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Living in Style Embracing a Great Room Kitchen Concept!

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Living in Style Embracing a Great Room Kitchen Concept!

We have done many kitchen remodeling projects so far and found that families enjoy and meet more in their kitchens. But with a traditional living space, you can’t have fun at the same time while cooking. That’s why the day is not far when the old living rooms are going to be replaced with ‘Great room kitchen concept!’

If you would like to get one, we suggest taking a few minutes to dive deep into the concept a little. Here, we have shared some information with you!

Everything About the Great room kitchen Concept

In the last decade, most homeowners wanted their kitchens to be away from living quarters as much as possible. In fact, the cooking space in larger homes remained separate from the main home. But the time has changed! And now, the kitchen has become the heart of any modern home, especially the perfect place where families meet and share their experiences throughout the day.

A recent study shows that a family of five spends around six times more time in the kitchen than in their living room. And if you find your lifestyle quite similar to it, unlike them, you should bring your daily family living into your cooking space by embracing the concept of ‘Great room kitchens.’

In fact, there’s a more reason that makes a great room kitchen worth creating, like:

Perfect for enjoying the daily family affair:

A simple kitchen remodeling can give you a well-designed great room kitchen. And the best part of it is you can enjoy the fireplace and TV while cooking and even helping your kids with their homework.

Now, while speaking of preparing meals, a great room kitchen can create a perfect family affair because the room becomes beyond just an eat-in cooking space! The great room brings a comfortable living space and a functional kitchen together.

How to Design Your Great Room Kitchen

Embracing a great room kitchen means having an organized multipurpose space that serves you for:

  • Food preparation and cooking
  • Informal dining
  • Dishwashing after meal
  • Storage
  • Media entertainment and relaxing
  • Family activities and studying

With the perfect flooring, cabinets, and light fixture additions, you can enjoy a cohesive look in your great room kitchens. For instance, the open shelves in your cooking space and hardwood flooring can blend into the living room beyond the kitchen area.

If you need more ideas to make your great room kitchen livable, look over our kitchen remodeling photo gallery! Stay connected!