bathroom addition

Bathroom Addition: Frameless Vs. Framed Shower Door!

bathroom addition

Bathroom Addition: Frameless Vs. Framed Shower Door!

Admit it or not, bathroom remodel can bring a huge difference in the overall curb appeal of your home. So, if you are tired of your dull and old-looking bathroom or require extra space, a bathroom addition is not a bad idea, though! From the faucets to the floor tiles and shower door- you can give a touch of fresh look everywhere. 

Making a choice between a frameless shower door and framed one is quite overwhelming. While on the same page, today’s blog may guide you better!

Framed or Frameless Shower Door: Which Is Better?

Framed shower doors have been on the edge of demand for years that you can find in most traditional bathrooms. But the popularity of frameless shower doors is not behind! Its simple design gives a modern touch to your bathroom layout. On the other hand, framed shower doors still have many advantages. 

Frameless shower door

We, MDM Custom Remodeling Inc, have been done endless bathroom remodeling projects for years. And in recent works, we find most homeowners demanding frameless shower doors for their restroom despite its higher expenses. And the reasons really make sense:

Easy to clean:

Cleaning the shower door with a clunky frame is, no doubt, time-consuming and challenging. But with a frameless door, the whole process becomes a breeze!

Great seamless look:

While looking for modern decor in your bathroom, nothing can beat a frameless shower for its simplicity of design with a sleek look and polished edges. And the best part is you can get a variety of choices in layouts that allow you to customize your shower door as you desire. 

Perfect for a small bathroom:

Don’t you like your small bathroom but no space for bathroom addition? Frameless shower doors can provide you with the ultimate solution! As you can see through the glasses, it may make the tiny room look bigger while showing off the tiles. 

Framed shower door

This traditional glass shower door comes with sliding layouts and swing designs of open and shut. We have found some homeowners complaining about this! Still, it has amazing benefits that don’t let it go out of trend, like:

  • Unique and countless glass door options with elaborate and elegant designs
  • Framed shower doors are comparatively more affordable than frameless ones.
  • These shower doors are more watertight than frameless doors.

So, which one will you pick? Let us know with your valuable feedback on Yelp! Stay connected!