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So, you are ready to start your dream home project, finally! Owning a house is something that everyone dreams of. All want to give it the best look ever. You may not be an exception here! But the conventional two-dimensional layouts won’t help you here ideate how your home will look like at the end. Better, you turn to 3D designs here! You can look for our new house 3D designs on Yelp to choose the right layout for your dream home.

How Does Our New House 3D Design Give Your Dream Home Perfection?

The best part about using 3D designs to build a new home is we find it a breeze to understand our clients’ demands. The two-dimensional home designs come with several consultations to ideate the broad requirements and changes that sometimes exceed the budget. In fact, you need to choose from a few limited design alternatives, like sketches.

But when 3D design kicks in, you can visualize your dream home alive in front of your eyes. From the start, we design your home in the way you have always longed for. You can have the perfect canvas of the finished home that shows you how your final home will look.

How Does Our New House 3D Design Work?

Using 3D designs for a new house build is all about providing you with a holistic view and technical clarity while saving you time and expenses by offering easy visualization. This software delivers a realistic representation of your future home beyond the two-dimensional sketches.

We produce new house 3D designs for single-family homes using the app and based on structural, civil, mechanical, electrical, and architectural drawings. It helps us figure out the hidden problems before converting a space or building a home.

For example, 3D designs pinpoint the dimensional issues or roofing problems in 2D architectural sketches while identifying the loads and presence of bearing walls. Foreseeing the problems saves you from the hit of spending more dollars on redoing the design down the road. And this improves the communication with our clients during the consultation.

How Much Can You Cost for New House 3D Designs? 

3D designs are available at different price points that can vary from one house plan to another. You can expect around $500 for exterior, more or $300 for floor plan, and nearly $250 for interior designs.

So, what have you decided on for your new home? If you want to embrace three-dimensional layouts, look over our 3D design photo gallery to have a little more idea. Stay in touch!

Picture this: A small and simple premises with an open space on the front and backyard- Doesn’t it look elegant? Maybe it’s not perfect for a family of six but three, of course! The demands for accommodation vary from one family’s needs to another one! That’s why we bring an amazing solution for single-family owners with our new house 3D designs. And before you sit with us over a coffee for a free consultation, let us introduce you to some trendy house designs!

Top New House 3D Designs for single-family

You can get a perfect layout view with our 3D designs and rendering services from the bathroom and kitchen to the entire home. It costs around $35,000 that is within the budget for most! And here are some of those home designs that you can look for:

Elevated and connected

Do you want to have a clean lower-level premise for the morning coffee? Then, this one could be perfect for your needs! In this elevated home design, you can have all your accommodation needs on the upper level and get the ground space neatly designed. With the support of pillars, the overall home layout looks quite unique!

Welcoming and open

When you plan for making your home stand out quite differently from the rest of your neighbors, go for it! At MDM Custom Remodeling Inc, with our 3D design and 360 degrees panorama virtual views, you can look over its architectural style closely. This home layout comes with a clean and natural shade with minimalistic lines and extensive use of glass doors and windows!

Asymmetrical layout

Are you after some timeless home designs for your single-family? Then, it would be great to decide on an Asymmetrical house design. During the virtual consultation, you can ideate how much it looks stylish while holding the perfect blend of glass and concrete!


This one is apt for an astounding twist with a modern touch in minimalistic and simple home design! It will take your status and style just a scale-up than anyone around you. You can find the work of stone and concrete with the contrast use of glass walls and glass railings, doors, and windows in the 3D design!

We hope you have decided on the perfect match for your accommodation needs. And if you are ready for the virtual consultation with us and enjoy the walkthrough of these new house 3D designs, follow us on Facebook and let us know!

Not to mention, deciding on a house plan is the most exciting phase of building your dream home! And you can make the best choice for the new house 3D design only while having an idea of its must-included attributes. You have to take a close look at the layout and space functions to ensure the features before finalizing the plan. And we are here to guide you throughout the process!

Characteristics to check of a perfect new house 3D design

Here are the attributes that your home layout and space design must have while planning. Such as:

Open floor concept

No doubt, the kitchen is the ‘heart of the home!’ With an open floor plan, you can extend the space to the dining and living room. Then, while getting our 3D design services, make sure that your cooking space remains functional. It should include:

  •  Several drawers and cupboards
  • Space for the pantry for additional storage
  • Bench space
  • Multi-purpose bench for the island

Storage space

If you have a growing family, it’s obvious to look for more space to accommodate all the stuff! We, MDM Custom Remodeling Inc, suggest looking for 3D home designs and consider the one that comes with in-built storage options like cabinets in the kitchen, laundry, or garage.

Flexible floor plan

The design you have selected for your dream home should not be convenient just for your current needs but the future too! For example, you can include a multi-functional living space while having a growing family. It will help you change the room as per the needs in the future if required!

Have you found the same attributes in your house plan? If you haven’t yet, browse our 3D design photo gallery. Here, you may get the perfect floor plan you are looking for! Stay in touch!