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The kitchen chimney is an inseparable part of your cooking space, especially preparing meals a lot at home. But not every chimney design is perfect for your room layout. Yet, it may be a little overwhelming for you to choose the right one and ideate how to use it. Don’t worry! With a simple consultation with us regarding kitchen remodeling, you can have the solution you seek and make an informed decision.

Kitchen Remodeling Ideas to Set Up a Perfect Chimney

While planning a modular kitchen, a kitchen chimney can be the best addition you can make. It leaves the indoor air of your cooking space breathable and fresh! But the design you choose for your chimney should match the overall layout and the size of your kitchen.

We have broken down a few kitchen chimney design ideas here to guide you with the choice. Such as:

Wall-mounted chimneys

Are you blessed with a tiny cooking space? Then, it may be a concern for you to decide on a chimney that can make your kitchen functional while saving space, too. In that case, you can go for a wall-mounted chimney design to take up less usable space for installation. You can affix it to the wall near the stove. In fact, its hood comes in different shapes that allow you to choose the one that fits your space.

Island chimneys

It’s particularly for the kitchens having stoves embedded in the island and false ceiling overhead. If you have a similar layout in your cooking space, we, MDM Custom Remodeling Inc, suggest island chimneys that will come in the center of the room. And the false ceiling allows you to hide the ducts and electrical wiring parts.

Built-in chimneys

When your kitchen is a little bit tight, this chimney design is here to the rescue! Unlike the wall-mounted chimney, you can fix it on the wall, but it doesn’t adhere to the surface. Instead, the chimney goes into the paneling! The built-in chimney is not only space-saving but makes your cooking space look modern.

Corner chimneys

This one is a smart choice for a smaller cooking space to avoid corner space wasted! You can set up the corner chimney just above the stove countertop and move it out of the way.

So, what do you think- which kitchen chimney is perfect for your cooking space? Let us know! Also, you can look over Yelp for an insight into our previous kitchen remodeling projects.

It’s no doubt that a kitchen chimney can prevent the walls of your cooking space from getting dull with your daily food preparation experiments! That’s why many homeowners have started looking for kitchen chimney ideas in Los Angeles for this New Year. And if you are reading this blog, you may be on the same search! From the design to style- our today’s guide may help you choose the right one for your kitchen.

Kitchen Chimney Ideas to try out

The perfect kitchen chimney design can add fineness and style to your cooking space. But while choosing one, consider chimney size, suction power, and your budget for kitchen chimney installation

Now, take a glance at the latest chimney designs that can bring a perfect gig to your kitchen. Such as:

Wall-mounted chimney!

This one is one of the most picked-up kitchen chimney designs in Los Angeles for small cooking spaces. The wall-mounted chimney can be a perfect fit for any wall. Also, using fewer or no pipes can eliminate polluted air outside. It can go well with light-colored wall cabinets and create a compact look in your kitchen. In fact, you can go for wooden flooring to elevate the overall appearance of your cooking space!

Corner chimney!

Let’s your kitchen has left with the minimal space after installing ceiling-to-floor cabinets. In that case, you can look for the corner chimney designs to give a stunning look to that little space and avoid more space from using and making the room cramped! If you are unsure about it, read our customers’ reviews on Yelp and check some pictures!

Ductless chimney

Do you have an open kitchen design? Then, this ductless chimney is ideal for this flooring plan! In fact, this kitchen chimney style can be a perfect match with wooden floor and backsplash tiles. Contrarily, it’s a great solution for those who look for energy-saving chimney options.

Chimney with LEDs

Maybe you have never tried or expected such a design before as a chimney solution! But it has crawled at the top of demand among homeowners in LA. Here, you can get a ceiling-mounted chimney with LED lights that creates a statement in your cooking space if paired with recessed lighting fixtures!

We hope this guide may help you ideate the trendy kitchen chimney ideas in Los Angeles for this New Year. With us, MDM Custom Remodeling Inc, you can explore more ideas with a free consultation! Stay connected!

Of course, you may not prefer having lampblack on the corner walls of your newly painted luxury cooking space. Isn’t it? That’s why we, MDM Custom Remodeling Inc, suggest kitchen chimney installations ASAP! In fact, it’s better to do so while renovating your kitchen. 

Considerations for kitchen chimney installations

While looking for a chimney for your cooking space, the options are countless for you. Yet, making the right choice may be overwhelming, but our following guidance may ease that! Such as:

Chimney size

Generally, you can get a ducted chimney available from 60 cm to 90 centimeters wide. In fact, if you have two to four burners on the cooktop, 60 cm size is sufficient. Contrarily, 90 cm size is advisable for the cooktop having three to five burners. 

The suction power of your chimney

For kitchen chimneys and other appliances, considering the suction power is essential. It depends on the size of your cooking space and the cooking style you follow to prepare your meals. For example, oily foods require suction power around 500 and 1000 cubic meters an hour! 

Distance from the countertop

According to our kitchen remodelers, you should keep a minimum of 30 inches gap between the chimney and the cooktop. If you lower the height, it would be challenging to use or look into pans while cooking. Our experts can help you in the perfect installation that you can ensure from our previous clients’ comments on Yelp!

Chimney filter

Two options are there to choose for chimney filters like Cassette and Baffle. The former one comes with multiple layers of metal mesh, while the second type contains overlapping layers of steel and aluminum. Make sure that clogging grease particles should not affect the suction power!

Were these ideas helpful? We hope so! Also, you can take an insight into our kitchen remodeling gallery for the latest designs of kitchen chimney installations. Stay in touch!

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