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So, finally, we are on the doorstep of 2022 and just three days away. You have already done decorating every room, except for the cooking space. But when the guests drop in, they will visit your kitchen at least once. Yet, you shouldn’t give them a chance to comment on your dull outdated cooking space. Well, with us, you can have the ultimate solution for kitchen remodeling in Manhattan Beach to concert your ordinary cooking space into a modular one. And if you want to get so within your budget and in a short time, we ensure that our following ideas will fit your preferences.

Best Kitchen Remodeling Ideas to Convert the Old Kitchen Into Modular One

Most apartments and homes come with conventional, like the 80s kitchen layouts. For example, the granite or marble sinks and countertops may take hours to shine and still don’t look that classy! In that case, we, MDM Custom Remodeling Inc, suggest going for a modular kitchen. With a few cost-effective and quick addition, you can do so!

Modular additions of cabinets

Our kitchen remodeling company in Hollywood has recently introduced smart accessories that can transform your ordinary cooking space into a modular one at a glance. Whether having a tiny kitchen or a bigger one, you can create a smart storage space with wire drawers, pullout cabinets, flexible shelves, and bin holders. Moreover, you can go for tall units to create the pantry in your modular kitchen to have the cooking supplies within your reach in seconds.

Modular shelves

While after quick access to your kitchen accessories and giving a trendy look to the space, installing modular shelves is apt. You can store the spices and ingredients you require daily at cooking time. Also, you can look for fixing wall accessories to hang the coffee mugs and cutleries. To add some elegance, you can place potted plants on the shelves.

Think of color scheme

Our general contractor in Los Angeles recommends interesting and vibrant shades to the homeowners to stand out from their ordinary kitchen and transform it into a modular cooking space. For instance, you can embrace the brown-white cabinets, multi-colored laminates, attractive backsplash tiles, and more.

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So, you don’t have enough space in your new kitchen to decor it. Right? But do you know that you can make wonder even this small square footage with our modular kitchen remodeling ideas? That’s right! Smart designs can work like a MAGIC WAND at your small cooking space and transform it in a way that can turn your head! 

Are you interested to know some of those? Check out our today’s blog!

Modular Kitchen Remodeling ideas for your small space

From cabinets to colors and layouts- every single choice can make a dull-looking kitchen into a stunning one! All you need is to decide on the right option, and we, MDM Custom Remodeling Inc, are here to help you choose the best modular kitchen remodeling ideas. Such as:

Start with small cabinets!

OKAY! Admit it when you have the least space, cutting the corners is essential. Hence, you can’t choose unnecessary items for your kitchen. And in the top priority list, cabinets come first! You can install them over the windows, walls, or towards the ceiling according to your needs. Like this, you can save enough floor space too!

Picking the cabinet colors!

Going for the contrast can be the best idea to create a modular kitchen in a small space. For example, you can go for black cabinets when you have white or neutral-colored walls. But if you want to try a variety of colors on your wall, choose the white one for cabinets. 

Both will make your kitchen look brighter and bigger! If you have doubts, read the reviews of our previous clients on Yelp! You may find those helpful in this regard!

Why don’t you try an open shelf?

When dreaming of a modular kitchen in a small space, the decor and functionality are the ways to do so! And open shelves are a perfect addition here! You can look for wooden or copper shelves to keep the items you use frequently or decorate with small antique pieces. 

Look for the glass doors!

Do you want to give an illusion to your small cooking space? Then, this modular kitchen remodeling idea would be apt! Glass doors are a perfect combination of elegance and style to apply in small kitchens that you can extend to the dining area too!

Have you loved these? Then, you can look into our kitchen remodeling photo gallery for more such modular kitchen remodeling ideas. Also, call us for further consultation if required!