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So, you just have got a thought about having a laundry room or renovating an empty space into it. Well, to get a refreshing look in your custom-built laundry room, having some inspirational ideas is a MUST! And you can get that from anywhere, like from our today’s blog! We are here to tell you how you can make your laundry room quite functional while appealing equally.

Trendy designs for custom-built laundry room

At MDM Custom Remodeling Inc, our expert designers always suggest going for such renovation ideas that can remain timeless. And here are some stunning custom-built laundry room designs that can add style to your space while making it worth useful. Such as:

Design with lighting fixtures:

Are you looking for an inexpensive solution to design your laundry room? Add new lighting fixtures may be apt here to save one your wallet while giving your space a touch of modern look! Little pendant lights or floor lamps in the corners can spruce up the ultimate style of the laundry room. 

Go with the colors!

A laundry room looks quite attractive when you make it bright and colorful. You just need to pick the vivid and dazzle red washer and dryer while choosing the appliances. And to bring the custom look to your laundry room, you can pair those with black cabinets.

French country style

On Yelp, we have found many of our clients asking for some ideas to get a unique style in their dull laundry room but with easy maintenance. Then, you can go for the French country style if there is no issue with your budget. It can give a classic ‘U’ shape in your laundry room with easy-to-clean cabinets and countertops.

Also, you can get more access to natural light and convenient space to hang your outfits after wash. And to make the room more distinctive, go for royal blue paint for the ceiling!

Be traditional with small space:

Don’t worry if you have left with minimum square feet and black cabinets in your laundry room! We have ideas to jazz up the space within your budget! A graphic wallpaper, black and white flooring, and white vanity with sink- these small changes can transform your dull and tiny laundry room entirely.

If you have loved our ideas for the custom-built laundry room, let us know! In fact, for more home renovation designs, you can follow us on Facebook and look over the previous ones. Stay in touch!