Home Stairs Designs

5 Latest Home Stairs Designs Trending in 2021 Yet Timeless!

Home Stairs Designs

5 Latest Home Stairs Designs Trending in 2021 Yet Timeless!

No doubt, the staircase is the spine of the home that connects every floor. But whenever you hear the term, you start to imagine nothing but a square structure as usual! Gone are those days! Now, you should look into these latest home stairs designs of 2021 that you can try out at your home! It not only reflects your sense of fashion and style but adds an eye-catchy appeal to your living space where the staircase starts!

And in today’s blog, we have discussed some of the trendiest staircase styles that stand the test of time for years and remain timeless.

Find the best latest home stairs design for you

Yes, space and budget are a matter when it comes to looking for a staircase structure. But you have to keep the visual aesthetic appeal in mind that can give the entrance a chic look! We, MDM Custom Remodeling Inc, suggest taking a glance here:

Modern Genesis

Do you have a small space to construct a staircase? Well, most homeowners leave the hope of having stylish stairs for this reason. But you can look for Modern Genesis that is a perfect match for the homes lacking room for stairs. Its design is a double helix that looks elegant and excellent in small spaces. You just fall in love with its twist!

What’s about the glass stairs?

If you have a home designed in contemporary style, this stair style will be apt there. Nothing can be a better option than a glass staircase to hold the glamour and elegance of your living room. Also, it can fit even a small space and make the space looking bigger and brighter! You can add a modern touch to your contemporary space that will leave your guests spellbound while stepping in!

Triangular floating stairs

For a customized high-end home, you can look for it! If you check the design on Yelp, you can find it coming with glass panel railing style. And the stairs look like some triangular treads floating in the air! The design makes your home stand out unique from others!

Go for something wavy!

Are you confused about choosing between metal and wooden stairs? Then, why not a combined one! This waveform staircase contains the design of wooden stairs with metal rails. It’s a perfect choice if you want to hold both interior decor and functionality with the staircase.

Stairs with glass walls

When you are a black lover, this stair design must be at your high ceiling home! It’s because the staircase seems like \’A route to HEAVEN\’ due to its narrow and long style with the glass wall. And the higher your eyes would go, the stair shades become darker and blackish! Moreover, the carpet on it adds a class and clean view!

So, which one have you liked? No matter which one but our expert team will be there to meet your expectations. Also, if you need more staircase ideas, go on Pinterest! Here, you will find more pictures of home stairs designs to pick the best one!