Shower Room Designs

Shower Room Designs for Small Space: 5 Timeless Ideas in Trend!

Shower Room Designs

Shower Room Designs for Small Space: 5 Timeless Ideas in Trend!

Well, no doubt, tubs are quote relaxing after the end of the day. Nothing can replace the shower option in a luxury bathroom! It’s a perfect match for both small and large spaces that you can design, as per your taste. That’s why many homeowners are still mad after it and browse our bathroom remodel gallery page for shower room designs.

And in today’s blog, we have shared some beautiful shower room design ideas that stand the test of time yet are in trend as well! Let’s get started!

Refresh your small shower room designs in style

Traditional or modern- it doesn’t matter at all what you choose when your design is enough to turn heads! And to create that thoughtful and stunning shower room, Have a look at here:

Think about White subway tiles!

Do you live in an apartment? Needless to say, your shower room lacks space! Still, you can decor the small shower room with timeless white subway tiles that create a striking contrast. On the contrary, it reflects the natural light that makes space look larger than it is!

Also, to give a classic touch, you can pick a bigger round shower head. You can look for such shower designs on Yelp to get an idea which suits your space!

Wall-hung basin and toilet!

This one is apt for your small shower room while adds a great style to the larger one! This wall-hung toilet and vanity design have stood the test of time for the last few years. It gives not only a contemporary look to your shower room but makes the floor easy to clean! You can find a wide range of sizes and styles available that go with your space!

Shower curtains and space-saving enclosure!

Gone are the days when people look for only frameless shower enclosures! Especially when you have a small room for the shower, the glass doors take enough space to open and close! We, MDM Custom Remodeling Inc, suggest opting for amazing shower curtains to save your space while adding a trend.

On the contrary, if you prefer shower enclosures only, go for the quadrant ones! It fits at a corner of the room and saves maximum space.

Creating a shower statement!

Do you want to add a WOW factor to your shower room? Then, this one is a great idea to do so! The oversized rainfall showerheads have a separate craze among the homeowners these days!

You can fit it into the ceiling to give a classy touch! Also, you can look for shower towers that include hand showers, showerheads, and jets with handy storage space to keep those.

Color your shower room into a relaxing one!

The perfect color can create a mood in any room, and the same goes for this space. You can choose blue tiles designed in ocean water that can make you feel like wandering on the beach!

Anyway, for more shower room design ideas, you can follow us on Facebook! Our team of bathroom remodeling contractors won’t leave you disappointed! Stay in touch!