ADU Accessories Dwelling Unit

Add an ADU in your backyard with us in Los Angeles and neighborhood places.

What is ADU?

ADU a.k.a. Accessory Dwelling Unit is an extra living space attached to your house on the same property. Today, it has become a crucial part of every single-family home in Los Angeles. This custom-built home addition is also known as granny flats, in-law suits, secondary units, mother-in-law units, bonus units, and more.

ADU in Los Angeles

Are you looking for a leading ADUs contractor in Los Angeles? If yes, then count on us! MDM Custom Remodeling INC is a licensed general contractor offering ADU design and construction in Los Angeles.

According to the sources, the new state law of California encourages homeowners to build ADU (such as granny flats, in-law suits, secondary units, garage apartments, and more) in the same housing unit. Due to the increasing rate of population, the city needs more accommodations. No doubt, this is why the new state law encourages the construction of accessory dwelling units. The City of Los Angeles has made it easier to add an ADU to a single-family home. Our professionals can guide you regarding this concern!

ADU Gallery

Here we have posted some images of our ADUs models are designed to meet Los Angeles code with details. Our team of professional architects designs every model that can easily meet our clients’ requirements. So, choose one of our predesigned ADUs model and we will build it in your backyard.

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