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Whether you have a big or small home, roof leakage can take place at some point in time. You may notice streaks on the wall or dark stains on the ceiling. Or worse, you will see droplets of water flowing from these areas. However, the reason is your roof is leaking. Even roof leakage can happen even on a newly installed roof.

In this situation, you need to get your roof replaced or repaired as early as possible. And that’s what most homeowners in Los Angeles do. It actually depends on the extent of the damage. But before taking any of these approaches, as a homeowner, you must know the root cause of this issue to prevent further damage. So, let’s read the entire blog to explore it!

Common Causes of Roof Leakage

In the following passage, we have compiled a list of common causes of roof leakage. So, have a look at these first.


A hole in a roof can be an obvious entry point for water. If you don’t take care of your roof, it can take place over time. Besides, holes can take place if the roof is hit by something. And removing objects from the roof can be a potential source of holes. However, if there are holes in a roof, nothing can stop water from flowing into your home. Visit Yelp to know more about it.

Damaged or Missing Shingles

Shingles can protect a roof from inclement weather. It helps water flow through the gutter. But as time passes, damage starts. And if you can’t get roofing or shingles installed properly, leaks can occur. Wind or storm damage can also be the significant reason for the damage to shingles. Besides, fallen branches can puncture shingles. And these are what lead roof leakage to be formed.

Old Age

Has the roofing system of your home become old? Is it enduring wear and tear on a regular basis? Then the chance is high that your roof will encounter leakages. How long a roof will last depends on the roofing materials used. However, if a roof gets old, it will deteriorate and become brittle. And your roof can’t protect your home from leaks. Hence, to get it repaired, visit Facebook and find a reliable roofing contractor.

Gutter Issues

Water runs into the gutter, you know! Besides, debris, leaves, sticks also end up in it. Therefore, if you don’t clean your gutters daily, these pollutants build up and deter water from flowing. As a result, water will be stored on the roof. It will reach under the shingle and causes roof leakage. Hence, if you have trees around your property, get your gutter cleaned more often.

Faulty Room Ventilation

Improper ventilation in rooms can also be the reason for roof leakage. The kitchen, bathroom, and sunroom is a source of high moisture. And this is what will build up and cause severe damage and leaks on the roof. Hence, make sure you ventilate these rooms properly to avoid this problem. And appoint a reliable roofing contractor for roofing solutions.

Compromised Valleys

Valleys on a roof can also create potential entry points for water. If leaks are coming into your house, it means the valleys are not properly sealed. Valleys are the spots where slopes meet. However, any damages to the material that covers the valleys will allow water to seep inside. Visit Pinterest to have a clear idea.

Final Words

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