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Never mind, but you can’t deny that roofing doesn’t get the priority from homeowners for home renovations that a kitchen or bathroom remodeling gets. Yes, unless you are going through leaking issues, you never think of roofing ideas while considering a home upgrade!

But do you know that the perfect choice of roofing materials can make a stunning turn while talking about curb appeal? All you need is a little bit of research, and you can get the trendiest roofing materials, depending on your taste in appearance, budget, and longevity.

Choose the right material for attractive roofing ideas

As mentioned before, unless you find the reasons why your home may encounter roof leakage, you never consider roofing as a part of home remodeling. The roofing style varies from one home to another. It depends on not only the appearance you love but the choice of materials.

The following are some of the trendiest material options for roofing ideas that you can embrace while experiencing leakage or needing renovation. Such as:

Asphalt Composite Shingles

In Los Angeles, this one is the most common and demanding choice for homeowners for roofing replacement. If you have recently found leakage, these Asphalt Composite Shingles can meet your roofing requirements for up to long 40 years.

This roofing material comes with a fiberglass base that is topped with mineral granules and asphalt. You can look for three-tab shingles under this roofing type for overall coverage just at $12 per square foot. If you want to have more ideas about how it will look on your home, check out that on Pinterest.

Have you ever thought of Metal Shingles?

If you don’t like Asphalt Composite Shingle as great roofing ideas for your home, turn your head to Metal Shingles. These steel or aluminum shingles come in a high-quality finish on a coating that gives a curb appeal and traditional touch to your roofing style.

In fact, it looks quite like wooden tiles and clay tiles what makes it a perfect choice. On the other hand, Metal Shingles are affordable that costs only around $10 per square foot with 40 years of longevity.

What’s about the Clay Tiles?

When you want to have a roofing solution providing hardness, clay tiles are perfect. And the best part is that its reddish-orange color suits any home exterior design while lasting over a century. Yet, the expenses can be higher than other materials found in trends for roofing ideas. You may have to pay between $20 and $30 per square foot sometimes, depending on the area. You can get more information regarding this from our Facebook page.

Slate Shingles to try once!

Do you want to have a curb appeal on your roofing while renovating your home? Slate shingles can give you the finest elegance with a century of longevity that makes it worth investing in. These top-quality and authentic sheets of stone come in up to $250 per square foot. But if you don’t have such budgetary boundaries, this one is a great choice to upgrade the overall look of your home.

Wood shingles can be a great choice!

This one is an alternative to roofing ideas of slate shingles while intending to make your home looking attractive. You can look into Yelp to have a glance at the view of wood shingles on luxury homes. Mostly in dry climates, it can last for about 60 years but costs quite cheap that is only $13 per square foot. So, what’s your choice? Well, it doesn’t matter because we, MDM Custom Remodeling, are here to provide you with installation and repair at the best charges. For more blogs, keep on reading!