Home Stairs Designs

5 Ideas of Modern Railing for Stairs to Jazz Up Your Home!

Home Stairs Designs

5 Ideas of Modern Railing for Stairs to Jazz Up Your Home!

Owning a dream home is something that all want! But you should know that you can’t take it lightly! From foundation to the modern railing for stairs– you can’t leave any corner and make a random decision. You have to look over every detail and aesthetic of the interior, especially while choosing a railing style for your staircase!

Trending designs for modern railing for stairs

Perhaps, it’s the most challenging task when it comes to a home improvement project! After all, you need to pick a railing style that can be a compliment not only to the staircase but to home! Such as:

Modern but simple:

Does your home interior contain delicate trim work on the walls? If yes, you should keep the railing design in the backseat! Or else it will drag all the attention, and the rest of the effort on the staircase walls will go in vain!

Go for simple white railing styles that may fade into the white walls in the background! Its sightlines can give the intricate works on the walls and picture frames a chance to expose more!

Wooden stair railing:

When your home style reflects the antique and vintage look, this one would be an apt choice here! Wood railing can highlight the carved details in your older-style interior. 

You can leave those unpainted to showcase the rich wood stain colors and the dark tone. In fact, you can multiply the style at the entrance with colorful floral-patterned wallpaper installation against the wooden railings!

Curved stair railing

On our Facebook page, we find many of our clients asked, “What’s so special about a curving railing?” Well, the specialty is in its highly polished wooden handrails and the pairing up with the black iron blusters, containing decorative features! You can find a sense of grandeur in your staircase style and interior!

Victorian-style railing

While talking about modern railing for stairs, you should know that this one has made a comeback to the list! And when you want to highlight your home architecture, this one would be perfect on the entry staircase. The white blusters against the woodwork give a bright look to your living room!


Here, the railing looks like tree branches that give a staircase a soft and elegant appearance! This nature-inspired whimsical railing creates an elevated curb appeal to the home’s style. A perfect match against the colorful artwork on the staircase wall!

Also, at MDM Custom Remodeling Inc, our experts can offer you more ideas for modern railing for stairs! Stay in touch!