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Need Spanish Style House Remodel? 5 Architectural Elements to Add!

3d design

Need Spanish Style House Remodel? 5 Architectural Elements to Add!

Are you a fan of Spanish colonial home designs? Then, it’s not surprising that you want to add the same touch to your current building while renovating it! Spanish-style house remodels ideas can give your space a classic and distinct look that may make it stand out uniquely from your neighbors’. But before you start, we want you to know which architectural element additions can help you get that Spanish-style appearance!

Architectural elements for Spanish-style house remodel

Here are some of the exterior architectural designs that we suggest the homeowners include in their building structure to bring the feel of a Spanish-style home. Such as:

White stucco walls and exterior

The best part of that Spanish-style home renovation is to add the touch of classic and old-aged view to the premises. And you can start with textured stucco walls with fresh white paint! Here, the hand-applied mix makes the exterior look, no doubt, unique and timeless!

Terracotta roof tiles

On our Facebook profile, we often find our clients asking to renovate their roof in Spanish-style. Here, we recommend Terracotta roof tiles! These red clay roofs can give your home a rustic and warm look that really stands the test of time. In fact, this roofline style better suits the asymmetrical and multi-level house!

Ornamental entrance

If your want your guests to impress by seeing your house at first glance, don’t miss the entrance here! The wooden doors and ornamental iron gates hold the ultimate definition of a Spanish-style home. You can include the crafted window grilles, stair railings, and gates to give the premise a typical Spanish revival look! 

And to multiply the vintage appearance, adding lanterns on the sidewalls of wooden doors and gates is not a bad idea, though! 

Arches and curves

As said, home entrance is the first step to impress the visitors. That’s why it would be great to add the curve steps to the front door just like a vintage Spanish-style home has! Also, you can include an archway leading to the front door of your living space for better attention to detail look.

Outside patios

It’s the best addition to creating a Spanish-style home! Have an outdoor living space to enjoy the fresh air and mild climate anytime you wish to. Also, having a fireplace can double your fun with friends and families staying outside late at night!

If you are ready for Spanish-style house remodels, let us know! At MDM Custom Remodeling Inc, our experts are ready to make your dream true!