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At some point in life, most homeowners feel that they should increase their square footage a little bit more. And you may not be exceptional here- Isn’t it? Of course, the reason for the second-floor room addition could be anything, from having space for elderly parents to creating a home office! However, adding a second story may take more time than you can imagine. That’s why you must look for the sure signs of getting it before sitting with our home designers over a coffee!

Are you sure to get second-floor room addition?

Honestly, most homeowners can’t ideate that for sure and remain overwhelmed. And when the project gets done, they regret spending dollars on the second-story building for no reason!

Don’t worry! You can guess with these following tell-tale signs if you really need room additions on the second floor or not! Such as:

Unable to invite your parents or guests!

No matter how much you love to welcome your guests or elderly parents for a weekend, sharing your own bedroom is merely impossible for anyone. After all, who else want to compromise the comfort and sleep on the living space couch! On the other hand, if you have no extra room to put them in, second-story addition is second to none!

No space for ground-level room additions!

Many look for room additions on the same level if possible to avoid climbing upstairs. But when you are left with no space to extend your property backyard or sideways, second-floor room additions are the only option to embrace, especially when you require an urgent space to move your home office.  

Can’t afford to buy or build a new home!

Maybe you have thought of moving to a new home or knocking down the older building and creating a new one. But when you have a limited budget while needing extra space is a MUST, we, MDM Custom Remodeling Inc, suggest going for second-story additions! Hence, you can double the existing space within $35,000 around. Isn’t that affordable?

Want to separate the living space and the dining room!

Limited space often doesn’t allow us to arrange the room in the ways we want! And you end up using the living room as a dining space. Second-story addition can help you set up an entertainment room and living space differently!

Now, if you have made your mind to get second-floor room additions, it’s time to start looking for the trendiest designs! And for that, you can follow our Facebook profile if required! Stay connected!

A cooking space with an island countertop may be the most sought-after design that most homeowners want to have in their kitchen! But whether you own a small space or a bigger one, you need to be careful with kitchen island countertop planning. Or else you may not achieve that functionality you are looking for to enhance the use of your cooking space.

How to do kitchen island countertop planning

Well, you don’t have to worry about the designs because you can find countless options on our kitchen gallery page. And our following tips will help you plan it perfectly! Such as:

Find the best angle for the kitchen island:

Deciding on the right orientation of the kitchen island countertop is not that easy nut to break! You have to consider a few vital factors here:

  • The size and shape of your cooking space
  • Access space and way to the room
  • The location of windows

For instance, let’s say you have a rectangular kitchen and prefer having a kitchen island of the same shape. Make sure that the longer side must fit parallel to the long wall. But it may not allow you to make the best use of the countertop that you may with another shape!

Space around the kitchen island

On Yelp, we find many of our clients asking how bigger the countertop should be! Our expert designers suggest leaving at least 1 to 1.2m around the island to move! Or else you may not have enough space to work in the cooking space with ease and comfort. 

The length and depth of the kitchen island can differ from one home to another, depending on your preferences, room size, and use. Still, no matter which size you choose, don’t forget to leave the space around it! 

Sink in the island or stovetop?

Now, it’s up to your choice and how you want to use the island in your kitchen! Some homeowners ask our designers to include the stovetop in the countertop, while a few prefer having a sink. But we recommend going for the former one to make your cooking space look more aesthetic! Having a sink means too many accessories around it like dishes, soap, or dishwashing liquid that look quite messy!

We hope our ideas may help you in kitchen island countertop planning perfectly. At MDM Custom Remodeling Inc, our designers and builders are ready to provide you with the trendiest layouts! Stay connected!

Have you got caught in the middle of a debate with your partner about this? No doubt, deciding on the right route for your kitchen renovation plan between open kitchen and close is overwhelming. In fact, it goes without saying that the big open kitchen concept in Los Angeles, California is on the craze these days! Still, people find it confusing to make a choice!

Anyway, in today’s blog, you may find some ideas and guess which way you should take your kitchen renovation plan.

Big Open Kitchen Concept or closes closed cooking space?

The structure, layout, and designs of kitchens have changed drastically over the years. Most cooking space these days has turned into a central place in the home while remaining isolated once! But the pros and cons are available in both!

Great for small homes

Tiny homes mean less square footage! Hence, the more walls you will eliminate, the better airflow you can have in the rooms. A big open kitchen concept combines the cooking space, living room, and dining together on the same floor. It removes the barriers of doors and walls that make the space look bigger and well-ventilated while allowing enough natural light access from the larger windows just opposite the kitchen. 

But when you have no space issues, a closed kitchen is perfect to embrace! You can go for bigger kitchen designs, like having large windows, kitchen islands, and cabinets for better storage options and airflow.

Engaging with people

Making a choice between open and closed kitchens depends on how much you love interacting with people while coking! For instance, let’s say you don’t like any interruption or disturbance when preparing something great for your family or guest. In this scenario, at MDM Custom Remodeling Inc, we suggest the closed kitchen for a better alternative!

On the other hand, suppose you want to catch your cooking and favorite shop together. Or when you don’t love to miss the fun and gossip with your family and friend who suddenly dropped in, embrace a big open kitchen concept!

Anyway, at the same time, you should know that kitchen floor plans have CONS equally! For example, open kitchens have fewer storage options, and it\’s prone to spreading heat to the room adjacent to them. Reversely, closed kitchens can prevent you from interacting with people while congested when space is small.

Now, if you want more ideas for a big open kitchen concept in Los Angeles, California, look into our kitchen remodeling photo gallery! Stay in touch!

It goes without saying that French doors add style, even to a dull and outdated living space! Its layouts seem like extended open windows that look perfect everywhere, from the balcony to the garden areas. Especially while talking about custom-designed French doors, you can play with the colors, shapes, and sizes. Also, you can have control over the light access and decorative door choices.

Trendy Custom-designed French Doors to embrace

French doors come with thicker features and additional eye-catching styles that you can customize according to your home’s layout. That’s why while thinking of home remodeling, it may be the best makeover plan you can have! Here are some of the best designs:

Sliding French doors

If you have an open floor plan concept and looking forward to getting a French door for your patio, go for the sliding designs. The wide panels can help that space get more natural light access and make it quite entertaining. Especially if you have a lack of square footage, sliding French doors are apt!

In-swing French doors

Do you want to have more airflow and light in your living space? Then, in-swing is a great option to give the room great light access. Also, to add a cohesive look on the exterior, go for vinyl windows and classic brown color against the white walls and casement windows on each side. 

French door for backyard

At MDM Custom Remodeling Inc, we suggest avoiding the white French doors for the hallway part of your home that leads to the backyard. Pick some neutral shades that highlight the calming effect in that space, like mute blue contrast to hardwood flooring and white walls. 

Fiber-glass in-swing French doors for bedroom

Do you have an attached balcony to the bedroom? Then, you have the best chance to give a sophisticated touch to that space, just like a master bedroom. The wide in-swing French doors are perfect for making the room feel refreshing and relaxing! On the other hand, black panels can go with any tranquil color scheme and seem trendy.

Out-swing French doors to terrace

When your study room is attached to the terrace, you can bring a contemporary look to this space with grid-pattern out-swing French doors. Pairing these with high ceiling and wall windows can change that conventional, outdated reading room style into an attractive one!

We hope our ideas have given you some options for custom-designed French doors! For more styles, follow us on Facebook and stay connected!

So, you are building your dream home for the first time. No doubt, you are ready to spend thousands of dollars on it! Then, why leaves it unprotected? Most homeowners these days embrace the ideas of custom facade designs in Los Angeles to keep their house safe from external influences.

How to choose the best Custom Facade Designs

And the best part is that you have the best possibilities in the style that you can find on our Facebook profile! For example, you can go for a simple one or any unobtrusive facade, depending on how you want your home to stand out uniquely from others. 

And we are here to help you out to ideate HOW!

Determine the functional facts

You can’t deny that the extreme weather phenomena have scaled up in recent years. Hence, while building your dream home, you need to be ready to protect the walls from any weather conditions. For example, if you live in an area with intense heat in the summertime, consider a facade with thermal insulation!

On the other hand, when you want insulation against external noise, discuss that with our designers and home builders. They can ensure the right solution to your requirements! 

Consider the aesthetics

Not only the functional but the appearance of your home is equally essential! That’s why we, MDM Custom Remodeling Inc, suggest going for Facade designs that come with customized options for the home. It allows the owner to be creative and decide on colors, shapes, materials. 

Ideate the materials

Custom facade styles can create a perfect visual statement for any building layout if you pick the right materials. For instance, timber cladding components can give your home facade a modern look:

  • Siberian Larch (light and dark brown)
  • Canadian Western Red Cedar
  • European Redwood

If you need a custom facade design in LA for your home, let us know! Stay in touch!

Owning a dream home is something that all want! But you should know that you can’t take it lightly! From foundation to the modern railing for stairs– you can’t leave any corner and make a random decision. You have to look over every detail and aesthetic of the interior, especially while choosing a railing style for your staircase!

Trending designs for modern railing for stairs

Perhaps, it’s the most challenging task when it comes to a home improvement project! After all, you need to pick a railing style that can be a compliment not only to the staircase but to home! Such as:

Modern but simple:

Does your home interior contain delicate trim work on the walls? If yes, you should keep the railing design in the backseat! Or else it will drag all the attention, and the rest of the effort on the staircase walls will go in vain!

Go for simple white railing styles that may fade into the white walls in the background! Its sightlines can give the intricate works on the walls and picture frames a chance to expose more!

Wooden stair railing:

When your home style reflects the antique and vintage look, this one would be an apt choice here! Wood railing can highlight the carved details in your older-style interior. 

You can leave those unpainted to showcase the rich wood stain colors and the dark tone. In fact, you can multiply the style at the entrance with colorful floral-patterned wallpaper installation against the wooden railings!

Curved stair railing

On our Facebook page, we find many of our clients asked, “What’s so special about a curving railing?” Well, the specialty is in its highly polished wooden handrails and the pairing up with the black iron blusters, containing decorative features! You can find a sense of grandeur in your staircase style and interior!

Victorian-style railing

While talking about modern railing for stairs, you should know that this one has made a comeback to the list! And when you want to highlight your home architecture, this one would be perfect on the entry staircase. The white blusters against the woodwork give a bright look to your living room!


Here, the railing looks like tree branches that give a staircase a soft and elegant appearance! This nature-inspired whimsical railing creates an elevated curb appeal to the home’s style. A perfect match against the colorful artwork on the staircase wall!

Also, at MDM Custom Remodeling Inc, our experts can offer you more ideas for modern railing for stairs! Stay in touch!

Admit it or not, but the first impression matters while on a plan to sell your home! However, without hitting your wallet a little bit for the home’s upgrade, you can’t do so! And for that, you need not go for new paints for the walls. Installing custom interior doors is perfect here! After all, a perfect entrance holds the key to multiplying your home\’s curb appeal.

But a question may trigger your mind, “Why consider a personalized door for interior upgrades?” and we are here to answer you that!

Reasons to consider custom interior doors

Not to mention, you can find so many options for interior door designs on magazines and Google! And the customizations after getting inspired from those door styles can impress your guests or home buyers within the first eight seconds. Besides:

Countless options

As mentioned, you can have numberless choices for your interior door designs that fit your budget and any home layout. In fact, it may make you feel quite overwhelmed, and you can find it challenging where to start!

We suggest you our Instagram profile and gallery to get inspiration for your custom interior doors. Here, you can evaluate:

  • Selecting the best quality wood species within your budget
  • Look over glass options if you want to include that in your door designs
  • Check and measure the entryways to choose the best door options
  • Evaluate different door designs and save the pictures for a discussion with our designers.

Greater Longevity

Maybe you don’t know, but when you customize your interior, you can have a better chance to choose superior quality and timeless designs. On the other hand, it’s easy to look over the door features and ideate if it can perform as well as it looks! Just do a little research to understand the difference in quality traits and consult our experts before spending dollars on it.

Easy to personalize

Not every design and color you find on the web matches your desire! With custom interior doors, you can choose not only the size and shape of the door, but the options are beyond that!

For instance, you can decide on any from the glass size to textured or non-textured designs, paint color, panel, and the list keeps going. Personalizing the door size and shape is just like a ‘Preface’ of a novel!

At MDM Custom Remodeling Inc, we suggest sharing pictures of the custom interior doors with us. Our professionals can help you ideate how it will look perfect for your home!

Do you want to make a cool statement in your bathroom? Then, renovating your shower space would be a great idea here! And a new Hexa shower floor can add a WOW factor to your decor style while offering your restroom a fresh upgrade with this stylish and classic tile design!

Why embrace a New Hexa Shower Floor?

Maybe you don’t know, but hex patterns are quite relatable to the honeycomb shapes. It makes the floor design an edgier option against any shower room layout! During bathroom remodeling, it can give more dimension and depth to your space with perfect attention to detail! Besides:


If you are not inclined to clean that much, having a low-maintenance floor in the bathroom like Hexa is perfect! You can get amazing options in the color palette to scale up the visual appeal while keeping the floor clean for a long time. 

Versatile look

If you are after some penny floor tiles, hexagon designs may match your desires! It can give your shower room a more contemporary look and versatility while evoking the vintage style! For example, black and white hex tiles can bring refreshment, and colorful hexagons can add dramatic glamour to the space!

Classic contrast to the shower room

At MDM Custom Remodeling Inc, we always suggest going for some floor design in the bathroom that can stand the test of time! And the Hexa shower floor will never disappoint you! In fact, you can have a classic contrast in the shower room while pairing it with natural and wooden cabinets. It creates a little bit more eye-catchy statement!

Vintage and historic finish

As mentioned, options are countless in Hexa flooring tiles when it’s about designing a shower room! You can choose a collection of tiles in different colors together and add an interesting appeal to the space. Playing with shades can help you break the usual boredom you have felt so fat in the bathroom! With Hexagon tiles, you have the chance to explore your creativeness and run wild!

Unique texture and flow

Have you ever tried to think out of the box, even with Hex tiles? If you want to bring something different to the Hexa shower floor, go for non-conventional tiles that come with a vintage classic look with their eccentric flow and texture.

Do you want to have more ideas for the Hexa shower floor? Then, look into our bathroom gallery now! Stay in touch!

Maybe you have no idea, but utilizing the unused garage space is on the craze for homeowners running out of the space! A car garage conversion into the bedroom not only increases the square footage for living space but adds around $65,000 to the home without the hassle of a planning permit! And even if it needs, our designers and contractors can handle that like a breeze!

What to Know about Car Garage Conversion into Bedroom

Yes, you have to hit your wallet a little bit to turn your garage into a stunning master bedroom! But before you start, learn the following:

How much to spend for the conversion

At MDM Custom Remodeling Inc, we offer projects on two garage conversions (400 square feet) into one bedroom, including kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, closet, and living space. The overall expenses will be around $35,000, depending on your customized demands and layout choices.

Single garage conversion or double?

Most homeowners remain overwhelmed to make this decision whether they should convert the single standard garage or double. The former one comes on average 150 square feet maximum! This one is too tiny for a bedroom while left with minimum space to open doors! 

But if you own a home with double garage space, partly garage conversion into the bedroom is not a bad idea, though. You can leave here a few square feet to park your bike if required!

When to go for garage conversion into bedroom

Two signs are there when you should and not! For instance:

  • If the parking for two-car families is zoned in your location, don’t convert your garage space. Instead, think of a second story for bedroom addition!
  • When plenty of space on the road for parking, converting the garage into a bedroom makes sense!

Also, if you need design ideas for garage conversion into a bedroom, follow us on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook now!

Admit it or not, but we spend around one-third of our life relaxing on the bed and enjoying movies lying on the couch! Then, it may quite make sense to embrace the best possible layout for the entire home. That’s why while planning for a master suite addition for a single-family home, keep this line in mind, “A master suite should be like your little oasis at the end of a hard day!”

Smart ways to make master suite addition

The master suite is all about experiencing the ultimate relaxation at the end of the day. And for the latest master suite designs, you can go through our previous blog! 

But to bring that style, you need to make some considerations here. Such as:

Start with the bedroom:

It’s the place where you actually want to all day long as much as possible. And to revamp your bedroom, you can begin with choosing the bed linen color palette. It can help you set the tone of the rest bedroom, like the furniture options, paint on the ceiling and walls, fitting, lighting fixtures, and so on.

Embrace the comfort

Whether it’s your bedroom, bathroom, or living space, you may prefer those to match your comfort level. For that, you can start with connecting the bathroom to your bedroom. Then, think:

  • Do you need a walk-in shower or a tub?
  • What’s about the flooring option?

After that, turn your head to the bedroom and living space while in the kitchen too! Here, go for:

  • Cushion style
  • Couch material
  • Bed and bedding materials
  • Kitchen cabinet designs
  • Countertop or kitchen island, and more

Play with colors

Home is the only space where you can be super creative and experiment with colors, especially in the bedroom. At MDM Custom Remodeling Inc, we suggest making your living space bright and airy with the choice of light hues and looking for some bold shades for the bedroom! You can pick here royal blue or deep green that can make the space cozy while romantic too.

What’s about placing furniture?

A wrong choice can make your master suite cluttered and messy! Yet, be picky in this regard, like:

  • Enclosed storage to avoid clutter
  • Place the couch in the mid of the living room
  • Wardrobes on the opposite walls of your bed etc.

We hope you can ideate now how you can start planning your master suite addition for your single-family home. To stay connected for more such ideas, follow us on Facebook!