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“The smallest dog barks the loudest!”

For the smallest bathrooms, this idea works the same! You can have the brightest space and turn it into a beautiful retreat with a simple small bathroom renovations! All you need is to pick the right shades to set a punch of mood and enhance the cozy nook uniquely. And we are here to help you find the perfect match for your restroom!

Small Bathroom Renovations: Which Color Can Set the Best Mood?

Belonging to a tiny house generation doesn’t mean you have to compromise with style. So, if you have dreamt of a stunning look for your small shower room, play with shades!

With a perfect and cool color hit, you can transform it breathtakingly like never! Let’s make the right choice:

Sea to the sky shades!

Blue is the most considerable one for bathroom walls for its positive effects on mood and makes us feel relaxed. Also, this shade can transform your small shower room space into a tranquil one and help your mind calm down! In short, you can have the perfect sensation at the end of a hectic day.

Dark shade for a small bathroom?

To be honest, it’s a dare to go dark for a tiny shower room! Often, the problem is about lacking natural light access that makes the space more compact and look smaller. That’s why we, MDM Custom Remodeling Inc, recommend dazzling white to most homeowners to keep things brighter and turn the space seeming bigger.

But if you want to go for something unique and dare to flip things upside-down, dark hues can do wonders in your small bathroom. You can have a rich intensity and vast wilderness while making it retreat to soak away all your stress!

Let’s bring nature in!

We always say that a timeless choice is better than the trendiest one because the trend keeps changing- comes and goes! If you want your bathroom style to stand the test of time, go GREEN! Green never goes out of style while becoming a perfect pair with almost anything. Try a green bathroom scheme, like a jungle with lush.

Also, on Yelp, you can look over the glossy tiles designs for your small bathroom. You can mix different shapes and sizes in accent hues to bring twists in colors.

Let us know how much you like our ideas, and keep on reading more blogs if you find our guide helpful. Stay connected!

Yes, the mid-century may not have a good reputation! But while talking about the architectural style, it’s worth discussing! Especially when you have a plan to renovate your small bathroom space, embrace the new Moroccan tiling! It used to remain a historic piece at that time. 

Are you unsure about it? Our today’s blog may help you out here with a perfect guide!

Why go for New Moroccan Tiling for a small bathroom?

Needless to mention, you remain disappointed while not having a luxurious restroom because of the tiny space. But even after a small room, you can spruce that up with a perfect choice of tiling that is new Moroccan style! 

For bathroom remodeling, it may be a perfect choice. Here’s HOW:

Attractive patterns and colors

Do you fond of patterned tiles for your bathroom floor? Then, new Moroccan tiling is apt here! It comes in stunning designs and patterns that combine amazing colors in each. This Moroccan style can transform your small and dull restroom space into a gorgeous one!

A complement to your restroom!

The best part of installing Moroccan tiles for your small bathroom is that you can make a huge difference here in styling. From rust to bright- you can get a wide range of options under this tiling that fit any theme. 

We, MDM Custom Remodeling Inc, suggest bright-colored Moroccan tiles against the faded or dull-looking small bathroom. On the contrary, go for rustic ones with white shaker vanity!

Timeless yet trendy!

Of course, you are breaking your bank for bathroom renovation a little bit! Yet, you may prefer embracing some tiling option that can hold timeless beauty! 

On the contrary, you don’t want your guests to comment in your choice like “OUTDATED!” That’s why the Moroccan tiles are perfect here for bathroom floors. With the right care, these can last longer than you expect!


The least number of people are there who come with enough time to maintain their tiled bathroom floor. You may not be an exception here! Well, Moroccan tiles are not only the attention gainer from your guests even to your small bathroom but come with no high maintenance. Still, minimal care is important to keep those last longer!

New Moroccan tiling comes in around $20,000 to $35,000 for a small bathroom floor. If you have the budget, go for it! Also, follow us on Facebook to have more ideas!

Practically, when you think of designing your small bathroom, complications arrive. This is natural because in most instances, the ideal concept is to install all the equipments and accessories of a large bathroom into the small one. Things are bound to get messy this way. The best possible way to prevent the situation from getting worse is by following some adept remodeling strategy for the bathroom.

It is necessary for your small bathroom to contain all those necessary elements that enhance both the appearance and utility of a bathroom and that too in a fine-tune way so that the natural soothing ambiance doesn’t disappear.

This needs no explanation as you can understand that this is an important task to accomplish and experts’ involvement is very much required for the purpose and realizing this very need for a successful small bathroom remodeling, the house owners look for skilled remodelers at their native places. The task is challenging of course, but there is no harm planning things up by yourself and this way, you will be able to convey things more effectively to the remodeling agents which ultimately results into a better accomplishment of the task.

There are four prime aspects that you or your remodeler need to pay attention to and those are;

  • Functions
  • Appearance
  • Fixtures and
  • Storage

These four aspects are like the four pillars of a chair, you break one and the chair falls down. Alongside keeping a sharp eye to these aspects, the storage is also an effective concern that must be taken into consideration. You cannot afford even the slightest room of mistake when it comes to successful bathroom remodeling.

Lots of innovative designs and instruments have now appeared in the market to change the ambiance of a bathroom and you can explore those ideas only from a credible remodeling company that has been associated with the service for over as long period of time. When you know that every inch of the designing service will get counted, you must not want to spoil things up by not considering the help from reliable and genuine remodelers.

Right before you venture out for a genuine bathroom remodeler, you must possess a precise idea about the space distribution in that place. If you are planning the installation of so many things together in your small bathroom, the first thing you need to do is manage the free space effectively so that it doesn’t lose the natural and organic appeal.

In order to get more varied benefits you can think of installing exclusive accessories in your bathroom but, make it certain that those should gulp the entire free space. For example; installing a bath tub in the small bathroom may turn out disaster since it will consume lots of free space and considering the situation, a corner bath would be far more effective for a small bathroom. There are lots of similar improvisations that will fit perfectly to the needs of a small bathroom remodeling and to explore them, you must get in touch with proficient organizations.

It is clear like daylight that the house owners in everywhere now prefer the remodeling of their house more than shifting to a new place because the later task is far more costly and full of hassles. Now we can see an increased numbers of remodeling companies that help the house owners with their unique and creative ideas. Your job is to find out the most credible one amongst those. Following some detailed criteria will help you reach the best remodeling company at your native place and get a quality small bathroom remodeling job done with them.