting before the New Year! And we are here to tell you WHY!

Reasons to embrace shower encloser addition

A shower enclosure is the best way to give your bathroom a fresh and glamourous look and make it ready for the New Year. It acts as a focal point of the space while holding the style that no other option can beat! Besides:

Unparallel versatility:

Irregularly shaped, square, round, or a perfect curved one- options are countless for shower enclosures. In fact, the glass ones come with a gig even in a small bathroom and add elegance to the space regardless of size, shape, and style!

You can have the chance also to customize the shower enclosures and get what creates a flawless match with your restroom layout. However, if you have a small bathroom and having a full shower enclosure may take enough space, go for a partial one and sliding doors.

Holds the water!

It goes without saying how much risky it’s to step into the bathroom when the floor is wet! In fact, many don’t like that feeling- do you sound familiar? At MDM Custom Remodeling Inc, we suggest a shower enclosure addition to avoid the wet bathroom every time whenever someone comes out after a shower! It ensures that the water remains within its walls, dry quickly, and not a single drop gets out of here! So, no more wiping the floors again and again!

Minimal maintenance!

Of course, shower curtains are a trendy option for your bathroom. But can you afford enough time to wash it on the weekends? Shower curtains require maintenance unless it can make the space look dull! Glass shower enclosures just don’t add elegant features in your bathroom but come with no upkeep! Most are made of tempered glasses that are scratch and stain-resistant. Hence, you need not worry about removing the soap and water stains!

Do you need one? Let us know! Also, you can check on Yelp for great trendy designs before the shower enclosure addition. Stay in touch!

Without a doubt, bathtubs are relaxing and luxurious. Still, this can’t be as practical and in the budget as a bathroom shower custom-built! It does not only add elegance to your restroom but makes you feel more refreshing. However, while designing a custom shower, the decision-making should be precise to achieve your dream shower room. From the showerhead to the tiles and storage option- you can’t leave any corner here!

Considerations for Custom-built Bathroom Shower

Of course, custom designs allow you to be creative in the best possible way. But for a shower room design, you need to limit your creativeness and keep a check on the minute details while the overall layout during bathroom remodeling. Such as:

What’s about the showerheads?

Not to mention, when you are in the market to design a custom shower, countless options will be around you for showerheads! Now, the choice is up to your preferences and budget. For instance, while looking for a spa-like experience, shower jets may give you the best relaxation while a massage-like feel as well. It could be the best choice to melt away your tiredness all day long! 

On the other hand, you can go for a rainwater shower to have a great feeling, like being in the rain. But whatever you choose, don’t miss taking a glance at your wallet!

Storage solutions

Whether living alone, with family, or guests dropped in suddenly, you must have the space in your shower room to keep the products used daily while taking a shower! From the hair cleanser to the body wash- your storage fits everything but without compromising the style. 

On our Facebook profile, we find many of our clients complaining to have minimal space for storage options because of having a tiny restroom. Here, we, MDM Custom Remodeling Inc, suggest going for built-in storage into the walls with two shelves. It not only offers a great storage solution but looks chic with a rustic shower style!

Shower room tiles

You may find it quite overwhelming to choose while having thousands of options for bathroom tiles. Now, if you are after saving your wallet but not compromising the style, go for a classic one! It stands the test of time and comes with easy maintenance. For example, wood grain tiles are incredibly perfect for a rustic log-style home!

Last but not least, if you need more ideas for a custom-built bathroom shower, look into our bathroom gallery page! Stay in touch for more blogs!