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The kitchen chimney is an inseparable part of your cooking space, especially preparing meals a lot at home. But not every chimney design is perfect for your room layout. Yet, it may be a little overwhelming for you to choose the right one and ideate how to use it. Don’t worry! With a simple consultation with us regarding kitchen remodeling, you can have the solution you seek and make an informed decision.

Kitchen Remodeling Ideas to Set Up a Perfect Chimney

While planning a modular kitchen, a kitchen chimney can be the best addition you can make. It leaves the indoor air of your cooking space breathable and fresh! But the design you choose for your chimney should match the overall layout and the size of your kitchen.

We have broken down a few kitchen chimney design ideas here to guide you with the choice. Such as:

Wall-mounted chimneys

Are you blessed with a tiny cooking space? Then, it may be a concern for you to decide on a chimney that can make your kitchen functional while saving space, too. In that case, you can go for a wall-mounted chimney design to take up less usable space for installation. You can affix it to the wall near the stove. In fact, its hood comes in different shapes that allow you to choose the one that fits your space.

Island chimneys

It’s particularly for the kitchens having stoves embedded in the island and false ceiling overhead. If you have a similar layout in your cooking space, we, MDM Custom Remodeling Inc, suggest island chimneys that will come in the center of the room. And the false ceiling allows you to hide the ducts and electrical wiring parts.

Built-in chimneys

When your kitchen is a little bit tight, this chimney design is here to the rescue! Unlike the wall-mounted chimney, you can fix it on the wall, but it doesn’t adhere to the surface. Instead, the chimney goes into the paneling! The built-in chimney is not only space-saving but makes your cooking space look modern.

Corner chimneys

This one is a smart choice for a smaller cooking space to avoid corner space wasted! You can set up the corner chimney just above the stove countertop and move it out of the way.

So, what do you think- which kitchen chimney is perfect for your cooking space? Let us know! Also, you can look over Yelp for an insight into our previous kitchen remodeling projects.

A balanced meal every day means you are healthy, and the place where you prepare this requires the same healthy lighting access to do so more efficiently. We are talking about your stunning kitchen here! Of course, you may not be that expert on making the right choice for your cooking space. That’s why we have shown up with a kitchen remodeling guide regarding this. It may help you ideate the must-have kitchen lights here. 

Kitchen Remodeling Guide for the Best Lights for Your Cooking Space

We are here to tell you about the lighting fixtures, like pendant, task, and track ones that can take your cooking and dining experience one level up. But before that, a few things!

  • Make sure you identify the areas in your kitchen that need proper lighting. 
  • Tell us if you are looking for different types of lighting for your cooking and dining space, especially if you have an open-floor kitchen. 

Accent lighting

While opting for some decorative lighting additions for your kitchen, we, MDM Custom Remodeling Inc., suggest going for this one. Accent lights, like wall sconces and pendant lights, are perfect for giving a soft-focus in your cooking space and sitting area around the kitchen island.

  • Pendant lights come in different shapes and sizes to add a modern touch to your cooking space or gathering spots, such as the breakfast counter or kitchen island. We personally recommend you the bubble lighting fixtures and be sure you hang those low to illume the space. 
  • If you have space on the wall next to the kitchen island or breakfast counter, you can mount this for style to light up the wall, or if required.

Task lighting

Before installation, you need to think about spots where you carry out everyday tasks in the kitchen. It will help you decide the location for the task lighting fixtures, like:

  • Track lights are best over the kitchen island or breakfast counter in a linear pattern on the ceiling. These will create excellent focus if you choose the correct angle avoiding casting shadows. Also, we suggest warm light bulbs here.
  • The space under the cabinet often remains in the darkness that creates problems while working on the countertop. You can choose LED stripes for the under-the-wall cabinets to lighten up the dull and dark corners while eliminating the shadows cast over the worktop. 

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Do you have a small space in the kitchen? Then, nothing can be a better option than an L-shape design for your cooking space! And when you are after trendy and classy kitchen remodeling ideas, this one will work well in limited space!

This layout makes a perfect addition to the kitchen island while opens to the living space. On the other hand, it connects the refrigerator, sinks, and countertop that ease and improve the functionality.

But having a trendy cooking space isn’t enough unless you don’t know how to design it! In today’s blog, we can help you out here!

Kitchen remodeling ideas to design the L-shape kitchen

Once you have decided on the kitchen layout you want for your home, you may already have looked over the design on our kitchen remodeling photo gallery. Isn’t it?

Now, it’s time for budget-friendly ideas to design your small L-shape cooking space that will refresh your dull kitchen look!

Having the usual L-kitchen look!

If you are in a rush to design your kitchen and want to be economical, stick to the typical L-kitchen look! Here, you can pick the cabinets of dark wooden finish while countertops with a matching low-rise backsplash would be affordable!

For the flooring, you can look for ceramic tiles or vinyl sheets. Besides, adding a two-bowl sink and dishwasher is not a bad idea, though!

Budget-friendly but trendy refreshment!

Well, even when having a tight wallet, you can turn your head to something on-trend from the typical L-shape kitchen design ideas! At MDM Custom Remodeling Inc, our kitchen remodeling contractors suggest trying the following ideas here:

  • Add a table-style island and place it between the two legs of L. It will allow you to have a functional cooking space than before!
  • Refresh the walls and cabinets with contrasting colors to make the kitchen look brighter and bigger
  • Mount your spice rack to the back of the door while adding stools or chairs to the table-style island
  • Look for drawer cabinets for utensils and open shelves around the sink for decor!

Gourmet Upgrade for L-shape kitchen!

If you don’t have a budget issue, go for this classy one! Here, you can opt for a full-sized island with a sink and seating. The second sink will be on the countertop for the second cook. Besides:

  • Quartz countertops and backsplash
  • Custom cookware storage
  • Folding corner cabinet doors and more

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