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Well, no doubt, tubs are quote relaxing after the end of the day. Nothing can replace the shower option in a luxury bathroom! It’s a perfect match for both small and large spaces that you can design, as per your taste. That’s why many homeowners are still mad after it and browse our bathroom remodel gallery page for shower room designs.

And in today’s blog, we have shared some beautiful shower room design ideas that stand the test of time yet are in trend as well! Let’s get started!

Refresh your small shower room designs in style

Traditional or modern- it doesn’t matter at all what you choose when your design is enough to turn heads! And to create that thoughtful and stunning shower room, Have a look at here:

Think about White subway tiles!

Do you live in an apartment? Needless to say, your shower room lacks space! Still, you can decor the small shower room with timeless white subway tiles that create a striking contrast. On the contrary, it reflects the natural light that makes space look larger than it is!

Also, to give a classic touch, you can pick a bigger round shower head. You can look for such shower designs on Yelp to get an idea which suits your space!

Wall-hung basin and toilet!

This one is apt for your small shower room while adds a great style to the larger one! This wall-hung toilet and vanity design have stood the test of time for the last few years. It gives not only a contemporary look to your shower room but makes the floor easy to clean! You can find a wide range of sizes and styles available that go with your space!

Shower curtains and space-saving enclosure!

Gone are the days when people look for only frameless shower enclosures! Especially when you have a small room for the shower, the glass doors take enough space to open and close! We, MDM Custom Remodeling Inc, suggest opting for amazing shower curtains to save your space while adding a trend.

On the contrary, if you prefer shower enclosures only, go for the quadrant ones! It fits at a corner of the room and saves maximum space.

Creating a shower statement!

Do you want to add a WOW factor to your shower room? Then, this one is a great idea to do so! The oversized rainfall showerheads have a separate craze among the homeowners these days!

You can fit it into the ceiling to give a classy touch! Also, you can look for shower towers that include hand showers, showerheads, and jets with handy storage space to keep those.

Color your shower room into a relaxing one!

The perfect color can create a mood in any room, and the same goes for this space. You can choose blue tiles designed in ocean water that can make you feel like wandering on the beach!

Anyway, for more shower room design ideas, you can follow us on Facebook! Our team of bathroom remodeling contractors won’t leave you disappointed! Stay in touch!

Well, you can’t deny that perfect lighting access can transform the look of any place in your home. Even the smaller rooms look larger because of the lighting effects. And the same goes for at the time of bathroom remodeling

In fact, when you want to make your bathroom welcoming and eye-catchy, you must go through the different lighting options to do so!

Best lighting ideas to look for your bathroom space

While renovating your bathroom, you check our Bathroom Remodeling Photo Gallery for the latest designs. Then, why not for lighting options! No doubt, the harsh lights are out of fashion now whether you install those in your bedroom or bathroom!

Here, we have suggested some of the latest lighting designs for your bathroom that you can find trending these days! Such as:

Have you ever tried Wall Sconce Lights?

Now, this one that you can call STYLE overflowing in your bathroom remodeling design! You may get these lights available in pairs that you can place above the sink and on both sides of the mirror. Yet, you can get a perfect focus of light on the mirror while facing that! 

Besides, when you have lacked natural lights, install a large mirror and these sconce lights. It will make your room look bigger! And the best part is that these can make a perfect addition to the trend.

Think about vanity lights!

No matter if you have a small bathroom or a bigger one, it adds style to your space! While checking on Yelp, you may find these lights coming in a bunch of two or three lights. And above the bathroom mirror is the right place to install those that illuminate directly on the sink and countertops.

The position of vanity lights will prevent the wall shades from coming on your face while getting ready in front of this. You can get a perfect shine on your eyes!

Let’s go out of the box!

Do you want your bathroom space to stand out entirely unique from others? Then, think of something beyond the frame for bathroom remodeling! And Chandelier is apt for you to make a statement in your space. It will give your bathroom a touch of royal beauty that you may rarely find in any bathroom except in hotels. 

It would be best if you could place it just above your bathtub while having a large space, like at least 10 ft. high! Even small bathroom owners can try this lighting option but compromising the size!

Look for Recessed Lights!

Especially when you own a small bathroom, nothing can be a better lighting option for you to save space during the bathroom remodeling! We install these Recessed lights by cutting a hole into the ceiling. Hence, you don’t need any extra space for it! If you have doubts, follow us on Facebook and check how many of our previous clients have tried this!  Now, Which of these lighting options would you love to try in your bathroom? Let us know! Also, we, MDM Custom Remodeling Inc, offer 3D Design in Bathroom Remodel plans too! If you need any help, call us!

Are you on the hunt for unique but trendy ideas for your corridor? That’s a great attempt! Especially when your guests are sudden visitors, you should be ready for the surprises. We, MDM Custom Remodeling Inc, suggest making the entrance welcoming all the time.

After all, it’s the space that your guests notice first on their arrival! And with us, you can achieve a perfect home corridor planning that fits your space, taste, and preferences.

Are you eager to update your hallway? Then, keep scrolling and find which corridor idea seems apt for you!

Amazing ideas to add style to your corridor space

As m mentioned before, you have to keep your hallway space always welcoming when your guests have habits to surprise you. And our following home corridor planning ideas may help you to do so! 

Also, you can check our home remodeling gallery page too! Now, let’s take a glance at the ideas:

Make your space brighter!

Well, you don’t want your guests to step in and fall while crossing the dark hallway! In fact, lighting up that space is the best way to plan your corridor at the first step.

And we advise you to go for the pendant lights that hang towards the down that make your space look larger and brighter than it is! But try to avoid those harsh lights that can turn your hallway a little bit darker.

Adding some style to the hallway flooring!

Do you have a plan to renovate your hallway? If so, it will be great to focus on flooring! No doubt, you will get a wide array of options in styles, materials, and colors. You need to pick the one that looks unbelievably gorgeous while easy to maintain. And tiles fit perfectly in this requirement!

Always go for the neutral tones!

Stop complaining that you have narrow hallway space! When you know the right way to style it, having a small corridor doesn’t matter much! If you want a makeover to this space, the neutral color scheme can make it brighter and look larger than before. 

Especially with white walls and a large mirror, the style will overflow! For more such ideas to design a small hallway, you can check on Yelp as well!

Have you ever thought of wall-in storage in the hallway?

Maybe, NO! Wall-in storage is a unique blend with trends that can make wonders in the hallway space. You can decor it in your way, but that must not look messy!

Your choice of paint, design, and decor ideas- all reflect your personality and taste! It can either leave a long-lasting impression on your guests or spoil it at once! That’s why you must be careful about your choices, even for home corridor planning.

Giving a contemporary look!

While after both adding value to your premise and giving a stylish look to your corridor, it’s apt! Just by adding sanded flooring, you can do so that comes with a contemporary Scandi-finish! From start to finish- our experts will get you all covered! Also, for more home corridor ideas, you can follow us on Facebook! Keep on reading our blogs!

When it comes to home improvement projects, people generally go for kitchen, bathroom, garage conversion for guest rooms, and living space. And you may not think something out of the frame, but your should! Have you ever thought of a bedroom renovation or look into ideas to refresh it? NO, we guess!

Anyway, most homeowners don’t pay attention to their bedrooms because guests generally don’t show much interest in visiting that! Still, remodeling your bedroom is essential for you because you find your peace of mind here at the end of the day!

But before the project kick-off, make sure to keep the following facts in mind.

Considerable facts that you can’t miss in bedroom renovation

Bedroom remodeling is not just about choosing the right paint and setting the furniture but beyond that! That’s why people often miss small things while planning that hit their wallets in the long run. 

We, MDM Custom Remodeling Inc, suggest checking the following things before you sit with our experts and the project starts. Such as:

Determine your desires!

The first and foremost thing that you need to do is making a list of your wishes. For instance, if you want to create a secret space in your bedroom where only you have access, note it down. Or you want to have adequate space in your bedroom to spend nights with at least two or three friends. And so much like these are there, we dream of!

Your list will help our team of architects, designers, and builders to ideate what you want. They will try to show you the exact bedroom ideas that fit your requirements.

Measure the space in your bedroom!

While planing for a bedroom renovation, the thumb of the rule is calculating the space. Or else, you can’t ideate if there is room to accommodate the makeover ideas you have checked on Pinterest! For example:

  • Where to set the new windows
  • Is there space for trendy lighting fixtures?
  • Can this room accommodate more than two people here?

If you don’t have much knowledge of how to do so, get help from our professionals. They may help you with that!

Reading the reviews

If you want to ensure our performance in bedroom renovation projects, follow us on Facebook! Or you can go through our Testimonial and check the customer feedback before getting into the deal. 

Setting the budget for repair and restoration!

Now, if you have prepared your wish list, planned the space as per your needs, and checked reviews, get ready to spend! Light fitting, plumbing for the pipes, setting windows- you can’t leave or skip any corner, and our expert will get you all covered! 

Try to make a 15% addition to your budget for the unpredictable expenses. Also, the charges can fluctuate, depending on your choice of materials and designs for windows, lighting, and others. Have you all done? Now, schedule a date, sit with our experts, and look into Yelp for the trendiest bedroom designs. They will help you pick the best idea that fits your budget and space. Stay in touch!

OKAY, it’s undeniable that there is no single home improvement idea that doesn’t involve bathroom renovation. In fact, your research will remain incomplete until you don’t take a glance at the modern basin designs at the bathroom remodeling gallery.

Selecting the perfect basin designs is the most challenging decision for a homeowner. And the reason is nothing but countless options that are overflowing with style! After all, your simple choice can ruin or give perfection to your bathroom design.

In today’s blog, we bring some stunning bathroom basin designs for you! These will not only add elegance but make your space stand out unique from others.

Trendy basin ideas to embrace for bathroom remodel

As mentioned before, a decision can make or break your bathroom design. And the choice of basin designs is one of those! Just like bathtub setup planning, a basin plays a vital role in keeping up the style in your bathroom. 

Here are some of the ideas that you can try out! Have a look:

What’s about a corner design?

YES, people keep complaining about the small space in the bathroom that doesn’t allow them to turn it into a luxurious one. But with a Corner Bathroom Basin idea, you can do so! 

It comes mostly in ceramic style in the interior, while the outer side is covered with a golden hue, including a white pattern. Also, you can install a stylish fixture to give it a royal finish!

Have you ever tried a stone bathroom basin?

If you desire to make your bathroom space aesthetically appealing, try out this one! A stone basin is a perfect addition to your bathroom remodel plan that gives a mesmerizing appearance. The rustic finish of the natural stone and color is something you can’t ignore!

Let’s go for something funky!

This design is on the latest trends that you can find on Yelp if looking for unique bathroom remodel ideas. The funky bathroom basin design looks just like a pedestal sink. Your guests will find it not only attractive but functional and unique too. Also, it’s a great choice when you want the bathroom to stand out differently!

Modern bathroom basins to take a look at!

When you have a plan to go with the flow and adapt trendy designs for bathroom renovations, these options are considerable! The round and oval-designed bathroom basins reflect the blend of aesthetic and trend together. Their shape and size fit even in small spaces, while the ceramic material with a stylish tap makes it more elegant!

Glass basin style:

Don’t you think that it’s something new? If you have a plan to turn your guests’ heads when they step into your bathroom, the glass basin is your decor solution! This bathroom remodel design just elevates the glamour and beauty of your restroom while making it easy to keep your basin clean.  Well then, which one would you love to install during the bathroom remodel? No matter what, We, MDM Custom Remodeling Inc, will be there to handle your project from start to finish. Stay connected!

Too much excitement for the first remodeling project! Isn’t it? In fact, you may have already planned the flooring, bathroom fixtures, kitchen countertops, and so on. Hey, hold on! What if you can add a kitchen island too and design the cabinets something new here! Your expenses will spike up to $40,000 from $4000 unless you don’t know how to budget for a home renovation project!

In today’s blog, we will help you make a plan that can keep your expenses in check! Yet, you can get the best home makeover within your budget. Let’s get started!

Simple ways to budget for a home renovation project

Smart decisions not only add value to your home but keep control over your expenses. Our following hacks will guide you to make a plan to do so! Such as:

Fix your goal first!

Once you know what kind of makeover you desire for your dream home, things get easier! For example:

  • Do you need an open floor plan for your living space?
  • Kitchen island or only backsplashes: What would you like to have?
  • Do you require enough outdoor space for guest entertainment?

Prioritize your specifics!

Now, make a list of the changes you prefer to be on the top list of your home renovation project. Also, mention the specifications you want! It can help you decide where to compromise your budget and where to splurge on!

Considering the resale value!

Do you have a plan to stay a long time in this home? If so, it’s wise to splurge while choosing trendy home remodeling ideas on Yelp. But when you want to sell it in a few years, look at the amount of return on investment (ROI).

For instance, It would be foolish to spend $50,000 on remodeling your kitchen under a home renovation project that can give you $200,000 in resale. So, take time and think before investing!

Keep an extra budget for the surprise!

Actually, you can say shock! You cannot predict sudden risks that may spike your budget by $1000 more! That’s why it’s smart to set up and add 15% additional expenses to your budget. On the other hand, getting quotes from our contractors may help you have an average estimation for your home renovation project.

Was it helpful? If you need more help, we, MDM Custom Remodeling Inc, suggest a free consultation. Our advice may guide you in making a better decision for your renovation project.

A room addition is an invaluable investment. Whether you have a small or large home, expanding square footage can increase the resale price of a house. In Los Angeles, most homeowners prefer this home improvement project rather than buying a new property. And to get the best return on investment, one must implement the right room addition ideas for increasing square footage. Well, in this blog, we have put together a few ideas that can increase the functionality of your home. So, let’s take a deep dive into these.

Try These Room Addition Ideas for Your Home

Listed below are a few room addition ideas that will inspire you for this project.

Have You Planned a Second Storey?

Adding a second story is the first idea that most homeowners initially think about. However, this addition can add significant square footage and boost the value of a property. But before you get it done, check work samples to examine the expertise of the contractor. And make sure the structure of your home can bear this additional weight.

Build a Room over the Garage

Constructing a room over the garage is an outstanding way to increase square footage without creating a mess. The foundation of your garage already exists. In this regard, what you need are walls and a roof. And once it’s done, you can rent this room out or use it as a guest room.

Add a Mudroom

A mudroom addition is undoubtedly a handy way to keep your essentials organized. In this room, installing lockers, built-in cabinets, wall hooks can add useful storage spaces and visual appeal as well. From Yelp reviews, you will see many people in LA prioritize building a mudroom.

Expand Your Bathroom

Many contractors suggest this idea to their clients while discussing home extensions planning. Increasing the square footage of the bathroom can give you the best return on your spent dollars. Try to include a soaking tub and dual sinks in the extended space. You can also consider adding a half bath in underutilized spaces.

Incorporate a Home Office

Want to build a dedicated workspace in your home? This home improvement project will give you the best opportunity. Add comfortable chairs and a fully functional desk to this room. Incorporate a large window that will allow an abundance of natural light. We, MDM Custom Remodeling Inc, have years of experience in handling home extensions projects in LA. Our experts will fulfill all your desires within your budget. So, keep faith on us! and explore more room addition ideas.

Renovations are all about countless decisions, especially for the kitchen! Needless to mention, it’s the heart of your home where you cannot make mistakes while planning a make-over. Yet, better to take time than making decisions in a rush. And when it’s about kitchen cabinet designs, there is so much to think about! Choosing kitchen cabinetry is not only about materials but the style too. Follow our today’s blog and pick the most timeless design for your cabinets.

Timeless kitchen cabinet designs not to miss ever!

Of course, while loving to have refreshments in your kitchen, cabinets are the best option to do so! Trendy kitchen cabinet designs that you often look for on Pinterest may fade away somehow after a couple of years. But not these timeless ones! Here, you can have a look at those:

Wall cabinetry!

If you want to give an ultra-contemporary touch to your kitchen design, this one can be the best match you an ever thought of! For the upper wall cabinetry, you can look for shiny cabinet doors with sleek designs. It’s better if you can go for the white that will hold an amazing gloss in your kitchen.

Floor-to-ceiling cabinets!

Well, if you find the wall cabinets quite stretchy to access, go for these Floor-to-ceiling kitchen cabinet designs. Even if you have a small space, you can make the best use of your interior walls here. You can find this style on Yelp and observe its shallow space where you have to line up the goods. Yet, it would be easy to find while saving your time!

What’s about the open shelves?

Yes, this one is on the current trend though the style is timeless! Open shelves have made a comeback in the modern kitchen cabinet designs for both small and large spaces. In the smaller kitchen, you can think of in-storage open shelves by using the walls.

On the other hand, open wooden shelves look aesthetically appealing in larger kitchens. And the best part is that you need not open and close it often for every need. This cabinet style is perfect for people having a morning rush daily! But you can find it dusty sometimes, that’s a drawback!

Let’s lift your cabinetry up!

Do you have a narrow kitchen? But do you prefer having the enclosed cabinets? Then, wall cabinetry is a great idea but with a ‘Lift-up’ system, not an ‘Out’ one! It saves you space and from getting you hurt too while opening it. On our Facebook page, you can find many of our clients trying this!

Have you ever thought of drawers?

Yes, that’s right! Our experts of MDM Custom Remodeling Inc. recommend the homeowners picking drawers for the base cabinet designs. Deep drawers hold more space than a wall cabinet. Opening two doors and diving into it is quite challenging for some! All you need is to pull out, and your requirements will be right in front of you!  Now, which one have you picked? If you are on the fix, follow us on Instagram! Here, you can check out our previous projects that may help you ideate about cabinet designs more!

Do you have a plan to remodel your bathroom? Well, it’s nothing but a jigsaw puzzle that you have to chalk out for making all your needs comfortably fit in! From open shelves to vanity- You can’t leave a corner if you want to create a luxurious one. But in the entire bathroom remodel plan, you can find the bathtub setup most complicated. 

Whether you choose a single bathtub or a design combined with a shower, it takes the maximum space on the floor. On the other hand, you need perfection in the bathroom layout. Hence, you can’t cut any corners in design when spending dollars for it!

So, how to plan it!

Smart ideas to set up bathtub correctly to remodel bathroom

In a bathroom remodel layout, planning the space is all that you have to do perfectly. And positioning the bathtub isn’t that easy nut to break as it sounds! But knowing the variety of bathtub designs and checking out the images on Pinterest may help you decide on the right one for your space! Have a look:

Oval Bathtubs

If you love the free-standing style or drop-off, you can get both styles in this design. The size of oval bathtubs comes in wider than longer. Hence, it can be an impractical decision to pick this design for a small bathroom.

But you must have enough space on the floor like a larger or long medium-sized bathroom to make the wonder! Then, the extra width of the tub won’t be a challenge to fit it in!

Corner Bathtubs!

At MDM Custom Remodeling Inc., our team of bathroom remodeling contractors personally suggests this one to homeowners having a larger bathroom. Especially when you want your space to stand out unique from others, corner bathtubs can add that feature!

The best part is that you can get too many options for its cuts. For example, you can go for a triangular shell or oval while square can be a great choice, sometimes! Anyway, small bathroom owners should avoid this to save space on the floor.

Alcove Bathtubs

Do you have a little bit longer but narrow bathroom? Then, you can check on Yelp for this type of bathtub. At the end of two long walls, you can fit this one. It would be a perfect match for 7X7 or 6X6 space. Moreover, you can have variations under these alcove bathtubs, like small, long, or moderately sized.

Hence, forget complaining about having a small bathroom! You can add luxury with it even in the narrow space.

Drop-In Bathtubs

This one is on the current trend that comes in a proper tile finish! Its uniqueness is the design that is dropped into a cutout in the deck! Now, you may get why the name is so! Drop-In Bathtubs perfectly suit the larger space than medium-sized or smaller ones. You can follow us on Facebook and check our previous bathroom remodeling projects! So, which one suits your space? Have you found out? Anyway, whatever it is, make sure to consult with our contractors before confirming the bathroom remodel plans.

Sometimes, you can find the existing space in your home not enough, especially while having a growing family. At that moment, we advise you to think of a home extension planning instead of moving to a new location. It will not only enlarge your square footage but make your home more aesthetically appealing.

So, when you have a chance to improve your space, moving doesn’t make sense much! But the idea won’t work if you don’t know where to start and How to step forward!

Take a few minutes and follow today’s blog! You may find something helpful here in this regard.

An expert guide and plans for home extension planning

Extending your premises can allow you to get a huge return on investment (ROI) if you have plans to sell it later. But for now, you can experience better fun with your family.

But before you start weaving dreams or planning, know where and how to begin! Such as:

Discussing with your neighbor

Picture this: You are looking for home addition ideas on Pinterest and included an upper-floor balcony in your home extension planning. But have you discussed it once with your neighbors? It’s because it can overshadow them to some extent sometimes. Yet, it’s a good idea to discuss your plans with them before you apply for permission.

Building regulations and planning permission

Now, you may have the query what the building permission is and if it’s worth it! Actually, it’s a MUST to apply for building permission while having a plan for a home extension. The council planners observe if your plans are in compliance with the building regulations. Your ideas can get refused if it affects road safety or neighbors.

Consult with home addition contractors for designs

Once your planning application gets accepted, you can look for a schedule to sit with our experts. Our team of architects and contractors will help you with deciding on the best designs from our previous works and Yelp.

We ensure that your home extension planning holds a WOW factor! Also, you can ask them for help in the planning process as well.

Setting up a budget

After deciding on the designs, it’s time to get an estimation of the overall expenses of the project. We, MDM Cutom Remodeling Inc. advise you to be realistic and add a few thousand dollars more to the estimation costs. Talk to your builders and how much they will charge per square footage. Also, ask to provide the near about expenses for quality materials, labor costs, interior fixtures, and roof tiles (if required).

Meet who will manage the work!

After all the tasks get done, make sure to meet our experts in person. It’s essential to have good communication with the manager and sub-contractors. Or else, you may face challenges during the project that can affect the overall result.  Was it helpful enough? If you need assurance of our craftsmanship and performance, follow us on Facebook. Here, you can get customer feedback and ideate our quality of work. Stay in touch!