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Have you been tempted to expand your home with a new bedroom, bathroom, and more but realize that you don’t have the space to do so? Expanding your home but keeping it at one story means using up precious outdoor space, and you might not want to give that up for more living space. The solution? Build up with a second story addition.

Here at MDM Custom Remodeling, Inc., we are well-versed in creating the second story addition in Los Angeles that you need to expand your space and create the home you’ve always dreamed of having. We offer an extensive portfolio of work for satisfied customers who are happy in their new, expanded space. Our approach is to handle everything from design to final construction, taking into account your needs and wants as well as the Los Angeles city or county requirements.

Second Story Addition in Los Angeles: What You Need to Know

Rather than sell your home and go through the long (and expensive) process to find a bigger place, adding a second story addition to your Los Angeles home could be a much better option. The process of adding that second story includes working with us to create the plans, getting the permits, dealing with the construction, and preparing to decorate the new space and expand to living in it. You’ll also need to plan for patience while the project is happening, as your home will be somewhat of a construction zone for a few months!

Creating the plans for your second-floor new addition takes into account many factors, including the strength of the current structure and where your home is located. That doesn’t just pertain to zoning laws (which we’ll discuss in a minute), but also pertains to the geography of the area itself. For instance, adding a second story addition to a home in the city might take much less time and work than adding an addition to a hillside abode.

The good news is that here at MDM Custom Remodeling, Inc., we have experience with homes that are quite easy to reach as well as those that are a nightmare to access. We also have the design know-how you need to help you build the second story addition of your dreams without running afoul of any local laws or ordinances.

The Timeline of a Second Story Addition in Los Angeles

Understanding the timeline for the job is important, as many homeowners choose to move out of their space during the construction. This is especially true if you are having a full second story built, as that can affect every part of your downstairs living area. When you work with us, we will keep you apprised of what to expect every step of the way.

It will take MDM Custom Remodeling, Inc., six to ten months to complete your second-floor new addition on top of your existing house. This is the timeframe after all permits were obtained.

MDM Custom Remodeling, Inc. encourages and helps homeowners just like you to continue living in the house during the construction of adding a second-floor new addition. The feasibility of this depends on the design of the floor plan.

It’s also important to remember the unique climate of Southern California. When the Santa Ana winds blow, they can wreak havoc on a construction site and make the area unsafe for workers. If you happen to live in an area where wildfires are common, there is the added concern about evacuation during those times when the fires threaten, and that can extend the timeline by weeks or even months. Though these are exceptional circumstances, they do happen, so it is a good idea to keep that possibility in the back of your mind as you plan the timeline.

There is also the question of location – will you have to deal with zoning laws and trying to get exceptions? Will you need soil testing to ensure the ground beneath you can handle the extra weight? Is the terrain difficult to work on? Our experts here at MDM Custom Remodeling, Inc. can look at your property and quickly determine what might be necessary to get your home ready for the construction of a second story addition.

There is also the work that will need to be done on the first story to accommodate the new second story. For instance, if we are building the second floor addition directly over the existing first floor, we might need to remove fixtures, flooring, door frames, windows, and demolish ceilings and some walls. We might also need to reinforce the footing foundation on the first floor to incorporate the second floor into the overall design of the home. However, if we add the second story over a new-construction first floor, then the existing house will just need to be well-braced structurally. Either way, we’ll do the job well to create a very sturdy home!

The Average Cost to Add a Second Story

When you choose to add a second story addition in Los Angeles, you’ll want to be cognizant of the costs. The cost to add a second story of 500 square feet starts at about $350,000 and goes up from there. The final cost depends upon the design and how much the addition affects the first floor. If you are adding 1,000 square feet for the second floor, you can expect a cost of around $700,000. While that might seem expensive, keep in mind that building a full second story is essentially doubling your home.

There are factors that might send that cost up or down. These include:

  • Adding a bathroom on the second story
  • How difficult it is to run new plumbing and electrical through the home
  • The potential need to upgrade your electrical panel
  • Hillside terrain, which is usually more challenging to access and work on
  • If re-roofing the entire house is necessary
  • The cost of staying in a rental property during the construction.

Keep in mind that these costs are only those of construction. You’ll also need to tack on the costs of furnishing the place, as well as interior design if you wish to hire a professional to style the space.

However, the return on investment for this project can be quite impressive. According to Remodeling Magazine’s 2022 Cost vs. Value Report, a master suite addition to a home in Los Angeles brought an average return on investment of 52.9% for a luxury addition, and a whopping 66.5% for a midrange construction. That major boost in home value is in addition to the enjoyment you will get from having an expanded space. And keep in mind that is simply for a master suite addition – when you add a full second story, you might choose to have more bedrooms and bathrooms, which can increase your home value even more.

We are happy to take a look at your home and overall property and determine where you can save money on building your second story addition. We are committed to creating a design that suits your vision and comes within the range of your budget.

How the First Floor is Impacted When You Build a Second Story

In most cases, the first floor of a home wasn’t constructed with an eye toward building a second story in the future. That means that while the home is likely very sound, it isn’t quite up to the task of holding up a second story without some major support. The first floor will need reinforcing with added beams and poles to hold the extra weight of another floor. We might also need to shore up your foundation. Because of this, you can expect your entire first floor to be out of commission while the construction is happening.

In addition, you’ll need to consider where the staircase will go. You’ll definitely lose some floor space to the footprint of the staircase. A spiral staircase might be an answer to save on space if room is especially tight on the bottom floor. We can show you a variety of designs that will take into account the unique look and feel of your existing first floor and help you decide what route to take. With over 20 years of experience in remodeling homes to fit a homeowner’s dream vision, MDM Custom Remodeling, Inc. can provide you with a variety of options.

The utilities might be fine for your home right now, but putting another story on your home – complete with new electrical outlets in every room, the plumbing and electrical necessary for a new bathroom, and expanding your HVAC system – can mean that your utilities might need an upgrade. That can include electrical panels, which necessitates an electrician to ensure you’re up to code, as well as new plumbing lines run up to the second story. You might need some little extras as well, such as a larger water heater to supply another bathroom with hot water. We work with some of the best plumbers and electricians in the Los Angeles area, so you can rest assured your home is in good hands.

Getting a Permit for a Second Story Addition in Los Angeles

When you choose to build a second story addition in Los Angeles, you’ll need to secure the right permits before work begins. In addition to a general building permit, you will likely need to obtain plumbing, electrical, and mechanical permits as well. The approval for permits can take a few months to complete – more if you live in a protected historic area or have exceptional circumstances, such as living on a rocky terrain or needing soil inspection before the build can be approved. We can help you figure out which permits you need.

We can also help ensure that your second story addition conforms to Title 24. Also known as Building Energy Efficiency Standards, Title 24 creates an energy consumption limit for your home, which reduces unnecessary energy use in new buildings. These standards are updated every three years, and as professionals serving the Los Angeles area and beyond, we stay up-to-date on all the changes and pass that knowledge on to you through careful design plans.

Building a Second Story: What About Zoning?

Zoning laws in Los Angeles County and the surrounding areas can vary widely, even from one street to another. If your home is already in an area zoned for residential use, it should be no problem to add another story to it – unless it might interfere with the clearance for power lines, height restrictions in a particular neighborhood, or if the new build blocks your neighbor’s view. There are also special rules for flat-roofed and pitched-roofed homes.

If you live in a Historic Preservation Overlay Zone, you might have special requirements for how your home should look, and that might preclude a second story addition designed the way you want it. We can help you create the plans that will ensure your home meets zoning and other requirements in your particular area.

If it turns out that your plans for the home run counter to zoning laws, you can always petition for an exception to the rules, but keep in mind that it could add significant time to the project.

MDM Custom Remodeling, Inc. Can Build Your Second Story Addition in Los Angeles

Whether you are expanding your home to make room for a larger family, looking to add a second story to create the ideal space for entertaining, or hoping to increase your home value for a better sale price in today’s competitive Los Angeles real estate market, building a second addition on your LA home is a fantastic way to do it.

Our family-owned company has two decades of experience in taking a homeowner’s vision and transforming that dream into reality. Our custom design plans keep you in the driver’s seat on creating the space that speak to you. Our professional crew helps ensure that your construction is handled right the first time, with no problems facing you in the years to come.

If you’re ready to create the home of your dreams in Los Angeles, let MDM Custom Remodeling, Inc. help you build the second story addition that will turn your home into an exceptional space.

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