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New Year is ahead, and you have decided to give your kitchen a refreshment with some minor changes. Still, like every homeowner, you may also find designing your cooking space a challenge though quite enjoyable! From the ceiling to the floor- you can have an array of options when it’s about deciding the layout. But the most overwhelming among all is the materials for cabinets. And if you are on the same page, we recommend wood cabinets for the kitchen! It can fit any kitchen design regardless of the wall color, size, and floor plan. 

Reasons to embrace wood cabinets for kitchen

While planning for kitchen remodeling, always think something out of the box by stepping out from the trend, like something timeless and classic! And the wooden cabinets are the perfect match to make such an addition to your cooking space this New Year. Here’s WHY:

Classic and timeless design:

As said, think of something out of the frame that can stand the test of time, and wood cabinets are apt here. Every trending material goes outdated except for the wood. Its timeless beauty and style look unique, while the aged look fits any kitchen layout and color scheme. 

More welcoming and warm:

Most kitchens these days come with an artificiality that doesn’t offer that warmth and inviting appearance that you may find in the cooking space of decades ago! Do you want to bring that quality to your dream kitchen and make it unique? Wood cabinet storage can make the room feel quite comfortable that is perfect for welcoming your guests to the New Year’s Eve party!

Minimal maintenance:

Solid wood cabinets come with durability, including ease of use and low maintenance! Varnishing once a year can restore its original appearance and make it look up-to-date. 

For people, who want to renovate their kitchen on a budget, wood cabinets are a perfect affordable alternative! In fact, if you are unsure about it, we suggest going through the reviews of our previous clients on Yelp and having the assurance!


The best part of embracing wood cabinets is the customized designs with attention to detail artistry. The unique style and creative craftsmanship make the furniture look timeless and the space sophisticated!

In this New Year, if you want to install wood cabinets in your kitchen, MDM Custom Remodeling Inc can help you out! Just let us know and stay in touch!

Admit or not- the style and stunning look of your kitchen come from your cabinets! That’s why it’s a MUST to look for not only the designs but popular kitchen cabinet color ideas for renovation! After all, you may not prefer spending on a kitchen remodeling plan that fades away after a couple of years.

And in today’s blog, we have come with some color ideas for your kitchen cabinets that will leave those timeless!

Popular kitchen cabinet color ideas to try out this year

Of course, you may have white cabinets already in your kitchen. And honestly, there’s nothing like white! Still, turn your head once for other hues too that are quite popular these days among homeowners.

In fact, you can check on Yelp! Many of our previous clients have embraced these stunning colors for their kitchen cabinets. It’s your turn to do so:

Matte black:

Do you have white walls in the kitchen? Then, nothing can be better than this matte black shade for your cabinets to make the space looking brighter! Yes, it’s a little bit edgy but allows a classic view against the white walls and backsplashes. Especially when you want to add some drama in your kitchen space, it’s apt!

How’s about Wooden finish!

Yes, gone are the days when wooden cabinets are in use! But what if you can get back the finishes again! We, MDM Custom Remodeling Inc, suggest choosing a brownish wooden finish hue for cabinets that you can pair with the granite countertops. It drastically transforms the look of your kitchen and seems like having oak cabinets. Do you love the texture?

Wood tones but mixed!

As mentioned, wooden finishes have made a comeback in the world of popular kitchen cabinet color ideas. And you can get the same feeling with this mixed wooden tone. Generally, it comes in a contemporary gray shade but with a wooden finish! It will add texture, depth, and warmth to your cabinet designs.

Mute shades!

If you want to go for the neutral while love uniqueness in your kitchen, try the nude shades for your cabinets! Especially the light or dark grey can create a gravitating look in your space.

Have you decided to from white and try these popular kitchen cabinet color ideas? If you want some samples, check our kitchen remodeling photo gallery! For more home improvement ideas, keep on reading our blogs!

Home remodeling is an excellent home improvement project. It can dramatically boost the value of a property. But in Los Angeles, many people become hesitant to take this approach due to the cost. They consider this project to be an expensive one. Are you one of them? Then read the entire blog. Here, we have introduced a few remodeling ideas that can help complete this project within $10k. So, before you hire a contractor for home remodeling in Los Angeles, take a look at the following passage.

A Few Home Remodeling Ideas on Your Budget

In Los Angeles, you will find many home remodeling contractors. Most of them offer services to their clients at an affordable rate. And the excellent remodeling ideas they provide can make your home interior stunning. And these are what you will explore in the following lines.

1. Incorporate a Crown Molding

Crown molding can add charm and value to a home. It can make your space more grown-up and classy. This decorative addition is perfect for walls and ceilings. There are numerous styles and designs you will facilitate to choose from. But in this respect, it’s prudent to leave it to the experts.

2. Makeover your Bedroom Closet Door

The brilliant makeover of a closet door can brighten up your bedroom. You can go for a hollow core door and use a wooden panel to create the base. And add sharp hinges to give it a complete look.

3. Add a Functional Bed

You can have a beautiful and functional bed that comes with storage space. Apart from beautifying your bedroom, you can save a significant amount of space with this approach.

4. Add A Tree Shelf to Store Your Children’s Book

This genius shelf can store books as well as other objects of a bedroom. So, include it in your room instead of a boring shelf. You can have this tree shelf at an affordable rate.

5. Incorporate A Tufted Bench

Elegant benches can improve the look of a room. A tufted bench is quite useful. And it will enhance the appearance of a room. You can purchase it within $40.

6. Repaint Your Home

Before you get your home interior painted, choose the right color. You can also visit Houzz to get help in this respect. With the right color scheme, you can make your boring home look great. And make sure you choose the color that can enlighten your room.

7. Blackout Curtains Are the Best Option

You can add a touch of elegance with blackout curtains. These are incredibly stylish and suit almost all rooms. If you want to block the sunlight to increase your quality of sleep, this option is the best. It means this approach can also help reduce your air conditioning bill.

8. Open up Your Room with A Large Mirror

Adding a large mirror can benefit you a lot. The light it reflects can create an illusion of more open and large space. However, it’s prudent to get it placed on the wall that faces the window.

9. Add a Stone Exterior to Your Bathtub

It’s an excellent idea to give your bathroom a classy look. The air stones which will be used are more environmentally friendly. You need only one box which costs around $50. In Los Angeles, you might have seen this bathtub rarely. But you can go for it to make your bathroom unique from others.

10. Replace Your Bathroom Flooring with Vinyl Tiles

Are you upset with the old flooring in your bathroom? Then the time has come to get it replaced. You can replace your bathroom flooring with vinyl tiles. Marble and ceramic tiling is also a good option, but these are expensive.

11. Re-paint Cabinets

Applying a fresh coat of paint to the cabinets can change the overall look of your bathroom and kitchen. Most contractors suggest this idea to their clients in terms of home remodeling in Los Angeles. On the flip, replacing the cabinets can hurt your wallet.

12. Choose a Glass Cabinet for Your Kitchen

Adding a glass cabinet is a great way to open up your cooking space. This approach can also enhance the beauty of your kitchen interior. Most importantly, the glass cabinet is quite durable, which can save your cost in the long run.

13. Make Your Kitchen Elegant With a New Backsplash

Want to add a little creativity to your kitchen? Then nothing can be an ideal option other than considering a custom backsplash project. You can make your purchase of backsplashes within $20 – $50.

So, apply these home remodeling ideas and get your project completed within $10k.

We, MDM Custom Remodeling Inc, can remodel your home with these excellent ideas mentioned above. Our company has years of experience regarding home remodeling in Los Angeles. We provide a 3D model to our clients. Read our other blogs to know more.

Hosting a New Year\’s Eve party is truly exciting. It requires a lot of planning to make it unforgettable. But is your home a perfect place to throw the party? If not, the time has come to update it with excellent remodeling ideas. However, if you want to refresh the heart of your home with remodeling, you need to contact a renowned general contractor. They will provide fabulous that can charm up your New Year’s Eve party. Want to explore these? Read the entire blog!

Home remodeling ideas for New Year\’s Eve party

The general contractors can make your home incredibly remodeled with their skills and experience. They have adequate knowledge about home remodeling that suits your party’s requirements. Aside from, their given ideas will add value to your property. So, let’s check out the following points to know these.

Upgrade the lighting

Most property owners spend a lot on electric lighting. But you can reduce this expense by cutting down the number of lights. The general contractors usually suggest replacing the incandescent bulbs with LEDs. These bulbs last for a prolonged time. It uses one-third of the electricity consumed by the incandescent bulbs.

Replace the windows

Replacing the new windows can change the interior look of your home. It is also a money-saving option to make an aesthetic upgrade. You can also opt for energy-efficient windows that come with wooden frames. These insulate better than the aluminum one.

Choose bright colors for paint

Choosing light colors with a combination of darker floors will be excellent to impress your guests. This contrast goes well with your party decor ideas. You can also opt for off-white. Remember that the bright color walls reflect light. And it reduces your need for using high wattage bulbs.

Include color pop kitchen cabinet

It’s a fantastic home remodeling idea for the upcoming New Year’s Eve. You can opt for colored cabinets leaving behind the white trend kitchen. Most general contractors prioritize to include Kitchen Island, kitchen wall cabinet, and base cabinet. These go well with excellent colors such as navy blue, dark red.

Antique art for home decoration

The fabulous antique art collection will add beauty to the interior of your home. Besides, your guests will love it at the sight of the antique arts. You must choose the collection that has a story behind these. You can use open shelves to display the items.

Incorporate low-upkeep furniture

If your old furniture has occupied a lot of spaces, you can replace it. And opt for furniture that requires limited space. This approach will allow you to organize your New Year’s Eve party property at your place. And choose furniture that can minimize the hassle of maintenance. That is why the general contractors suggest faux-suede as living room furniture.

A perfect home remodeling can rejuvenate your home. You must contact a reputable general contractor in this respect. They provide fabulous ideas of home remodeling for your New Year’s Eve party. So, no more wait! Start your search right now.