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3 Before-and-After Home Remodeling Ideas to Spruce Up Your Space!

Even though we are happy with the current layout, we sometimes feel the urge for a little more style and love on our premise- Right? For example, your dining space seems to be messy. Or the kitchen island is no more in use now, and so on. If you want to jazz up your space, go for home remodeling ideas! And we are here to tell you HOW.


Smart Home Remodeling Ideas to Jazz Up Your Space Like Never

Renovation is the easiest way to bring a drastic change in a boring home layout. All you need is to follow our following tips and explore which one is perfect for your space. Have a look:

Kitchen storage

Before: So, the current storage design in your cooking space is the wall cabinets over the cooktop! Of course, it allows you enough space and all the items in your arm’s reach, but too common in most kitchens these days- Isn’t it? Also, cabinet designs are less attractive while casting shadows over your countertop, which may interrupt work.

After: We, MDM Custom Remodeling Inc, recommend open shelves by replacing the current wall cabinets. It not only eliminates the dark and heavy look but makes the room feel lighter and brighter, like never before!

Accent walls

Before: The lurid red of your living room accent wall makes the ceiling seem lower than it is. Furthermore, the living space doesn’t feel to be unique and seems unappealing, too. 

After: Instead, you can go for the grid-lines on the accent walls and match the ceiling color to encourage your eyes to view the room higher than it actually is. Also, you can hang a light-shaded chandelier to bring the focus to the ceiling. 


What’s about the closet?

Before: A half-sized closet was enough for you when you lived alone. But with a growing family, you may have realized the need for a larger closet. However, if your wardrobe is fixed in walls from all three sides, that may be a problem to extend it. After all, you can’t just move the wall!

After: You can use the wall with another bedroom and let the divider wall cut the large closet in half, like two small wardrobes. One half is in your bedroom, and the other shares the other side of the wall. 

Have you loved our before-and-after home remodeling ideas? Let us know! In fact, if you want to look over more designs or go through our clients’ feedback, check on Yelp! Stay connected!