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Just close your eyes and picture this: Christmas morning, temperature drops, and the holiday spirit is everywhere! Your kids are on the staircase in a rush to check the gift you keep under the X-mas tree being their ‘Secret Santa!’ However, how have you decorated the stairs? Haven’t you yet? Then, we are here to help with some simple but stunning ideas for home stairs decoration on Christmas! Let us guide you in stair decor and make your Christmas perfect!

Best Tips for Home Stairs Decoration on Christmas

Maybe you never noticed, but stair decor can take your Christmas decoration to the next level! A decorated staircase ensures a warm welcome for guests. And we are here with some magical ideas to make sure that you don’t miss any corners. Such as:

Red and white vintage style:

Have you decided on a theme party of the 1950s this Christmas at your home? Then, just like you and your guests, you should give a touch of vintage look to your staircase too! The shiny Brite ornaments, evergreen garlands, mini potted trees, the sled, and a small Santa with red stockings- all these can make your guest feel a little nostalgic and bring a feel to the party!

What’s about adding some Eucalyptus to the decor?

Well, trends come and go, but the timeless decor remains and stands the test of time no matter how many years have passed! And airy eucalyptus brings the same classic look to your stairs and makes the overall entrance elegant. In fact, pairing the eucalyptus with evergreen and white bows is just beyond unique! Make sure you drape the garland around the handrail instead of wrapping that.

Colorful Christmas balls!

Do you want to create a whimsical welcome for your guests? If yes, this one may work well for your stair decor! All you need is the eucalyptus garland and colorful Christmas bulbs. Pairing it with these balls and wrapping that around the banister can make the entrance look unmatchable and give a touch of sparkle! On Yelp, you can look for such images!

Wooden elements:

Honestly, eucalyptus and evergreen decorations with ribbons and Christmas balls are quite common in every home. But if you want to do something out of the box this year, wooden elements can be stunning to decor your staircase. Just send your kids to collect twigs as much as possible! Once they got, tie those onto a string to make a rustic garland to hand and wrap around the banister. The best part is you need not spend a penny on this!

Jingle Bells!

Do you remember the music, “Jingle bells, Jingle Bells’ you used to teach your kids? Why don’t you take the same for stair decor? Pair the eucalyptus and pine garland with a topping of small twinkle lights and hanging jingle bells with a string! This one can bring rustic and vintage charm to your staircase!

Pine roping and bows!

Nothing could be better than the smell of fresh greenery on Christmas morning at home! And an elegant garland of live pine leaves can make your vision real. In fact, to add some charm and spread cheer, pairing it with gold and white ribbon can be splendid!

Also, you can decorate the stair corners with small potted plants. It can be a sweet surprise for your kids if they love gardening!

We hope you love our home stairs decoration for Christmas! And if you want to make some renovations for the coming year, let us know! At MDM Custom Remodeling Inc, our designers are here for free consultation and guidance if you require it. Stay connected!

Owning a dream home is something that all want! But you should know that you can’t take it lightly! From foundation to the modern railing for stairs– you can’t leave any corner and make a random decision. You have to look over every detail and aesthetic of the interior, especially while choosing a railing style for your staircase!

Trending designs for modern railing for stairs

Perhaps, it’s the most challenging task when it comes to a home improvement project! After all, you need to pick a railing style that can be a compliment not only to the staircase but to home! Such as:

Modern but simple:

Does your home interior contain delicate trim work on the walls? If yes, you should keep the railing design in the backseat! Or else it will drag all the attention, and the rest of the effort on the staircase walls will go in vain!

Go for simple white railing styles that may fade into the white walls in the background! Its sightlines can give the intricate works on the walls and picture frames a chance to expose more!

Wooden stair railing:

When your home style reflects the antique and vintage look, this one would be an apt choice here! Wood railing can highlight the carved details in your older-style interior. 

You can leave those unpainted to showcase the rich wood stain colors and the dark tone. In fact, you can multiply the style at the entrance with colorful floral-patterned wallpaper installation against the wooden railings!

Curved stair railing

On our Facebook page, we find many of our clients asked, “What’s so special about a curving railing?” Well, the specialty is in its highly polished wooden handrails and the pairing up with the black iron blusters, containing decorative features! You can find a sense of grandeur in your staircase style and interior!

Victorian-style railing

While talking about modern railing for stairs, you should know that this one has made a comeback to the list! And when you want to highlight your home architecture, this one would be perfect on the entry staircase. The white blusters against the woodwork give a bright look to your living room!


Here, the railing looks like tree branches that give a staircase a soft and elegant appearance! This nature-inspired whimsical railing creates an elevated curb appeal to the home’s style. A perfect match against the colorful artwork on the staircase wall!

Also, at MDM Custom Remodeling Inc, our experts can offer you more ideas for modern railing for stairs! Stay in touch!

Picture this: You are looking forward to renovating your home. Of course, plenty of options are there on Google. From flooring to wall paint and upgrading your kitchen and bathroom- you can pick any! But have you ever thought of custom staircase designs? Maybe never because of assuming to have a long planning procedure! Isn’t it?

However, that’s not at all! Only you need to consider and check a few steps to do so! Here, we are to discuss HOW!

Quick steps to plan Custom Staircase Designs

No doubt, a custom staircase is a perfect addition to any home or office premises. It’s, especially when you make the right choice from the trendy home stairs designs! All you need is to consider the following steps regarding this:

Search for the inspiration

While planning a custom staircase for your home or office premises, there must be a design in your mind. It comes from the inspiration that you may have found somewhere, whether it’s Google or at any of your friend’s! But before coming to any final decision, ask these questions yourself:

  • Does this staircase design fit your space?
  • Should you go for the straight or curved stairs?
  • Is this custom staircase design a perfect match for your interior layout?

Choosing staircase type

Now, it’s time to decide on the right type of stairs. Here, you can get help from our experts too! For instance:

Straight stairs:

If you want to have that traditional look in your interior layouts, go for straight custom staircase designs! You can find the design options like L-shape, scissor stairs, and more that come with no change in directions. In fact, from simple and conventional to modern and complex- all varieties are available in a straight staircase! 

Curved staircase:

Even you can find some of our clients on Yelp saying that curved custom designs for staircases stand better in the test of time. With different sizes and shapes, round staircases bring grace and elegance to the space!

Picking the right style

After deciding on the curved or straight custom staircase designs, it comes to style! It will help you include unique features in the layout that will make your space more stunning. The styles are:

  • Modern
  • Ornamental
  • Craftsman 
  • Traditional 

Have you found it simple now? Great, then! If you have made mind about the custom staircase design you need, we, MDM Custom Remodeling Inc, can help you! Stay in touch for more such ideas!

No doubt, the staircase is the spine of the home that connects every floor. But whenever you hear the term, you start to imagine nothing but a square structure as usual! Gone are those days! Now, you should look into these latest home stairs designs of 2021 that you can try out at your home! It not only reflects your sense of fashion and style but adds an eye-catchy appeal to your living space where the staircase starts!

And in today’s blog, we have discussed some of the trendiest staircase styles that stand the test of time for years and remain timeless.

Find the best latest home stairs design for you

Yes, space and budget are a matter when it comes to looking for a staircase structure. But you have to keep the visual aesthetic appeal in mind that can give the entrance a chic look! We, MDM Custom Remodeling Inc, suggest taking a glance here:

Modern Genesis

Do you have a small space to construct a staircase? Well, most homeowners leave the hope of having stylish stairs for this reason. But you can look for Modern Genesis that is a perfect match for the homes lacking room for stairs. Its design is a double helix that looks elegant and excellent in small spaces. You just fall in love with its twist!

What’s about the glass stairs?

If you have a home designed in contemporary style, this stair style will be apt there. Nothing can be a better option than a glass staircase to hold the glamour and elegance of your living room. Also, it can fit even a small space and make the space looking bigger and brighter! You can add a modern touch to your contemporary space that will leave your guests spellbound while stepping in!

Triangular floating stairs

For a customized high-end home, you can look for it! If you check the design on Yelp, you can find it coming with glass panel railing style. And the stairs look like some triangular treads floating in the air! The design makes your home stand out unique from others!

Go for something wavy!

Are you confused about choosing between metal and wooden stairs? Then, why not a combined one! This waveform staircase contains the design of wooden stairs with metal rails. It’s a perfect choice if you want to hold both interior decor and functionality with the staircase.

Stairs with glass walls

When you are a black lover, this stair design must be at your high ceiling home! It’s because the staircase seems like \’A route to HEAVEN\’ due to its narrow and long style with the glass wall. And the higher your eyes would go, the stair shades become darker and blackish! Moreover, the carpet on it adds a class and clean view!

So, which one have you liked? No matter which one but our expert team will be there to meet your expectations. Also, if you need more staircase ideas, go on Pinterest! Here, you will find more pictures of home stairs designs to pick the best one!