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‘The best time to repair the roof is when the sun is shining.’- You may have heard of this old saying so many times from your elders. It means you should go for repair or sometimes new roof installation when you get the signs that you are no more safe under this!

But while talking about installing a new roof, you can’t just go for a random choice! After all, a perfect roofing design can make your home more welcoming and appealing.

Best designs to look over for new roof installation

Of course, roof designs come with better insulation features. But that doesn’t mean that you have to compromise with the architectural brilliance!

That’s why we, MDM Custom Remodeling Inc, suggest taking a look at the following roofing designs for your home! Such as:

Gable roof

While looking for more floor space, a gable roof can work best here! And when you have small rooms and a lack of natural light, this roofing design can allow more access to it. Hence, you can get more usable space even with limited square footage!

Butterfly roof design

Do you want to give a traditional touch to your roof design? Then, go ahead with this butterfly roofing style! Its two sloped roof surfaces with inverted edges can give a panoramic view of your home. This roofing idea is perfect for the homes of rainy areas because of its effective rainwater capture feature!

Modern flat roof

When your budget is limited and time is short, embracing this roof design can give a trendy look to your home! You don’t have to spend much on materials and roofing repair if required in the long run! And the best part of a modern flat roof is that you can treat it as a terrace and design it with creative decor ideas!

Curved roof design

From contemporary to modern home design and texture- this roofing style is perfect for any home layout! In fact, if you plan to extend your space below your house, you can get space here for its arched-shaped design like ‘Gothic arch’ or ‘ship’s bottom!’

Shed roofs

Shed roofs are perfect for ambient and ample natural light access, especially if you don’t want to spend much on designs. Even for small homes, it’s worth embracing and aesthetically unique!

So, which one would you love to pick for your home? Let us know! If you want to look for more roofing designs, follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest! Stay in touch!