ADU standard plans

ADU Rules and Regulations in LA – What You Need to Know!

ADU standard plans

ADU Rules and Regulations in LA – What You Need to Know!

Are you willing to have an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU)? It’s a great idea to increase the value of a home! In Los Angeles, many homeowners prefer using their garage space in this regard. So, if you have an outdated garage left for years, get it converted into an ADU. But are you aware of the rules and regulations of constructing this unit? Well, as a homeowner, it can be tricky to figure out the permissible height, size limit, etc. Don’t worry! In this blog, we have highlighted a few ADU rules and regulations, which will help you conduct this project smoothly. So, before you hire an ADU contractor, learn these first!

Comply with These Rules and Regulations for Building an ADU

Building an ADU is a great home improvement project. But to get it done, one needs to abide by building codes in their area. Otherwise, the project will be stopped, and the property owner will have to pay the penalty. Hence, to avoid this unwanted situation, it’s imperative to comply with the following ADU rules and regulations.

Size Limit of ADU

In Los Angeles, if you demolish your existing garage, you can build an ADU with the same dimension. And the height would be the same. One can get this unit built on their existing footprint. Whether it’s an attached or detached ADU, the size should be as same as the size of your garage. But if your garage is separated from your home, you can increase 150 square feet of the ADU for accommodation. In this regard, consider visiting the Facebook page of different ADU contractors.

Fire Safety

You need not require fire sprinklers in terms of a garage conversion ADU. If the ADU doesn’t need local fire access requirements, which are less than 150-200 feet from the curb, the local government may require sprinklers. If the ADU walls are within a certain distance from your property line and the main house, the building code will require a fire-related wall. Visit Yelp to know more.


The garage converted ADU must have an exterior entrance separated from the main house. And in this regard, you need not require building a doorway between the main dwelling unit and the ADU. It will actually depend on your requirements. And the rule is the same for a detached Accessory Dwelling Unit. But make sure you deliver this responsibility to the contractor who is well aware of ADU standard plans.

Property Line

In Los Angeles, there are several kinds of ADU you may have witnessed. But whatever the type you want, make sure you have at least four feet of a setback on your unit. And this is what means that it needs at least four feet of space between the property line and the edge of the unit. But in terms of converting a garage, you need not worry about it.

ADU Structure

An Accessory Dwelling Unit must meet certain zoning and building codes for specified usage. One can convert their garage into an office room, study room, bedroom, etc. However, in this regard, you can replace the garage door if required. One can alter the existing roof structure, create a moisture barrier between the flooring and the slab, add windows and door openings, etc. If the foundation needs to be replaced, you can tear down the structure. Visit Pinterest to explore various ADU designs.

We, MDM Custom Remodeling Inc, are well aware of ADU rules and regulations in Los Angeles. By following the latest trends, our experts can transform your outdated garage into a stunning and functional one. So, rely on us and continue reading our other blogs.