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So, you have made your mind to build a custom home. Congratulations on taking a step ahead to your dream! You have already scheduled a consultation with our designers and general contractors. But before that, you can see our Stevens custom home project to ideate the latest designs within your budget.

Do you find it overwhelming to decide on any home designs? We can help you here with smart guidance to find the perfect match for your custom home requirements!

How to choose the right custom home design

Whether you accept it or not but a home layout can make your future experience incredible while a nightmare too! That’s why you need to make major design considerations for your custom home remodeling or building. Here’s HOW:

Look over the rooms:

While choosing a custom home design or asking experts to plan it, focus on the accommodation with changing lifestyle. For example, you could have a large patio for your kids to play all day on the weekend or extra guest rooms for your surprising guests! 

Hence, take time and think before confirming any design like:

  • How many bedrooms do I need?
  • Should I get a room addition on my bedroom adjacent? 
  • Do you prefer sharing a bathroom or need one for each member?
  • Open floor plan or closed ones: Which will fit my requirements better?

Custom home floorplan:

It’s completely up to your preferences! Suppose you want privacy in the home, then embracing the open floor concept is not a good idea for you. Also, you need to decide if you want a modern custom home design or a traditional one! We, MDM Custom Remodeling Inc, suggest focusing on the aesthetics and space too!

What’s about the location?

Maybe you don’t know, but the area you live in plays a major role in deciding on the right custom home design. For instance, if you consider having a single-family home, planning a big backyard can be apt to enjoy the BBQ with your family. On the contrary, when you like spending time alone, a townhome design is better! 

Apart from this, don’t miss to evaluate your current lifestyle, including a growing family, priorities, and entertainment options. Comfortable and functional- you can’t leave any corner!

Was it helpful? We hope so! Still, if you want more ideas for custom home designs, check our photo gallery. You may find here what you have looked for so far!

You may have the old saying, “Where no plan is laid, chaos will soon reign!” No doubt, it perfectly fits with the custom home layout concerns! That’s why while ready to embrace our single-family home design services in Los Angeles, have a proper plan! And our today’s blog may help you in that to bring perfection in your decision making for your dream home.

Keep these things in mind for single-family home designs

It’s the planning stage that tells whether you will experience your dream home finally! Yet, look over the tips to ensure perfection while designing any of these 8 unique architectural house plans you have sorted. Such as:

Consider the future plans!

Do you have planning for kids or to bring your elderly parents in the upcoming years? Then, it’s a MUST to think about the accommodation, depending on the family headcounts. For instance:

  • Taking care of parents
  • Grandchildren
  • Your extended family
  • Guests and house parties on vacations 
  • Home office and more

Go for your small dreams!

Custom homes allow you to achieve your dream home. Yet, you can embrace the designs like the box window for gardening and growing herbs or a gallery wall of bold shades! It looks unique while trendy too!

Think something simple!

Yes, at MDM Custom Remodeling Inc, we offer 3D design for custom single-family home design services. But that doesn’t mean that you need to look for some layout out of the box! Don’t go for a complex one! Instead, try to choose a simple home plan that would be not only elegant but easy to understand for our designers.

How to plan the rooms

Have you already checked where your new custom home will be? Then, it’s time to decide on which room will face towards which feature! For example, suppose you have a running stream along with your home. Yet, it’s better to plan your bedroom near it while talking about enjoying nature’s beauty every morning. Or you can think of facing the windows to the best views or a steep slope!

Prioritize to be functional!

When you have a tight budgetary boundary, put a break on your luxurious fancies. Or else you would end up breaking your bank soon! Instead, consider having an open floor plan between the living room dining space and kitchen. It can make your home more functional while luxurious as well. 

If you have any doubt about our single-family home design services in Los Angeles, check on Yelp what our previous clients say about us! We hope it will help you make your mind!

Designing a custom home is one of the most exciting experiences in a person’s life. But it can be daunting too. Sometimes, it’s difficult to understand where to start. And that’s where many homeowners in Los Angeles are confused. However, to have a flawless custom home design in Los Angeles, one should start with a proper plan. If you are ignorant about how to take forward the building process, you may be in trouble. That’s why we have revealed a few tips in this blog. These will help you create the right design for your custom home with ease.

So, before you hire a contractor, take a look at the following points.

Follow These Tips to Design Your Custom Home

The visualization of your dream home can be different when it is put on paper. And without a clear vision, it’s difficult to evaluate where to begin and how to proceed. It’s your dream home where you are going to invest. Hence, take the help of the following tips to make sure everything will go on the right track.

1. Start Simple with What You Plan

The custom home you are going to have may involve intricate designs in the layout. But stay simple when it comes to creating the plan. In this regard, you don’t need software. Just take a pencil and paper and start sketching your ideas. Also, take the help of Pinterest before you start.

Consult every detail of your plan with the contractor and architecture. And create a list of features that you want to include in your custom home.

2. Think about Your Family and Future

Before building a custom home, one needs to think about the long-term. In terms of choosing a custom home design in Los Angeles, many homeowners are concerned about their extended family. For example, your aging parents may live with you in the future. You may have a plan on having kids in the coming years. These decisions are crucial to include in your plan.

Therefore, create a house plan that can accommodate your family members. Otherwise, you may feel cramped in your home in the future.

3. Maximize and Showcase the Lot

Have you purchased the lot where you will build your custom home? Then consider the size, topography, and best features of it. For example, if the lot overlooks nature scapes, you will definitely want to face the living room towards the side where your family members can enjoy the beauty of nature. Contrarily, if you have a stream running through your home, you may wish to place a bedroom near it to hear the pleasant sound of running water.

Think about which window will face the home’s best view. And consider whether the land will be sloped or not. Custom home on a steep slope looks more attractive than a flat lot. Read Yelp reviews to have more ideas.

4. Pay Attention to Features

Once your plan is recorded in a rough form, it’s time to prioritize the features of your custom home. But remember, the overall cost of building a custom home majorly depends on the features you want to include. However, amid so many luxuries to choose from, it’s imperative to focus on the most crucial aspects of your home design.

For instance, you may wish to have a box window in your kitchen to grow herbs. You may want to install an elegant front door to arrest the attention of your guests. In this regard, it\’s best to explore top architectural house plans famous in Los Angeles.

5. Think about Function and Flow

After choosing a custom house plan in Los Angeles, most people consider how the final design will flow. And that’s what you also have to think about. In this regard, Facebook is the ideal platform to get help.

For instance, it’s prudent to place your bedroom away from the communal area to get rid of noise while sleeping. If your family tends to gather around the kitchen, choose an open floor plan that features an easy flow between your kitchen, living room and dining area.

MDM Custom Remodeling Inc will build your custom home according to your desires. Our team of architectures is competent enough to create a custom home design in Los Angeles. So, rely on us and have a look at our other blogs.