Bathroom Cabinetry Refacing

A Perfect Shower Encloser Addition in 1…2….3…!

Bathroom Cabinetry Refacing

A Perfect Shower Encloser Addition in 1…2….3…!

Are you on a plan to jazz up your home interior? Then, you can leave any corner, not even the bathroom! After all, it’s the place where one can find relaxation and peace at the end of the day. But before you start thinking of your restroom upgrade, don’t miss the shower enclosure addition. In fact, to determine the overall look of your bathroom, it’s essential to consider different factors to pick the right enclosure design for your space!

Considerable facts for proper shower enclosure additions

From the size and shape to the door choice of the shower enclosure- every minute detail is vital to keep a check on while embracing a new addition to your bathroom space. In fact, you can sit with our designs of MDM Custom Remodeling Inc over a coffee for a free consultation on it! Such as:

Right location

Generally, most homeowners prefer installing their shower room at the corner while having a tiny space or bigger one! And the best part is that this choice one stands the test of time. But here, you can’t skip the door size, types, and shower enclosure designs. And all these require more attention to make the right choice, depending on space!

Perfect shape for shower enclosure

On our Facebook profile, we often find many asking about the right shape and size for the shower enclosures for their bathroom space. Honestly, it’s a challenge to find the best match providing comfort and style while fitting in space! We can give you some hints here:


If you have limited bathrooms, you can use the corner walls for your shower enclosures. Its L-shaped or curved design comes with a wide range of options while saving enough space in the rest bathroom. 


We recommend not embracing this one for the bathrooms not having enough space! T-shape shower enclosures are the best choice for larger restrooms. In fact, it’s easy to maintain. 


Does your bathroom have narrow walls? Then, U-shape shower enclosures can work here better than anything else! It’s trendy while bringing a touch of modernity even in the small space!

Door style

Yes, countless options are there for shower enclosure doors, including framed and frameless. But whether you go for sliding doors or the hinged one, it depends on how much space you have to open and close the door! Now, if you are unsure about it, read the reviews on Yelp and find which shower enclosure designs are trending these days! Stay in touch!