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ADU or Accessory Dwelling Unit- it’s not something that you have heard for the first time these days! Especially if you are in LA, you may find ADU Designs in Los Angeles becoming quite a demanding concept to maximize space. And the best part is that you can construct in the same lot attached or detached to the main house as per your needs. On the other hand, it’s also DEAD simple to utilize the basement or old garage space if required! Are you interested in adding an ADU to your premises? Then, our today’s blog may help you to find the most trending but timeless design ideas for it.

Explore the stunning ADU design ideas for your space

According to a recent journal, adding ADU designs in Los Angeles to the premises can boost the resale value up to 25% more than the property without this. That’s why we, MDM Custom Remodeling Inc, will suggest you have a look at these timeless designs! 

These ideas will make your ADU aesthetic and convenient beyond your expectations. Such as:

What’s about a luxury gateway?

When you want to have a lasting impression on your guests, their welcome must be grand! And this high-living ADU design can get your job done! Just by adding a few features, you can pamper your guests and let them enjoy a wonderful experience. Here, you can include the following in the design:

  • A small wine bar
  • Spa bathroom and heated floors
  • A room full of smart technology
  • Yoga or a serene room for meditation
  • Creating a small but beautiful rock garden

For more trending ideas on ADU Designs in Los Angeles regarding this, you can check on Yelp too. 

Have you planned something for your parents?

If you do not have enough space at home for extra room for your aging parents, ADU can be a solution! This ‘Cozy Mother-In-Law Suite’ will allow them the convenience of living just feet away from their family while experiencing calmness and privacy. In this design, you can add:

  • Easy to open windows for an airy room
  • Two-way switch lighting fixtures
  • Non-slipping floors to keep them safe
  • Hand help shower in the bathroom

Garage or basement conversion!

So, you don’t have much space in the backyard to make an ADU! No need! You can utilize the left space in the basement or garage that is not in use now! Converting the attached garage and attic into ADU can be a smart option. 

In fact, you can find many ideas on Pinterest on adding ADU on the garage top. Yet, you can keep the garage space intact for future use. 

A secret room with ADU!

Do you want to steal a few hours sometimes from your modern living? But you don’t want to let that know- Isn’t it? We come with a perfect opportunity to create a secret space only for you with ADU designs in Los Angeles! You can convert the attic into a tiny house far from the crowd. What’s say?

How to decorate your ADU

Once your ADU is done, it’s time for the decor! You can try some ideas from our Facebook page shared by previous customers. With a few steps, your room will look aesthetically appealing. Here’s HOW:

  • Adding drawers or open shelves for storage
  • Installing the sliding glass doors
  • Adding chairs and a small table for patio feeling
  • Picking the bright colors or neutral ones
  • Choosing cottage style furniture for the 60s retro look

Are you ready? Anyway, before the project kick-off, you must have an idea of ADU Rules and Regulations in LA. Also, you can ask our builders for help in this regard. Keep on reading blogs for more information!