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Are you looking to add a little square footage to your existing home? Then, we would love to recommend you view Yelp and look over our previous projects on building a single story for a single-family home extension. It’s not about just increasing the extra space on your premises but improving the overall layout. But when undertaking the project, you better be careful while creating a budget and discussing with our contractors while designing and planning. Or else you may not have the best possible addition.

How to Add a Single Story for a Single Family Home

Of course, a single-story addition is one of the most popular home improvement projects, and the reasons are not difficult to see! In fact, the best part of a master suite addition for a single-family home is the most cost-effective alternative to moving to a new home. Now, if you want to nail the design of your single-story addition, we are to guide you, from start to finish, like:

How much do you have to spend on a single story extension?

Before the project kicks off and you sit with our designers to plan your single story extension, make sure you set the budget. We have broken down the overall building costs here that may help you ideate the overall expenses. Such as:

  • For a basic quality, 4m x 5m extension will cost around $39350, while you can expect to pay for a good quality single-story addition of more or less $50,000. And if you are looking forward to a high spec extension, count upwards of $57,000. 
  • The fit-out charges can cost you between $6,600 and $39,500 for the kitchen. For a bathroom design, the expenses can be around $5,900 to $14,500. 

Apart from this, you can’t miss the additional charges of the party wall agreement, fees, and interior fit-out costs.

Do you need planning permission for a single-story extension?

Well, it depends on your design and layout! If you meet the following conditions, yes, you require a planning permit for the addition:

  • You have extended it towards the road.
  • It covers more than half of the land surrounding your home
  • The extension is taller than 4m and more than half-width of the existing house
  • A raised balcony

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