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When planning for bathroom remodel in California, it’s essential to answer this question:  Do you need permits to remodel a bathroom in California? The short answer is yes.

Regulation regarding the construction and remodeling of bathrooms varies from one state to another. However, you should have a permit to start bathroom remodeling in California.

If you or the contractor do the bathroom remodeling without getting the necessary permit, they will face the full force of the law. Building and Safety Authorities impose substantial fines and the homeowner risks incurring other expenses of redoing the work to meet the laid down policies and guidelines.

When Do You Need Permits to Remodel a Bathroom in California?

You require a permit for all the entities of bathroom remodeling in California. That includes modifications to new constructions, electrical wiring, plumbing, and other mechanical processes.

In summary, you need a permit for the following bathroom projects;

  • Additions
  • Improvement
  • Demolitions
  • Repairs
  • Renovations. 

California Building Codes will only allow you to begin these remodeling projects when you already have a valid permit from local authorities.

Where Will You Obtain Permit to Remodel a Bathroom in California?

Homeowners in California should obtain bathroom remodeling permits from the Department of Building and Safety.

Any bathroom remodeling that cost more than $500 needs a verification and to be inspected by the Department of Building and Safety. Notably, a permit is optional for remodeling work valued at less than $500 unless it’s anticipated to affect the stability of your property.

Why Do You Need a Permit for Bathroom Remodeling?

Most homeowners fear acquiring bathroom remodeling permits because they are expensive and can interfere with the budget. However, a bathroom remodeling permit is not an unnecessary expense. Instead, permits ensure that homeowners receive protection from uninsured and unlicensed contractors.

A contractor who advises their clients against obtaining a permit is trying to avoid legal scrutiny. Therefore, avoid working with them. Prioritize in ensuring that you stay compliant with all the state regulations.

Homeowners can avoid the heavy consequences of undertaking their renovations without permits. Remodeling and building projects are constantly checked for compliance by the building authorities through various processes and mechanisms to ensure compliance.

Ultimately, permits are required for consumer protection. Therefore, always work with a contractor who will handle the assigned project only with the availability of permits. 

Consequences For Doing Bathroom Remodeling Without Permits

If the Building and Safety department realizes unpermitted work is underway, or even if it’s already complete, you and the contractor could face serious penalties. Furthermore, you could have the work taken down to redo it correctly and in compliance with the Building and Safety codes.

How To Know If Your Bathroom Remodeling Project Needs a permit

Generally, you need a permit for any bathroom improvement that changes the structural, plumbing, or the electrical wiring systems. Furthermore, bathroom remodeling permits are required for all commercial and residential structures. Always preview permit application requirements since they vary in scope and project extent.

Should Homeowners Apply for Bathroom Remodeling Permit by Themselves?

Homeowners are allowed to apply for bathroom remodel permits. The permit requirements are about the work done, and it doesn’t matter who did it. Therefore, if homeowners want to fasten the bathroom remodeling process, they can source a remodeling permit from the State of California Department of Building and Safety without engaging the contractor.

However, remember that it’s not always a brilliant idea to apply for a permit yourself, especially if you don’t wholly understand the local building codes and regulations. Choose a reliable contractor to serve your interests as you apply for the builder permit, depending on the scope of the remodeling project.

Most licensed contractors are willing to process permits on behalf of their clients, particularly those who don’t have the required knowledge and experience.

How Much Do Bathroom Remodeling Permits Cost in California?

The size and the estimated cost of the project determine the permit fees. The Department of Building and Safety in California has a permit fee calculator that will help you know the cost of your bathroom remodel permit.

Generally, small projects like plumbing, electrical, fencing, and decks cost between $100 and $300 for a construction permit. A building permit costs range from $500 to $2,000 for significant projects such as bathroom remodeling, basement finishing, and room extensions.

How Long Does It Take to Get Bathroom Remodel Permit in California

The exact time of waiting for a bathroom remodel permit varies depending on project specifications, work scale, and scope. Projects that need minor changes are approved within a day. On the other hand, complex projects have a standardized processing time that ranges from three to six weeks.

What Should Be Included in Remodeling Permit?

Remodeling permits require homeowners to provide proper detail on the projects’ scale and scope. The outline should have the utmost clarity. The permit you will get from the remodeling permit will vary depending on the plan’s specifications and expectations.

Where Should You Start Bathroom Remodeling Process

If you’re planning to modify your bathroom, you must choose a general contractor who comprehends your concept and can construct the style of bathroom you desire. They will help you identify the best design elements and be helpful during the permit application process. When you’re ready to begin bathroom remodeling renovation, engage with MDM Custom Remodeling Inc. to find the most qualified contractors.

Hire Profession Bathroom Remodeling Contractors

Finally, you should watch out for any contractors bidding on your bathroom remodel and claim they don’t require any state or municipal permits. They are probably taking shortcuts, skimping on the procedure, or employing an unregistered team to save money and avoid getting caught. It’s in your best advantage to follow the law at all times.

MDM Custom Remodeling Inc. will help you rebuild your bathroom in a way that complies with all building codes. When it comes to bathroom building or remodeling, you can be certain that our team of experts will adhere to all local and state regulations and obtain the necessary permissions to get the job done right.

In most cases, homeowners often focus on the bigger picture while renovating the shower room. And you can’t deny that you are no different! You care most about upgrading fixtures and their placings during bathroom remodeling to ensure the water pressure remains excellent. But have you ever thought of how the bathroom will look bright? Maybe NO, but you should, indeed! Perfect lighting can bring a huge difference to your daily routine, whether it’s morning or night. But it depends on what you choose.

Bathroom Remodeling Ideas With The Best Lighting Styles

Lighting decides how your bathroom will be lit or if it will make you feel relaxed or confident. That\’s why making the right choice regarding this is essential, and we are here to help you. 

Give your bathroom a touch of uniqueness with pendant lighting!

Picture this: Lights hanging from the ceiling on a metal string! Don’t you think it will look amazing? Pendant lights are the best way to add class and make your bathroom stand out! You can place it directly over the mirrors to illuminate the room well. In fact, this lighting fixture fits perfectly the shower rooms with high ceilings! You can view our bathroom remodeling gallery to ideate a little. 

Bring perfection with sconces in the bathroom color scheme!

The sconce lighting allows you to add some uniqueness to your shower room by going stunningly with the design scheme and colors. Yet, it\’s a better choice over traditional ones that usually match fixtures and faucets.

For instance, if you have a black-n-white bathroom design, the black wall-mounted sconce will be apt. The overall vintage look will bring elegance and style! On the other hand, you can even go creative with sconces by choosing its eccentric design, like candles or mason jars.

Add the lighting wherever you can!

For many homeowners, a few vanity lights are sufficient. Still, if you want to go for the opposite approach, you can layer the lights to balance. For example, when you have windows or skylights for natural light access, add overhead lighting that you can adjust whenever you wish and pendant lights above the vanity. Yet, you can have a bathroom filled with light for both morning and night routines.

So, we hope you like it! If you need a complete bathroom remodeling or a master bathroom, let us know. In fact, you can look over our previous bathroom renovation projects on Yelp for the latest layout ideas. Stay connected!

So, you already have a plan in mind to give your home up for sale and move somewhere else within a few years. But don’t you think the shower room deserves a little bit of renovation? In fact, bathroom remodeling is the best way to drive up the resale value of your home. 

Need some tips? Let’s get started!

Smart Bathroom Remodeling Tricks to Prepare Your Home for Resale

The resale value of your home depends on the kitchen, bathroom, and functionality. If you have recently remodeled your cooking space, turn to the bathroom now if you really want to maximize the resale amount. 

And our smart tips will help you successfully do that, like:

Consult an expert:

Research on Google, have some inspirational ideas, and sit with our bathroom remodeling contractor for a discussion. They can help you ideate what will work and not or if your project is worth the trouble. Besides, you can speak to a real estate agent to understand the best selling points with bathroom features.

Check the ROI:

While remodeling your bathroom to increase the resale value of your home, the ROI of the return on investment may be the crucial one that you should check. Also, when you are not selling a home right now, you need to focus on your comfort too during the design choice. Get recommendations from our contractors and check our bathroom remodeling gallery to pick the best one, which can give the exact returns and comfort you need.

Give your buyers something to talk about!

First, try to avoid small things! After all, you don’t know what potential buyers look for during the home purchase. Add some features that they can’t overlook, like excellent lighting, enough outlets, dimmer switches, and more.

If you want to look over some latest design ideas for bathroom remodeling, go on Yelp. You can see here several pictures of our previous projects. Stay in touch!

While renovating your tiny shower room, you may have started looking into magazines and Pinterest for different designs that can make the space seem bigger. Well, we can tell you endless options of small bathroom remodel, from adding a skylight to replacing the bathtub with a walk-in shower to adding a fresh coat of light-shaded paint. All these can trick the eye, and your guests will find your bathroom larger than it is.

Do You Actually Need Storage Under the Sink During a Bathroom Remodel?

While following our trick to make your shower room feel and look bigger, make sure you don’t eliminate the essentials. Many homeowners make the mistake of removing the sink. But instead, we, MDM Custom Remodeling Inc, say avoiding the storage underneath the sink to make the room seem larger. After all, the sink comes in various styles and sizes. So you have a chance to choose the one that can save space in your small bathroom.

Do you wonder if removing the under-sink storage can really be an option or not? Well, most bathrooms don’t need that because people often store the items in the restroom that don’t make sense to be there. For example, too many towels, beauty products, medications, and pills that you can keep even somewhere else out of the bathroom. Besides:

The classic pedestal sink:

When you are blessed with a small bathroom, this one may be the best space-saving alternative. Yes, the floating sink is an option there. But if that doesn’t go with your style, the classic pedestal sink won’t disappoint you. This timeless design comes with a narrow base that saves space on the floor and gives the room a larger feel. For storage, have shelves or a cabinet on its nearby wall.

Also, the exposed-pipe sink looks better than storage underneath the sink in a small bathroom. What do you think? Let us know on Yelp! Stay in touch!

Hey, have you ever counted how many bathrooms you have in your home, and are those larger enough for your family? To be honest, most homeowners include bathrooms in their house plan but never estimate if those are sufficient! For instance, when you added one and a half restrooms in your new home, maybe there were only you two- you and your spouse. But now, with a growing family, you should think of bathroom expansion and transforming the current space to experience a spa-like oasis! 

In short, you and your family can have the exact aesthetic you have dreamt of with additional room.

Everything About Bathroom Expansion and Its Basics

Bathroom expansion is nothing but renovating your shower room but a step ahead! The process involves not only the refurbishment of your current restroom but the addition of extra square footage. You can increase the all-around size while turning a half-bath into a full one.

But do you know where to get the space? We, MDM Custom Remodeling Inc, are here to suggest!

How to find space for bathroom expansion

If done right, a perfect bathroom expansion can give you the best possible liveable space and boost the real estate value during the sale. And for that, choosing the right space is essential! Well, you have two options here to expand the bathroom, like:

  • Go for a complete bump-out! It can help you get additional space by knocking down the exterior wall and extending the outward, around 12 to 15 feet.
  • Utilize the excess space within your home that can be the hallway, two compartments of a larger walk-in closet adjacent to your bathroom, spare room, or bedroom.

Cost of bathroom expansion

We can’t answer you here any fixed budget because it can vary, depending on your preferences and choices, such as:

  • Expansion size
  • Charges of building permits
  • Electrical and plumbing installation
  • Material choice and labor costs
  • Drywall installation and more

However, we have estimated our previous projects and found out that the average outlay for bathroom expansion can be around $60,000. And it is double of standard bathroom renovations!

Bathroom expansion considerations

While extending your bathroom space, you need to consider a few factors a little. Here are some of:

  • Do I need to install a double vanity or a modern bathroom sink?
  • Move or add electrical and plumbing stuff?
  • Which flooring option to pick!
  • Walk-in shower or bathtub?

Last but not least, look over our top bathroom remodeling projects on Yelp! Stay connected!

If you are a married man with children, you may find it quite common to be someone in the bathroom you need that to use. In fact, while in a rush for office, you plan a schedule to reserve a slot in the bathroom. But your requirements may not go with your plan always. Complicated, right? Instead, go for a new bathroom addition to avoid all this mess! But before you do so, you better know the right place to add it while having available space and HOW!

Where and How to Make a Bathroom Addition at a Low Cost

Admit that the most frustrating thing is when you face challenges to find your one or two toiletries in the bathroom cabinet filled with different bottles. And it’s a sign that you need another bathroom! Of course, you can look over the home improvement magazines or our gallery page for terrific bathroom remodeling design ideas for your big families

But choosing the right one is possible only when you know the right spot in your home among the available space you have. Such as:

The first roadblock that may get in the way of your plan for a new bathroom addition is not having enough space. But you will wonder to know that around 3-by-5 feet are sufficient to create a half bath. That means 25 square feet of space can give you a sink, toilet, and shower. We, MDM Custom Remodeling Inc, suggest here the spots where to add it, like:


If you have hallways extended to the end of your home, you can have a perfect place to add a small bathroom by eliminating a window where no room is on either side.

Walk-in closet:

Do you know that with a few simple adjustments, you can convert a part of your large walk-in closet into a small bathroom? For example, if you have an adjoining closet, knock down the wall between those and create a half bath.

Master bedroom:

Use a chunk of space in your big master bedroom to make a bathroom addition if possible. For ideas, you can check a few layouts on Yelp!

Master bathroom:

While having a large master bathroom, cut that in half, add new fixtures on both sides, and use it as two small bathrooms.
Now, if you need a new bathroom addition or renovate the older one, let us know! We serve in the areas of Los Angeles and its outskirts. Stay connected!

Winter vacations are over, and you have to be ready to get back to work. But are you terrified with the fight over bathroom schedules every morning? After all, everyone in your big family, from your kids to your spouse, is in a rush! Well, you can say goodbye to your struggle by embracing some excellent bathroom remodeling design ideas that will transform your shower room into a functional one with more privacy and storage.

Bathroom remodeling designs for large families

We have brought here some amazing layout ideas to renovate your shower room for the big families you love. See how it goes:

Eliminate the old sink

Are you still stuck with the single pedestal sink? Replace it with a double sink that’s not only trendy but makes room for several brushes and face washers. In fact, if you have a small bathroom, we, MDM Custom Remodeling Inc, suggest white, grey, or ebony for vanity colors to give a bright and spacious look. 

Separate the toilet

Enclosing your toilet is the best easy to improve the functionality of your bathroom. It can double the bathroom efficiency schedule because anyone can come and go if required. But yes, moving the toilet can be one of the most expensive parts of a bathroom remodel

Bring back the vanity

When you have a home full of teens who need to get ready and out at the same time you are in a rush for the office, that’s a big problem. Especially lining up in front of the mirror and the fighting over the hairstyling and makeup is the major one. Having a separate vanity and mirror in the bathroom may ease that.

Bottom line for bathroom remodeling

Now, if you want to have a bathroom remodeling for your big families, let us know! In fact, you can look over our work on YouTube if necessary. Stay connected!

Have you noticed the cracks on the walls and missing tiles in the bathroom, gurgling noises in the toilet, or lack of light in the shower? If YES, you should think of bathroom remodeling this time! But you may be worrying about creating a good budget for the project, right? Then, don’t be! We have put together some bathroom remodeling ideas here that cost between $19k-35k, from the materials to installation and labor of tile flooring, lighting, vanity, sink, fixtures, toilet, and more.

Bathroom remodeling ideas between $19k-35k

While setting a budget for bathroom remodeling, leaving a little wiggle room for the plumbing and electrical expenses makes sense. And our bathroom remodeling ideas may help your dream come true of giving your shower room a refreshing look within the budget of $19k-35k, like:

Bathroom Remodel in Westwood, Los Angeles

We have handled a recent bathroom remodeling in Westwood apartment where the budget was around $21k and more. Our bathroom remodeling contractors have installed porcelain tiles on the floor that seems visually coarse with the vanity wall. Also, the project includes a replacement of the sink with new vanity containing a raised basin sink. For a final touch, installation of a medicine cabinet with a large mirror, slim toilet, glass shower door, glass nickel fixtures, and vanity light is apt.

Bathroom Remodel West Hollywood, Los Angeles

A stained limestone bathroom renovation in West Hollywood comes around more or less $32k. In this remodeling project, you can have the chance to create more storage space with drawer configurations and custom vanity. It’s a great way to reduce the visual clutter of small trash cans. Also, we, MDM Custom Remodeling Inc, suggest marble tile for the floor with a cube effect, a new sink, countertop, and lighting fixture within this budget for an uncluttered bathroom style. 

Bathroom Remodel in West Fairfax, Los Angeles

Do you know that within just $19k, you can have a modern master bath with a simple bathroom remodel in West Fairfax? That’s right! We recommend the following layout here:

  • Installation of an open shower by removing the standing one
  • A customized wooden table attached with a marble countertop by replacing a beige vanity
  • Two medicine cabinets side by side for more storage
  • A new toilet with fixture and black hexagon tiles with white subway tiles from floor to ceiling

So, which bathroom renovation idea would you prefer to have as per your budget between $19k-35k? Let us know with your feedback on Yelp! Stay in touch!

Do you own a beautiful home? Not to mention, it’s a blessing to have a roof over the head. And the best part is you can fix and decorate the space in the way you love to have. In fact, when you have a growing family, thinking of adding a new room to increase the square footage a little makes sense. Of course, you can find too many room addition ideas, but the challenge you face when unable to decide which one to choose.

Room addition ideas to look over for your home

Sometimes, you get caught up thinking of second-floor room addition while a sunroom, on another moment. Even when you have sufficient space to add a new room to your premises, the biggest challenge is to decide what to make of that, right? Our following ideas for a room addition may guide you here:

Family room addition

Honestly, having a big family means you are blessed! You can share your problems or the entire day’s story with them while settling down together. But it requires sufficient space for that, like a family room. You can have a nice cozy setup here with a small fireplace and lined couches around it to spend quality time with your family. Our room remodeling general contractors can turn your plans into reality exactly how you want!

Play area or bedrooms

Are you expecting a new member in your home? Then, adding a new bedroom may be the best decision for your kids. Now, if you already have a separate bedroom for your kids, think of embracing a playroom for them. Reading tables, indoor games, couches, shelves full of storybooks- You can get the entire setup with a smart room addition. In fact, at MDM Custom Remodeling Inc, our general contractors suggest this room extension to be a great alternative even for your family needs, whether it’s mental relaxation or physical.


Are you looking for something to strengthen your family bonding and keep you more intimate during the breaks? Then, having a sunroom may be the perfect solution for you. You can create a lounge-style sunroom with ceilings and glass walls to experience nature’s beauty amid sunset or starry nights. Even A proper wood infrastructure is a great option for this room remodeling!

Have you liked it? Let us know with your valuable comments on Yelp! Also, if you need to add a room, our room addition general contractor can help you throughout the project, from start to finish! Stay connected!

Bathroom remodeling is exciting. When renovating a bathroom, it’s easy to fall trap down the Pinterest rabbit hole and obsess over how everything is going and ignore the functionality. A well-planned bathroom renovation offers an enjoyable space and guarantees it won’t need remodeling for a while.

Therefore, before selecting the latest tile or bathtub design, you will have to consider some less exciting things to accomplish your project right on time, and bathroom renovation can be time-consuming, costly, and overwhelming.

The experts of MDM Custom Remodeling INC have gathered for preparing a bathroom to remodel checklist to ensure everything stays on track.

Things To Consider For A Small Bathroom Renovation

Remember that a successful home and bathroom renovation depends on smart things. Consider the following tips before starting the project:

1. Make a budget estimate 

If you don’t know how much you want to spend on your bathroom renovation, it’s time to do it now! Fixing a budget will help you finalize decisions on what to include in your remodel.

Once you have figured out what to append and what not to, you will have a clearer sense of what to spend on extras, fixtures, and tiles.

2. Time frame

Contrary to what multiple homeowners think, a bathroom remodeling might take more than a few days. Besides, it doesn’t matter the size of the bathroom either. The duration for completing the project depends on the number needed to get installed or replaced.

“You should also consider the amount of time spent on ordering and purchasing materials like tiles, fixtures, and more. Give a time allowance for the cabinets and other items that are customized.” – says a professional general contractor in Los Angeles.

3. Custom 3D designs 

You can work with our company for a complete bathroom renovation with the facility of 3D design and rendering services. We have accomplished hundreds of projects in the Los Angeles area and are planning to achieve more. 3D design services help to complete the remodeling project without any error.

If you want to accumulate some ideas for 3D designs, you can visit our bathroom gallery.

4. Storage

Allow plenty of rooms in your bathroom to satire bathroom scales, toiletries, a rubbish bin, a lockable medicine cabinet, dirty laundry, and more in your new bathroom.

Bottom line!

On Yelp, you will find our happy customers writing reviews about our services. Want to work with us? Contact us whenever you want!