Bathroom Remodeling

Bathtub Setup Planning in Bathroom Remodel: Try These Ideas Out!

Bathroom Remodeling

Bathtub Setup Planning in Bathroom Remodel: Try These Ideas Out!

Do you have a plan to remodel your bathroom? Well, it’s nothing but a jigsaw puzzle that you have to chalk out for making all your needs comfortably fit in! From open shelves to vanity- You can’t leave a corner if you want to create a luxurious one. But in the entire bathroom remodel plan, you can find the bathtub setup most complicated. 

Whether you choose a single bathtub or a design combined with a shower, it takes the maximum space on the floor. On the other hand, you need perfection in the bathroom layout. Hence, you can’t cut any corners in design when spending dollars for it!

So, how to plan it!

Smart ideas to set up bathtub correctly to remodel bathroom

In a bathroom remodel layout, planning the space is all that you have to do perfectly. And positioning the bathtub isn’t that easy nut to break as it sounds! But knowing the variety of bathtub designs and checking out the images on Pinterest may help you decide on the right one for your space! Have a look:

Oval Bathtubs

If you love the free-standing style or drop-off, you can get both styles in this design. The size of oval bathtubs comes in wider than longer. Hence, it can be an impractical decision to pick this design for a small bathroom.

But you must have enough space on the floor like a larger or long medium-sized bathroom to make the wonder! Then, the extra width of the tub won’t be a challenge to fit it in!

Corner Bathtubs!

At MDM Custom Remodeling Inc., our team of bathroom remodeling contractors personally suggests this one to homeowners having a larger bathroom. Especially when you want your space to stand out unique from others, corner bathtubs can add that feature!

The best part is that you can get too many options for its cuts. For example, you can go for a triangular shell or oval while square can be a great choice, sometimes! Anyway, small bathroom owners should avoid this to save space on the floor.

Alcove Bathtubs

Do you have a little bit longer but narrow bathroom? Then, you can check on Yelp for this type of bathtub. At the end of two long walls, you can fit this one. It would be a perfect match for 7X7 or 6X6 space. Moreover, you can have variations under these alcove bathtubs, like small, long, or moderately sized.

Hence, forget complaining about having a small bathroom! You can add luxury with it even in the narrow space.

Drop-In Bathtubs

This one is on the current trend that comes in a proper tile finish! Its uniqueness is the design that is dropped into a cutout in the deck! Now, you may get why the name is so! Drop-In Bathtubs perfectly suit the larger space than medium-sized or smaller ones. You can follow us on Facebook and check our previous bathroom remodeling projects! So, which one suits your space? Have you found out? Anyway, whatever it is, make sure to consult with our contractors before confirming the bathroom remodel plans.