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Generally, most homeowners in Los Angeles prefer asphalt shingles because these roofing materials are easily available in the market while reasonable. But do you know that there are other roofing solutions in your budget and requirements that you can consider for roof replacement before this Christmas? We are here to introduce those roofing ideas to you that you shouldn’t skip!

Trendy roofing solution to embrace

Not to mention, asphalt roofing is the most considerable choice within a low budget to make your roof last longer. Contrary, slate and clay tiles come with the same lifespan but are quite expensive! On the other hand, wood roofing is an affordable alternative to Green roofing, and solar shingles are the most costly ones. 

So, whether you have budget limits or not, we have discussed different roofing solutions for every budget. Such as:

Wood roofing 

Do you have a Tudor-style or Cape Cod cottage-style home? Then, wood roofing may be the perfect pair with it while offering a timeless look! Cedar, redwood, and pine are the common materials used here that come quite affordable than clay tiles. You can get a hold of a natural appearance and add curb appeal to your premises. However, we suggest avoiding this roofing solution for those living in wet climates.

Metal roofing

In a modern-looking home, metal sheets can offer a durable and affordable roofing solution! The best part of metal roofing is countless options in colors, but low-maintenance and affordable! You can choose zinc and aluminum metal sheets to make those last up to 80 years if considered quality material and the right design.

Green roofing 

On Yelp, we find many of our clients interested in Green roofing, and we have provided them so! Honestly, it’s expensive, like solar roofing solutions. But if you have no problem stretching your wallet, go ahead! Green roofing can keep the heat outside, reduce the running of rainwater, and make your home comfortable all year long! But it requires structural support and proper maintenance, like gardening and watering often.

Clay roofing

Yes, these ones are expensive, but you cannot avoid the features that make them worth spending! For instance:

  • Stunning curb appeal
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Available in different colors- gray, red-brown, and terracotta!
  • Temperature regulation in the home

We hope you have found our guidance on roofing solutions quite helpful, especially while planning for roof replacement before Christmas. Do you need more ideas? At MDM Custom Remodeling Inc, you can get a free consultation from our experts! Stay in touch!