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Christmas eve is just around the corner, and you may have already started planning how to jazz up your home with lights and new additions. Of course, you can’t leave any corner, especially the restroom! And adding a new shaker vanity for bathroom remodeling is apt to give the space a stunning look. This one is the most timeless design for restroom vanities since the day it comes in the trend!

“But is it a perfect choice for bathroom vanities?”- This question may trigger in your mind! Don’t worry! We are here to clear your confusion!

Is it great to add a new shaker vanity for bathroom remodeling?

The bathroom remodels for Christmas are, no doubt, a great idea to spruce up the entire look of your interior. Still, you may find the decision of bathroom remodeling quite surrounded by so many questions regarding style, budget, and trendy look for vanity choice! 

And shaker vanity fits perfectly in your every need like this:

Trendy but with a nod of traditional touch!

Do you want your bathroom to have both a classy and modern look? Then, adding a new shaker vanity can be a perfect match here! You can get an unmatchable elegance to your dream restroom that can make the space stand out as unique and second to none! The vanity panels offer a hallmark of unparallel fine craftsmanship. 

Perfect fit to budget!

While having a budget problem but urgent storage needs in the bathroom, a shaker vanity can be a great solution. It not only comes with a great storage option but savings for your wallet! Shaker-style vanity is simple to install that doesn’t cost much like other ornamental vanities. 

Moreover, as it stands the test of time, you need not replace it before the decade that saves you more! That’s why at MDM Custom Remodeling Inc, we suggest our clients embrace shaker vanities if they are after saving their wallets from stretching out! 

Wide options in color

Just like the shaker vanities come with an ageless look, you can find countless choices here in colors and styles. For example, bright colors, like royal blue or red, look great with the flat panel and raised borders. Contrarily, the wood grain patterns and wood stains make the shaker vanities a stunning match against any space and wall paint. 

Do you want to see some trendy designs before you install a new shaker vanity for bathroom remodeling? Visit our bathroom remodeling gallery page and get ideas for timeless styles!

Are you on a plan to jazz up your home interior? Then, you can leave any corner, not even the bathroom! After all, it’s the place where one can find relaxation and peace at the end of the day. But before you start thinking of your restroom upgrade, don’t miss the shower enclosure addition. In fact, to determine the overall look of your bathroom, it’s essential to consider different factors to pick the right enclosure design for your space!

Considerable facts for proper shower enclosure additions

From the size and shape to the door choice of the shower enclosure- every minute detail is vital to keep a check on while embracing a new addition to your bathroom space. In fact, you can sit with our designs of MDM Custom Remodeling Inc over a coffee for a free consultation on it! Such as:

Right location

Generally, most homeowners prefer installing their shower room at the corner while having a tiny space or bigger one! And the best part is that this choice one stands the test of time. But here, you can’t skip the door size, types, and shower enclosure designs. And all these require more attention to make the right choice, depending on space!

Perfect shape for shower enclosure

On our Facebook profile, we often find many asking about the right shape and size for the shower enclosures for their bathroom space. Honestly, it’s a challenge to find the best match providing comfort and style while fitting in space! We can give you some hints here:


If you have limited bathrooms, you can use the corner walls for your shower enclosures. Its L-shaped or curved design comes with a wide range of options while saving enough space in the rest bathroom. 


We recommend not embracing this one for the bathrooms not having enough space! T-shape shower enclosures are the best choice for larger restrooms. In fact, it’s easy to maintain. 


Does your bathroom have narrow walls? Then, U-shape shower enclosures can work here better than anything else! It’s trendy while bringing a touch of modernity even in the small space!

Door style

Yes, countless options are there for shower enclosure doors, including framed and frameless. But whether you go for sliding doors or the hinged one, it depends on how much space you have to open and close the door! Now, if you are unsure about it, read the reviews on Yelp and find which shower enclosure designs are trending these days! Stay in touch!

Who else doesn’t want to enjoy luxury and refreshment in the bathroom! That’s why bathroom renovations have become the most common home improvement project these days! And bathroom cabinet remodel is on the top of the demand of homeowners. Of course, nothing can be a better option than bathroom cabinetry refacing to add an enlivening look to your space!

But before you reface your bathroom cabinets, know first what it is and how it works! In today’s blog, we can help you with that!

What is Bathroom Cabinetry Refacing?

Cabinet refacing is nothing but replacing the skin of your existing cabinetry. Our experts remove the front of cabinet doors and drawers to apply a new veneer over it. Also, you can ask us to change the drawer pulls, hinges, and handles if they become worn out or outdated!

How do our experts reface the bathroom cabinets?

In bathroom cabinetry refacing, a couple of days is a MUST to get your job done. Still, it can vary, depending on the size and number of cabinets in your bathroom. So, we, MDM Custom Remodeling Inc, suggest allowing at least five days for bigger projects. Our schedule can go like this:

Step 1:

Our bathroom remodeling experts remove the front of the cabinet door and drawers and cover those with a new veneer. Also, they laminate the cabinet sides and install new hinges if required. But if those are in good condition, we can reuse that!

Step 2:

If you find the cabinet handles and drawer pulls designs quite outdated, we can replace the fixtures with the latest ones! In fact, you can go on Yelp to check the feedback from our clients on bathroom cabinetry refacing.

Step 3:

Finally, we make adjustments and create your bathroom storage perfectly. And you will get a refreshing and luxurious cabinet design in your space.

Bathroom Cabinetry Refacing Costs

Cabinet refacing in the bathroom is less expensive than custom cabinet installations. You may have to pay up to $3500 for laminate veneers that can go high, depending on your choice of materials like wood. The wood veneer refacing costs $10,000 around for a larger bathroom while new installations come in double!

Was the guide helpful for you? If you need more ideas on bathroom cabinet designs, look into our bathroom remodeling photo gallery! Here, you can find our previous bathroom renovation projects done before. Stay connected!