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Kitchen cabinets can transform the entire style of your cooking space in an instant! The overall look and feel of the kitchen will turn into something that you may have never experienced before. And wall cabinets can be the perfect addition for New Year to make the room more inviting and warm! In fact, the choices are countless, and it brings us here to discuss and ease your task to pick the right one for your kitchen.

What are the trendiest wall cabinet styles to embrace?

From the cabinet handles to the colors and finishes- every single factor can change the entire look of your cooking space. Hence, while considering wall cabinets to bring a distinct appearance to your kitchen, diving into the latest styles for wall cabinets is essential. Have a look:

Frameless glass cabinets

During kitchen remodeling, most homeowners prefer their kitchen as unique as possible! If you are on the same page, the frameless glass wall cabinets may look great. It works just as the door shutter while coming with a perfect design- frameless glass, absence of handles, and decorative hinges. In fact, you can find the magnetic latch features here that you need to push to open and close the windows.

Awning-style cabinets

Well, this one is a timeless one that may never go out of trend! The Awning-style cabinets contain cabinet doors featuring lift-up movement that looks quite classy and simple to use! And the best part is there’s no risk to get hit on your head while opening in a rush that generally happened with the hinged ones!

Louvred wall cabinets

Many customers on Yelp ask us to provide some solution to keep their food and stuff safe from moisture inside the cabinets. For them, Louvred cabinets are an ideal option! These wall cabinets are designed for especially moisture-laden areas to prevent the dampness inside them.

But it doesn’t mean that you have to compromise the style here! The cabinet panels are entirely fabricated with the repetition of horizontal wood slats. What better gift you can give your kitchen this New Year!

Raised-panel wall cabinets

This one is apt for a traditional and timeless look in your kitchen! You can have the options of customized designs here for the decorative cabinet door frames and panels. A detailed look can make even your small cooking space quite attractive!

Last but not least, you can contact MDM Custom Remodeling Inc for such kitchen renovations on New Year! Our experts will be at your place on your schedule. Stay connected!