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4 Home Remodeling Ideas to Amp Up Your Fifth Wall- the Ceiling!

Can you do a favor and look at your ceiling? You often leave this fifth wall of your rooms unnoticed or overlooked, which leaves a huge effect on the overall curb appeal of your home. That’s why while planning a home remodeling, take a glance at your ceilings and pick any of our ideas to make it pop! Have a look!


Home Remodeling Hacks to Spruce Up Your Ceiling

The easiest way to give your room a new and stunning look is to add refreshment to the fifth wall! Here, we have mentioned a few ideas to jazz up your ceiling during a home remodeling. Let’s get into it:

Add beams or panels:

While desiring to bring a rustic and fresh-style look to your living space or kitchen, wood beams or panels, in fact, both are great to highlight that rustic appeal! And we, MDM Custom Remodeling Inc., suggest if you can leave the panels or beams unpainted, you can feel the vibe more.

Go for a wallpaper!

Do you want to bring an incredible and trendy style to your ceiling design? Well, you don’t have to necessarily go for a fresh coat of paint while on the edge of budget. In that case, you can think of embracing wallpaper and changing the color scheme you have right now. Pick something bold and bright with geometric shapes and patterns to create an accent wall and make a statement!

What’s about the drapes?

If you want to create a romantic and soft look in your bedroom or master suites, draping fabric is something you won\’t regret! Also, if you prefer it for your living space to give the room a theater-like charm or a media room, go for some darker fabric style.


Ceiling medallions!

This one can be a perfect alternative for a little more elegant look in your living space or music room! You can select any from a range of shapes and designs and give a fresh coat of paint to your ceiling whatever you like, such as light earthy pinks, yellows, greens, and dark green and greyish hues. Also, you can bring the feeling of elegance to the room by adding an accent light in a pattern to have full coverage.

So, which one do you think is perfect for your ceiling? Let us know! In fact, you can leave your feedback on Yelp and check the comments of our previous clients as well. Stay connected!