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Home addition or extension is one of the top projects these days to be on the wishlist of the homeowners. In fact, this one is quite a great alternative to buying a new home that comes expensive. But before you start, it’s always wise to get house expanding free consultation from the designers. And in today’s blog, we are here to discuss why you should do so!

Why is house expanding free consultation important?

While on a plan to revamp or upgrade your home, you have no idea where to start! From style to aesthetic and budget- you need proper consultation before the project kicks off. And here are the reasons:

Fresh ideas out of the box:

Home additions can turn worst unless you decide on the perfect designs that fit your needs and lifestyle. Anyway, you often end up facing dilemmas on how to use your additional space! That’s why at MDM Custom Remodeling Inc., we offer a free consultation for home extensions and every renovation project. It not only helps you get a solution but unique home extension ideas beyond your thoughts!


Maybe you won’t accept but planing the entire house extension project on your own is quite time-consuming. From finding raw materials to deciding on vendors- it’s merely impossible to manage alone. And even if so, you can’t guarantee to make the right choice.  

Then, it’s better you let our designers assist you in this regard through a simple consultation! You may find your tasks getting done quite faster than you expect.

Proper budget plans

The best part of getting free consultation service from the designers is you can ideate the overall expenses. For instance, you can go through our video gallery to look over the previous home addition project and pick one. 

Then, with an hour of consultation, it would be easy to know whether you can afford the home expansion design for your premises. And if you can, how much you need to spend!

Savings for your wallet

As mentioned, you can have an idea with the consultation of how much you have to spend on the home addition and if it fits your budget. On the other hand, our designers can give you the best advice on the best ways to invest in your house expansion project.

Now, if you need a house expanding free consultation, let us know! Also, follow us on Facebook for more home design ideas!

Home remodeling is undoubtedly a great way to bring a radical change to your house. It can change the overall appearance of your home and make it more functional. But would you get the expected result without proper architectural design? Well, that’s where most people in LA commit mistakes. And these blunders can spoil the entire project.

Hence, before choosing a home architectural design in LA, it’s prudent to be aware of those mistakes. And in this blog, we have brought a detailed study about this topic. So, carry on reading!

Eliminate These Blunders Regarding Home Architectural Design in LA

Architectural design is one of the most vital aspects of a home. In this regard, any mistake may leave you disappointed forever. Hence, make sure you avoid the following mistakes while choosing a home architectural design in LA.

1. Not Considering the Existing Architecture

It doesn’t mean that the new design you choose will be as same as your home. But it must be in sync with the existing architectural style. And this is what will give your home a modern appearance. And the new design you choose will accelerate the resale value of your home. To get the opinions of contractors, follow their Facebook pages.

2. Ignoring Layout

It’s one of the biggest blunders that can even make you feel cramped about your home. Remember, the layout is one of the most vital factors in terms of choosing an architectural design. The proper layout of a home will make your living space more functional. Hence, in this regard, it’s wise to leave it to your contractor. The architectural floor design they suggest will suit all your requirements.

3. Prioritizing Appearance

Your home is looking good doesn’t mean that everything is perfect in your home. Appearance has always been an important factor. But in this regard, make sure you choose the architectural design that will make your home functional. On Yelp, you will get numerous ideas that can help you get your dream home.

4. Unnecessary Updates

When it comes to choosing home architectural design in LA, many people go for unnecessary updates. And these are what can increase the overall cost of a home remodeling project. For example, installing an expensive wall is not a good idea. You should prioritize the quality of flooring instead. So, first of all, determine what to do to make your home functional and comfortable. And choose the architectural design accordingly.

5. Overlooking the ‘Work Traingle’

When it comes to choosing an architectural design for the kitchen, the work triangle matters a lot. Ensure that the ‘work triangle between stove, refrigerator, and sink is not obstructed. As a result, you will experience the better functionality of the architectural design you choose. This smart approach will ensure maximum space efficiency. You can follow the Instagram pages of the contractors to witness the remodeled kitchen.


6. Being Too Trendy

Following the latest trend is not a bad idea. But is the design you choose matching the existing architecture of your home? The architectural design is trendy doesn’t mean it will suit all your requirements. Hence, keeping this in mind, choose the latest design. Visit Pinterest to explore various options.

7. Not Considering the Size of the Room

Are you planning to add an extra room to your home? But you have not considered its size! Well, this mistake will create a mess after placing your furnishing items in the room. Therefore, consider measuring the size of the room. If you doubt how large your room would be, take a measurement of your furniture. Besides, pay attention to the size of the walking area in this room.

If you want to upgrade your house with the right home architectural design in LA, make a deal with MDM Custom Remodeling Inc. We have a team of qualified architects who will design your home according to your wish. Read our other blogs to gather more info and call us if you have any inquiries.